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Are Pomskies Good Family Dogs? (You Need To Know This First!)

Should your family get a Pomsky? They sure do look cute, but what’s it like to actually own one?

The following things are what every future owner should know BEFORE they go out and get a little cute Pomsky pup. There’s some good and some bad.

are pomskies good family dogs

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Pomsky

Let’s keep it real and run through 3 reasons that may turn potential owners off when considering a Pomsky.

They need more stimulation than you think

Many owners are drawn into Pomskies because of their undeniable good looks. But only existing owners know these little fluff balls can be a handful without enough stimulation to keep them occupied.

Pomeranians are energetic, and so too are Huskies, plus they’re working dogs. What you end up with is a Pomsky that’s highly energetic and needs a lot of stimulation on a daily basis, both physical and mental.

And if owners don’t provide this, the Pomsky has no choice but to channel this energy to bad behavior. Owners NEED to have plenty of time to focus on their Pomsky’s daily needs like exercise, training and stimulation otherwise, they can cause quite a bit of havoc.

So for those that leave the house empty while at work, the Pomsky isn’t ideal!

Pomskies love to chew things

Oh boy, do these pups LOVE to chew. Pomskies love passively chewing on anything they can fit in their mouth. Sometimes it’s your fingers, other times it’s your chair legs!

At first, this is mainly caused by teething, but it can develop into a long-term stubborn habit if owners are not ready to properly correct this behavior.

Again, owners must be ready to redirect their Pomsky and constantly correct unwanted chewing every time. If this doesn’t happen, these little pups will chew their way through your home.

Pomskies are prone to separation anxiety

Pomskies do not like being alone, so they are not ideal for families that leave the house for most of the day. These fluff balls are prone to separation anxiety, a serious condition that should be avoided at all costs.

Pomeranians are essentially lap dogs, and huskies hate being left alone, so their offspring is no different! Unless a Pomsky has someone in the house often, this could be the source of future problems!

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Is Your Family Right For The Pomsky?

Still keeping it real here, we LOVE our little Pomsky friends, and the above wasn’t to make them sound bad at all. The truth is, it’s more about whether your family is the right fit for a Pomsky, not the other way around.

Pomskies need a lot of stimulation, love to chew, and don’t like being left alone. But these things are easily managed if owners are already ready to handle them.

If your family home is rarely empty, and there’s always someone there willing to train and correct behaviors from their Pomsky, then this snowball pup will be an absolute JOY to have in the home.

5 Reasons Why Pomskies Are Great Family Dogs

Alright, let’s get into the positives. We’re being honest here, we think Pomskies are great family dogs, and these are the most important reasons why…

Pomskies are playful and friendly with kids ✅

Pomskies are super playful and friendly dogs, which makes them ideal for families with children. Of course owners still need to put into place some safety measures around young children, but in general, Pomskies are gentle and friendly with kids.

Additionally, most Pomskies aren’t as big as a husky, and their smaller size makes them easier to manage for young children.

Pomskies are highly intelligent and trainable ✅

Both Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are highly intelligent breeds, and as such, Pomskies tend to be intelligent and trainable dogs.

Make no mistake, they can certainly be stubborn, but with the right treat they’ll love every training session.

They are quick learners and can pick up new commands and tricks with ease. This can make them great pets for families who want a dog that is easy to train and obedient.

Pomskies are excellent watchdogs ✅

Pomskies are naturally alert and protective, which makes them good watchdogs. They will bark to alert their family of any potential threats or strangers, and help keep your family home safe.

However, you’ve got to know they are not aggressive dogs and tend to be friendly toward strangers, so while they make great watchdogs, they’re pretty bad guard dogs!

Pomskies are adaptable to different environments ✅

Pomskies are adaptable dogs and can do well in different living environments, including apartments, suburban homes, and rural areas.

They are small enough to be comfortable in an apartment but also have enough energy to enjoy running around in a backyard. This versatility can make them great pets for families who live in different types of homes.

In addition to house type, Pomskies can also live comfortably in hot and cold weather.

Pomskies are super affectionate and loyal ✅

Who doesn’t want a cute fluff ball to cuddle up to? Pomskies are naturally affectionate and will love all the attention they can get, which usually makes us feel better too!

They tend to form strong bonds with their family members and can be very protective of them. This can make them great pets for families who want that extra closeness.

Pomsky Basic Daily Needs

Let’s run through the basic daily needs of Pomskies. This can help owners judge whether this breed is an appropriate choice based on their requirements

➡️ 60 minutes of exercise (30 mins in the morning & evening)
➡️ 30 minutes of training
➡️ Mental stimulation activities (training, puzzle toys, nose work games)
➡️ Some form of socialization (can be included with exercise)
➡️ A high-quality, premium diet
➡️ Daily brushing to manage shedding
➡️ Company during most of the day
➡️ Corrective behavior for at least one year
➡️ A firm leader willing to guide and instruct on a daily basis
➡️ A loving family that interacts and gives them plenty of attention

If that doesn’t sound like too much of a problem, then a Pomsky should be just fine for your family.

Pomskies are ideal for families that are:

  • Physically active
  • Not allergic to dogs
  • Available
  • Ready to train
  • Ready for chewing issues
  • Calm and attentive
  • Fine with dog hair
  • Fine with vocal and goofy behavior

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Should You Get a Pomsky? 👍👎

If you’ve read the points above and feel that the Pomsky will still work just fine with your family, then yes! Go for it.

These pups bring joy and happiness wherever they go. Their happy-go-lucky nature and energy will lift up any home and family.

Just be honest with how your family is and whether or not everyone in the home is ready to share the responsibility of their daily routine and everything that needs to go into it.

Pomskies are wonderful dogs under the right conditions, and they’ll be havoc if their owner doesn’t provide them with a daily routine that suits them.

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