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Huskies are a weird and wonderful breed, and there’s a lot to talk about regarding their behavior. This page contains all articles related to Siberian husky behavior as well as additional tips on training.

Can a Husky Beat a German Shepherd?

Please note that we categorically do not condone dog fighting or any form of violence or cruelty towards animals. The purpose of this article is to purely address a commonly asked question, and to provide…

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10 Most Annoying Dog Breeds of 2024

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience, but it’s not without its challenges. Some breeds, due to their unique characteristics and behaviors, can be particularly demanding. Let’s explore some of these breeds and understand what…

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Why Do Huskies Like Snow & Ice?

Why is it that huskies love ice so much? Seeing them melt away into a complete state of euphoria when presented with a mound of ice is incredible. Let’s explain why… Why huskies love ice…

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