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Can Huskies Eat Eggs? (What Vets Say)

If you’re wondering whether your husky can safely eat eggs, then this article is for you. We cover whether huskies can even have eggs in the first place, the best way to prepare them, the nutritional benefit of them, and how many they can safely eat.

Whether your husky is an adult or a puppy, everything you need to know is here. All of this information has been verified by a vet that works closely with My Happy Husky. Still, this doesn’t rule out individual intolerances, so keep that in mind.

Can Your Husky Eat Eggs?

Yes, huskies can eat eggs. Eggs serve well as a healthy nutritious treat or mixed into their food. While eggs are safe for all dogs to eat, not all dogs will like or tolerate them.

Personally, I prefer giving half an egg every now and then as a high-value reward when carrying out training.

Adding a cooked egg to their mealtimes is also a good option, but you need to think about calories. Eggs are no doubt healthy, but moderation is key with anything extra we give other than regular food.

The last thing you want to do is disrupt your husky’s appetite by giving him or her too much food or too many treats.

What About Raw Eggs?

A great question with a not-so-obvious answer!

It’s best if your husky does NOT consume raw eggs.

Eating cooked eggs will help avoid digestive upset and limit the chance of illness. Raw eggs can potentially contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella which could make your husky very ill.

While not all raw eggs will have harmful bacteria, it’s still been shown that some dogs with sensitive stomachs will have a hard time digesting them. And as we all know, huskies are a breed prone to having sensitive stomachs.

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What About Those With Sensitive Stomachs?

For huskies with sensitive stomachs, eggs may not be the way to go.

Eggs are, in fact, considered a common allergen and can trigger allergic reactions as a result.

This doesn’t automatically mean you should avoid eggs though, as we will explain below, they can be very beneficial.

The best thing to do is to try a small amount of egg with your husky first, and see how they respond. This gives you a chance to check for any individual intolerance or negative effects.

If, however, you are already aware that your husky is very sensitive to many ingredients, you might just want to skip the eggs altogether.

AKC Dogs & Eggs

How Should The Eggs Be Cooked?

The most appropriate way to cook eggs for your husky is to hard boil them. Boiling eggs is the healthiest way to cook them, and they should be cooked thoroughly.

While some of us love our eggs fried, sunny side up, with a runny yolk, this isn’t good for our huskies, and will likely cause them stomach upset.

To be safe, we should cook them all the way through and avoid using oils, butter, and seasonings. Hard-boiled eggs are the way to go.

  • Hard boiling is easy
  • Avoids the use of oils, butters, seasonings
  • Convenient for storage and later use
  • Healthiest way to prepare eggs for dogs

The things we do for our huskies!…

Can Huskies Eat Eggshells?

Another interesting question with a surprising answer.

Technically, your husky can eat eggshells… But it’s not recommended. Eggshells may cause your husky an upset stomach, and it’s just not a necessary item for them to be eating.

The reason this is a thing is that eggshells are said to be a good source of calcium for growing puppies.

Although eggshells do contain calcium, there are far more suitable and stomach-friendly ways to get it. Special treats and high-quality puppy formulas will have sufficient amounts of calcium for growth.

Therefore, we recommend staying away from eggshells.

What About Husky PUPPIES?

We know about adults, but what about puppies?

Husky puppies can safely eat eggs as long as they are given in moderation and are cooked thoroughly without oils, butter, or seasonings.

Eggs are very nutritious but you must ensure their appetite and eating habits are not negatively affected.

Our puppies must receive all the nutrients they need, and that’s the job of kibble “made for puppies”. While treats are a necessary part of training and communication while they are young, we must not let treats or any extras get in the way of a healthy appetite.

Let’s run through the next logical question below.

Can Huskies Eat Eggs Every Day? (& how many)

Your husky can safely eat eggs every day. But whether or not they should depends on their current diet and weight.

Puppies should not consume eggs daily. We must always prioritize their tailor-made puppy formulas.

If your husky is at a healthy stable weight with his current diet and exercise levels, you might want to be more careful with what you add or take away from their daily caloric intake.

In reality, though, one egg will not have a big difference even if your husky has one every day… Eggs have around 60-90 calories depending on their size, which isn’t a substantial addition in terms of daily calories.

If you do want to give egg as a daily treat or meal topper then I would stick to providing just one egg per day and no more.

With puppies, I would reserve eggs as an infrequent high-value training reward, given a few times per week at the most.

Again, we must always prioritize puppy formulas before treats as these are specifically made with their growth in mind. Too many treats or other items could take away from their appetite or encourage fussiness. And we certainly want to avoid that!

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Are Eggs Good For Dogs?

Although many human foods are not suitable for dogs, eggs are certainly on the good/approved list! And in moderation can actually be beneficial for dogs to consume.

Eggs are a natural food item packed full of important macro and micronutrients. Eggs are high in protein, healthy fatty acids, iron, selenium, folate, and Vitamin B12.

Eggs have also been shown to help maintain a strong shiny coat and healthy skin. And anything that benefits the coat and skin is important for a husky!

Yep, eggs are definitely good for dogs, but even with the “good stuff” moderation still needs to be applied.

Can Eggs Cause Dietary Deficiencies In Dogs?

There are some links between biotin deficiency in dogs and the consumption of eggs. But it’s not all as it seems, so let’s clear that up.

According to a qualified veterinarian that My Happy Husky works closely with, it’s extremely unlikely that your husky will develop a biotin deficiency from consuming eggs.

Egg whites contain a biotin inhibitor but at the same time, the yolk contains a large amount of biotin itself.

Ultimately, for any kind of biotin deficiency to happen, your husky would need to eat a copious amount of eggs every day… And that’s just not going to happen.

If you are worried about this though, you can always serve only the egg yolk to your husky.

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Last Thoughts

Huskies and husky puppies can safely eat eggs. Eggs can be used as either a healthy treat or mixed in their food to make it more appealing.

Always be considerate with the number of calories you are adding to your husky’s daily caloric intake and be sure to always start with a small amount first to rule out individual intolerances.

If your husky shows any sign of discomfort, diarrhea, or vomits after eating eggs, then it’s recommended not to feed them eggs again.

Eggs should always be given hard-boiled with no seasonings, oil, or butter. Raw eggs could contain harmful bacteria and make your husky ill.

Thank you for reading!

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