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Can Huskies & German Shepherds Get Along? (the truth)

Huskies and German Shepherds are two of the most popular dog breeds, and it’s not uncommon for owners to wonder if these breeds can coexist peacefully.

I receive many messages from husky owners eager to get a GSD as their second dog, but have some concerns. Thankfully, more times than not these two dogs do get along well, but owners need to know a few things first. And that’s what I’ll cover below.

In general, both breeds are friendly and affectionate, but they do have different temperaments and personalities. This can affect the way they interact with each other and their ability to get along in both a positive and negative way as we’ll discuss below.

Let’s dive into some of the relevant questions that owners might have on the topic:

My experience

After caring for and working closely with huskies for several years now (and owning GSDs myself) I’ve come across a lot of husky/GSD households. From what I’ve seen, I can say that these two breeds compliment each other perfectly. I’m sure for some it hasn’t worked out, but if I go by what I’ve seen for many years, huskies and german shepherds are practically made for each other. But that’s just my experience. Let’s take a more objective approach below.

What are the temperaments of Huskies and German Shepherds?

Before we dive into whether or not Huskies and German Shepherds get along, it’s important to understand the temperaments of both breeds.


Huskies are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. They love to be around people and other dogs, and they’re often described as “happy-go-lucky.” However, they can also be stubborn and independent, which can make training a bit challenging.

German shepherds:

German Shepherds, on the other hand, are loyal and protective. They’re often used as police and military dogs, and they have a strong work ethic. They’re intelligent and trainable, but they can be wary of strangers and protective of their families.

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husky and german shepherd getting along
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Do Huskies and German Shepherds get along?

In general, Huskies and German Shepherds can get along, but it’s not a guarantee.

Like with any breed, it depends on the individual dogs and their personalities. It can also be affected by things like their age, early socialization and even past trauma. But I do personally know many husky/GSD pairs that have worked out beautifully.

Here are some factors that can influence whether or not Huskies and German Shepherds will get along:

  • Early socialization: Both breeds should be socialized from a young age to help them learn how to interact with other dogs. If they’re not socialized properly, they may develop aggressive tendencies or fear of other dogs.
  • Size and strength: German Shepherds are larger and stronger than Huskies, which can sometimes lead to dominance issues. If one dog is constantly trying to assert their dominance over the other, it can lead to fights and tension.
  • Gender: In general, opposite-sex pairs tend to get along better than same-sex pairs. If you’re planning on getting a Husky and a German Shepherd, consider getting a male and female.
  • Personality: As mentioned earlier, both breeds have different personalities. If one dog is more dominant or aggressive than the other, it can lead to tension and fights.

As it happens, on our top 10 breed list that get along with huskies, german shepherds make the cut! So that’s a positive start.

How can I introduce my Husky and German Shepherd?

If you’re introducing two adult it’s important to do so slowly and carefully. When it comes to puppies it’s easier, as they are both more likely to naturally click. When it comes to adults there could be territorial and dominance issues to start off with. Nothing that can’t be managed, but still, it’s crucial to take it slow and carefully.

Here are some tips to help make the introduction go smoothly:

  • Start with a neutral location: Introduce the dogs in a neutral location, such as a park or a friend’s backyard. This can help prevent territorial issues.
  • Use leashes: Keep both dogs on leashes during the introduction. This can help you control the situation if one dog becomes aggressive.
  • Monitor their body language: Watch both dogs’ body language carefully. If one dog seems tense or aggressive, separate them immediately.
  • Reward good behavior: If the dogs are getting along, reward them with treats and praise. This can help reinforce positive behavior.
  • Be patient: Introducing two dogs can take time. Don’t rush the process and be prepared to separate them if necessary.

Can Huskies and German Shepherds live together peacefully?

Phew* The answer you wanted… Yes! Huskies and German Shepherds can live together peacefully and I know many households with this very combination.

  • Provide plenty of exercise: Both breeds are active and require plenty of exercise. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may become bored and restless, which can lead to tension
  • Feed them separately: Feed the dogs separately to avoid any food-related aggression.
  • Provide enough space: Both breeds need enough space to feel comfortable. Make sure they have separate sleeping areas and enough room to move around.
  • Supervise playtime: If the dogs are playing, make sure to supervise them. If playtime becomes too rough, separate them.
  • Train them together: If both dogs are trained together, it can help them bond and learn how to communicate with each other.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to dog behavior. Make sure to consistently reinforce positive behavior and discipline negative behavior.

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What are some signs that my Husky and German Shepherd are not getting along?

If your Husky and German Shepherd are not getting along, there are some signs you can look out for. These include:

  • Growling: If one dog is constantly growling at the other, it’s a sign of aggression.
  • Avoidance: If one dog is avoiding the other or seems scared, it could be a sign that they’re being bullied.
  • Fighting: If the dogs are fighting, it’s a clear sign that they’re not getting along.
  • Tension: If there’s tension between the dogs, such as staring or raised fur, it’s a sign that they’re not comfortable around each other.

What should I do if my Husky and German Shepherd are not getting along?

If your Husky and German Shepherd are not getting along, there are some steps you can take to address the issue:

  • Separate them: If the dogs are fighting or showing signs of aggression, separate them immediately.
  • Consult a professional: Consider consulting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can help you address any issues and come up with a plan to help the dogs get along.
  • Be patient: Changing behavior takes time, so be patient and consistent with your training.
  • Consider rehoming one dog: If the dogs simply cannot get along, you may need to consider rehoming one of them to a household without other dogs.

Last thoughts

In conclusion, whether or not Huskies and German Shepherds get along depends on several factors, including their individual personalities, early socialization, and how they’re introduced to each other.

If you plan on introducing a Husky and German Shepherd, do so slowly and carefully, and monitor their behavior closely.

With patience and consistency, these breeds can live together peacefully and form a strong bond.


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