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Can Huskies Live In Texas? – Hot Weather Tips

Texas is a big fan of huskies, but how do huskies feel about Texas? With its super cold winters and really hot summers, there are a lot of questions. This article has all the answers.

Sure! Huskies can live in Texas just fine, even with the big weather changes. Huskies like it cool, but they can adjust and handle the Texas heat if we give them some help.

Having an air-conditioned room, some shade, and fresh water is really important.

Can Huskies Live In Hot States Like Texas?

There are a lot of concerned owners who want to do the right thing, and for a breed associated with cold weather, it’s natural to ask if it’s okay to own one in a predominantly hot place?

  • The simple answer is yes it is, as long as the owner is willing to go the extra mile to ensure their husky remains comfortable, cool, and safe.

In fact, Siberian huskies are one of the most popular breeds in Texas and other hot states like Florida and Southern California. So yes, simply put, huskies can live in Texas just fine.

Is It Fair To Own a Husky In Texas?

We receive a lot of questions about if it’s “fair” to own a husky in Texas (or any hot weather). And we have quite a specific answer to this.

➡️ The temperature doesn’t really matter as long as the owner ensures their husky remains safe and cool, which is easily achievable with specific tips and tricks.

As someone who’s been involved with huskies for over a decade, I know more of them living in hot climates than cold ones, and every husky I’ve met in hot (even tropical locations) are happy, safe, and thoroughly enjoying life. So we feel it’s a bit of a myth that huskies “need” cold weather.

Of course, huskies thrive in cold conditions, and there’s no denying how much they love playing in the snow but rest assured, they can adapt to hotter conditions too.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For a Husky?

While every husky is slightly different, most will feel uncomfortable at 25C and over (77F). If the temperature rises above 32C (90F) then dehydration and heatstroke can set in easily and quickly.

And as you are likely aware, Texas can easily get hotter than 90F. Once the temperature starts to get near to 25C (77F) then extra measures should be in place ready to keep your husky cool. Check them out below.

Keeping Your Husky Cool In Texas Summers

There are numerous ways to keep your husky at a cool and comfortable temperature. I’ll run through them briefly below, but if you want a full explanation of each one then check out our main article on huskies in hot weather here.

Best ways to keep your husky cool in Texas

  • Exercise early or late in the day (early is preferable). Regardless of the weather, it remains crucial huskies receive their exercise, but we must choose the time wisely. Early morning is best but opt for sunset or later otherwise.
  • Keep your husky in the shade. Shade is key and will go a long way in avoiding dehydration and heatstroke. Although huskies like to sunbathe, it’s crucial to keep them out of the sun (especially at midday).
  • Multiple water bowls. Unfortunately, huskies often don’t drink as much as they should, and it’s crucial to avoid dehydration and assist with body temperature regulation. Get multiple water bowls and dot them around the house so your husky is more likely to take a sip if he’s near one. Frequently replace the water.
  • Cooling beds. Huskies love these! And they work wonders to help keep them cool. They raise your husky up from the floor and allow for the breeze to access their underbelly, letting them expel heat more efficiently.
  • Access to air con. Having an air-conditioned room available for your husky to retreat to is important. We don’t always know when our husky is feeling too hot, but if they are aware of a cooler location, they will seek it on their own. Keep a room at 20C or under and your husky will be completely fine no matter how hot it gets outside.
  • UV reflecting blinds
  • Fans (a cool breeze helps a lot)
  • Ice bath (not in water)
  • Paddling pool (supervision necessary)

So Should You Get a Husky If You Live In Texas?

If you’re ready to meet the basic needs of a husky and be sure they are safe and comfortable throughout hot summers, then absolutely! Go for it…

There are A LOT of huskies in Texas and the hot summers aren’t stopping them from living their best lives.

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