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Can Pomskies Be Left Alone: What You NEED To Know

It’s that time again… You’ve got to leave the house and your Pomsky all alone.

We never like doing this, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Still, as responsible owners, it’s essential to take note of how well your Pomsky actually handles being alone, how long is too long, and how to improve this situation.

I’ll run through absolutely everything you need to know about Pomskies being home alone.

can pomskies be left alone

How do Pomskies handle being left alone? 👍👎

The truth is that Pomskies are not great at being left alone, which is thanks to the husky in them! They’re the kind of dogs that prefer having constant company throughout the day, and quickly suffer when alone.

Funny enough, Pomeranians usually handle being alone better than huskies do. So if your Pomsky acts more like its Pomeranian parent, it might be more okay with being alone.

Why do they hate it so much? 😢

This is ultimately down to the fact that dogs are social animals and dislike being alone altogether. While some breeds “handle” it better, in the end, no dog wants to be alone.

Some breeds have a more dependent nature about them and crave human company more so than others. This is certainly the case for Siberian huskies, and thus, the Pomsky too.

Dogs that dislike it more than others tend to be the kind that develop strong bonds with their human owners. Which Pomskies are certainly known for.

How long can Pomskies be left alone? ⏱️

So how long is too long? The honest answer is that it’s different for every Pomsky.

2-3 hours might be the maximum for some Pomskies, while others may handle up to 4-5 hours alone at a time. However, this is quite a stretch!

You’ll probably have a rough idea about how long your pomsky can handle depending upon their body language and behavior when you arrive back home. And whether or not there’s evidence of destructive behavior.

If you’ve been gone too long, you might see signs like scratching at doors, walls, or windows. Other clues are messy behavior like peeing or pooping indoors, even if they went out before. They might also bark, howl, or whine a lot. Plus, if they’re still really anxious even after you’re back, that’s another sign.

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Can you leave Pomskies alone all day? 🏠

Even if a Pomky seems particularly good at being alone, It is NOT okay to leave them home alone all day while at work, which is anywhere from 7-9 hours.

This is far too long for any dog to be alone, and even if they appear to handle it, this will be having some rather serious negative impacts on their mental health and stress levels.

This leads us on to our next point.

What happens after too much time alone 😤

If your Pomsky is routinely left home alone for too long, there can be significant side effects in a short amount of time.

Pomskies that are left alone too much:

➡️ Have high-stress levels
➡️ Have anxiety issues
➡️ Can develop depression
➡️ Are less obedient
➡️ Are more destructive
➡️ Are more aloof and aggressive

These legitimate issues can happen to your dog if left too long. This is why it’s so crucial to limit the time they’re alone and put things in place that will make them feel more comfortable when they are alone.

Of course, we can’t avoid leaving our dog’s home alone, but it’s important we make it more bearable for them.

Keeping your Pomsky happy when you’re not at home ✅

Other than reducing the time they’re alone altogether, there are additional ways to help your Pomsky feel more comfortable when alone. Let’s run through them below!

Exercise before leaving 🎾

Pomskies are little balls of energy, and they need a release! One way to instantly improve how your Pomsky handles being left alone is to expend a good chunk of their energy by exercising them before you leave.

This will calm them down and they’ll be ready to just take a nap and rest, rather than channel their energy into destroying your furniture.

Leave your scent down 👕

Putting an old t-shirt that you’ve worn in your Pomsky’s bed can help a lot. The shirt will smell like you. This can calm your dog down. It makes them feel like you’re still around. This trick works really well!

This is only recommended for adult Pomskies that don’t chew things up. For teething puppies, this isn’t advised.

Puzzle toys for when you’re gone 🧠

Leave your Pomsky with something entertaining to do. My favorite puzzle toy for when I’m not there is the Star Mark Bob-a-Lot. This large hollow ball fits small dry treats that fall out of an adjustable hole when your pup rolls the ball in the right direction.

It’s simple, entertaining, and can keep your Pomsky busy for up to one hour. It certainly beats having absolutely nothing to do instead!

Having appropriate outlets for them to channel their energy will prevent them from becoming bored, frustrated, stressed, and destructive.

Leave the radio or TV on 📻

Your Pomsky probably doesn’t care who’s singing on the radio, but they’ll appreciate not being able to hear scary, unsettling noises coming from outside.

Unless you live on a large plot of land or somewhere naturally very quiet, then this tip can really help your Pomsky feel better when alone.

By having background noise, it’ll drown out noises coming from passers-by, cars, building works, and even other animals. If your Pomsky can’t hear any of this, she’ll be able to relax instead of being on edge.

Hire a pet sitter 👋

The only proper solution to being alone is to not be alone. That’s where petting sitting comes in.

I was resistant to this for a very long time, but have since come around to it, and now have a couple of pet sitters taking it in turns to look after my pups when im out for several hours at a time.

Yes, it does cost a bit of money, but it is the ultimate solution. And is how you can leave your Pomsky, almost guilt-free

It’s easy to find good pet sitters these days. Just look on Google or Facebook. You can read what other pet owners say about them. You can even meet them before you decide. Just make sure to check them out well.

Last thoughts

Pomskies are not dogs that handle being left alone well. Some will tolerate it much longer than others, but in general, 3-5 hours is the maximum for most.

Leaving your Pomsky home alone too often for too long can lead to many undesirable outcomes. From heightened stress, reduced obedience, separation anxiety, much more…

There are many things you can do to help your Pomsky feel better when alone, but ultimately reducing the time they’re alone is the best thing you can do for them.


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