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Complete Nail Trimming Guide For Huskies (With Diagrams)

Understanding the appropriate methods and timing for clipping your husky’s nails isn’t instinctive knowledge. In this write-up, I’ll guide you on the process of managing your husky’s nails, the frequency required, varied approaches, and additional beneficial advice and strategies.

And of course, we’ll explain how to cut the nails without making them bleed!

The good news is that managing your husky’s nails isn’t something to dread, and with the following advice you’ll have no trouble at all. Let’s get into it!

How often to trim your husky’s nails

Knowing how to trim your husky’s nails is one thing, but you also need to know when to trim them. The answer won’t be the same for every husky and will be dramatically affected by the surfaces they regularly walk on.

If your husky is still a puppy, this will also change how often you need to trim his nails.

Fun Fact: Puppy nails grow so quickly, they often need trimming on the first day they are born.

HUSKY PUPPIES | When to trim

If your husky is younger than 6 months, he’ll be growing at an incredible rate. His whole body including his nails will develop quickly, and you can expect to be trimming his nails almost every 2-3 weeks.

It’s also worth mentioning that your pup will typically remain inside the house until he’s finished his vaccinations, around the 4-month mark. This means your pup won’t be walking on rough surfaces outside like concrete; another contributor to quick nail growth.

After 6 months he’ll be growing at a slower rate and at the same time, you will probably be increasing his exercise. These are two big factors that will significantly reduce the frequency of trimming. You can expect to trim his nails once every 4-6 weeks at this point.

HUSKY ADULTS | When to trim

After 1 year, most physical growth will be complete and your husky is technically considered to be at his adult height. Not only that but by now you will likely have a well-established exercising routine that should be fairly intensive.

Adult huskies typically need their nails trimmed once every 3-4 months. But it’s important to state that this can vary, depending on the surfaces that he regularly walks and exercises on.

If your yard contains a section of lawn and if you exercise him at your local park on the grass then he won’t be exposed to much concrete. In cases like this, you may even have to trim more frequently than what I mentioned just above.

What do long nails look like?

There are two parts of the nail, the “Quick” which is the area that you do not cut, it’s part of the nail that contains blood vessels. Then you have the actual nail which you cut.

When your husky’s nails need cutting, it’s common to see them starting to curl slightly in a hook shape. I made a diagram below as it’s easier to see.

How to cut your husky’s nails without them bleeding

Perhaps one of the main concerns for most people is knowing exactly where to trim the nail without it bleeding. Of course, you don’t want to cause your furry friend any pain or scare him for the next time.

Avoiding a bloody trim is all about knowing exactly where the “quick” ends.

Some nails are naturally light in color, and others are almost black. Black nails are very difficult to see through without any help. Below is a neat little trick that I learned from one of my friends. It works very well.

The flashlight method trick:

You can use your smartphone or any kind of flashlight for this to work. As you’re getting ready to start your trimming routine, turn on the flashlight on your phone, and place it on the ground facing upwards.

Whenever you go to trim any nail, hold his paw firmly over the light. The light will shine through the nail showing you exactly where the blood supply ends. You will clearly see the excess nail.

How to trim your husky’s nails

Now you have a better idea of knowing when your husky’s nails need to be trimmed, I’ll guide through a step-by-step process to make it easy every time.

P.S I will talk about using nail clippers vs nail grinders further below.

1) Introducing the clippers to your husky

This is one of the most essential parts of the entire process and you shouldn’t skip it.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make would be trying to clip his nails before he has ever seen the actual clippers. A new object will always be seen with suspicion, especially if it’s touching him.

If you know his nails need to be trimmed soon, start putting the clippers down on the ground while you’re playing with him. Let him sniff them, inspect them, but gently bring his focus away with his toys. After he no longer takes notice of the clippers, pick them up and touch his paws with them, then revert back to his toys. That’s all you do.

Repeating this process a few times per day for a few days will have him very accustomed to the clippers touching him. This will significantly reduce the chances of him panicking or worrying when you actually use them.

2) Choose a time when he’s calm, preferably after exercising

After you come back from your daily exercise, he should be calm and happy to lay down and rest. This is the best time to get the clippers.

Choosing a time like this is very important. You want to avoid moments when he’s distracted or has a lot of energy. By doing this, he’ll be a lot less fidgety when you have to hold his paw.

3) Have your flashlight and a special treat ready

Remember to have your flashlight ready to put on the ground so you can see through his nails with ease.

A special treat will significantly help keep him still and occupied while you go through the process.

The ULTIMATE treat to keep him distracted! Smear peanut butter all over a plate and let him lick it off. I come across this method in a video that I will share below. He’ll be fixated on the plate for at least 5-10 minutes. More than enough time. Don’t use too much peanut butter!

4) The trimming process

After giving him his special treat, you’re ready to start.

Sit down with him and place your flashlight on the ground facing upwards

With one of your hands firmly hold his paw over the light. You will see where the “quick” ends and the dead nail extends.

If you need to, with the same hand that’s holding his paw, use your fingers to pull back any fur that could be getting in your way.

With your other free hand, use your clippers to clip off the excess nail.

Take one final look to ensure you are not too close to the blood vessel. Double-check the diagram above to ensure you are familiar with the ideal trim point.

Be confident with your clip and move on to the next one.

What to do if your husky resists having his nails trimmed

I know what you’re thinking, so far it seems too easy to be true. Sometimes your husky won’t act the way you want him to, or he’s had bad past experience and hates the clippers.

The first and most important thing to do is re-establish a better relationship between him and the clippers.

As step 1 indicates above, try to introduce them to his daily routine, whilst playing and offering him some treats, make sure the clippers are close to him.

Even if he’s scared upon seeing them. You will still need to go through this process. It’s important to make no big deal out of the clippers; encourage playtime and offer him treats. It’s about building positive associations with the clippers before you need to use them

After teaching your husky that he doesn’t need to fear the presence of the clippers, you will be able to follow the standard method described above.

How long it takes to get to this stage will vary from husky to husky. It may take a few days or a couple of weeks and will usually depend on how bad his last experience was.

Should you use a nail clipper or a nail grinder?

It’s understandable that many people don’t like the idea of using clippers. It’s easy to make a mistake and the outcome is extremely shocking and painful for your furry friend.

Because of this, nail grinders are becoming increasingly popular and many people swear by them.

I also think they’re a great idea, but I wouldn’t necessarily use them all of the time.

Nail CLIPPERS | When I recommend them

I would recommend using a nail clipper for husky puppies rather than a grinder. Puppy nails are very small, and using clippers is a lot safer.

Grinders have a rotating cylinder with a very harsh sandpaper finish. They grind down nails in a matter of seconds and with puppy nails being so small, you’re playing a risky game.

It’s far less accurate than taking one single snip with the clippers. Some people will agree, and some may not, but this is what I’ve found from my experience.

To avoid spending a lot of money, clippers will again be your preferred option. Grinders can even be more than $60, whereas clippers can be around $5-10. Quite a difference!

Nail GRINDERS | When I recommend them

If your husky is now an adult with tougher nails, you may consider using a grinder.

A nail grinder will be better for anyone who is a little hesitant or not confident in using the clippers.

In some respects, nail grinders are considered to be safer than clippers, but you still have to be very careful regardless.

One benefit of nail grinders over clippers is that the abrasive material will leave a smoother rounded finish to the remaining nail rather than a single cut line.

If you don’t mind spending the money and are hesitant using the clippers then by all means the grinder will be a good option for you.

How to grind your husky’s nails | Great video from Sixty Formula


There you have it! You should now be ready to tackle your husky’s nails. The truth is that this process isn’t very difficult, but I can appreciate the hesitancy towards this task.

As long you take your time introducing the clippers or grinder, I believe that you won’t have any trouble cutting your furry friend’s nails.

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