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Do Huskies and Pitbulls Get Along: The Real Answer

Would a husky and a pitbull get along? or is this a recipe for disaster…

While many are quick to jump to the conclusion that these two breeds won’t get along, I’m here to explain how they’re actually very good partners. But only under the correct circumstances.

In this article, I explain the personalities of each the husky and the pitbull, how they mingle and interact with each other, and whether or not it’s possible to own both of these breeds under the same roof. Let’s get into it!

can huskies and pitbulls get along

Husky vs Pitbull Personality & Character

Both huskies and pitbulls have some things in common when it comes to their general temperament, but they also have some stark differences.


In terms of their affection levels, ability to bond with their owner, and their automatic love for their family, both breeds top the chart. They are truly loveable dogs that have an incredible soft side to them once you know them.

This is why both breeds make excellent family dogs, and are usually very good with children right off the bat. Both of them can be a bit overwhelming and playful, but they can also understand to be gentle and forgiving with young children.

Both the husky and pitbull also love to play. And when they play, they can both get a little rambunctious. And there’s nothing wrong with a little rough-housing, so long as it’s not excessive. Both breeds are strong and will be able to keep their own against each other. This is a very important factor that many overlook.

In most cases (i know of) where owners own both a husky and pitbull, these two go at it in the yard for an hour straight, playing tug of war, taking it in turns to chase each other, and it honestly works out like a dream. Of course not all relationships end up this way, but it goes to show it is absolutely possible.


Despite having many important similarities, there are some differences to take note of.

Pitbulls are far more protective and ready to act on that protectiveness than a husky is. But this wouldn’t necessarily get in the way of their own relationship, this would just change the dynamic in the home.

With the pitbulls explicit need for attention and their owners priority, this could make a husky jealous, and I’ve known instances where this has caused a few issues in husky/pitbull homes. Still, this is a behavioral issue that can be solved with training and a careful approach to how everyone interacts with each dog.

It’s also important to note that both breeds have a strong prey drive, and this can sometimes cause a little too much tension once one of them starts chasing the other. Natural prey drive instincts kick in, and what started out as fun chase n play, turns into something you need to break up. So that’s worth keeping in mind.

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But Can Huskies and Pitbulls Get Along?

Without a doubt, huskies and pitbulls can get along. Just like each of these breeds can learn to get along with almost any breed.

The main thing this comes down to is socialization and how the two are introduced to each other.

If they are BOTH very young puppies at the time of introduction then it will be incredibly easy for them to get along, in fact it will likely happen naturally and quickly. Easy peasy.

If they are both already adults, then this can pose more of a challenge, but again it comes back down to their early socialization levels. Two adults (that are previously well-socialized) can learn to accept each other with little effort on the owners part, and without much tension at all.

If the adults are already aloof to other dogs then it will be much harder to make the relationship work (but not because of the breed). This would simply be down to a lack of social exposure to other dogs.

Something to know:

When it comes to bringing a husky into a home with an existing pitbull, extra caution will be needed as the pitbull is typically very protective and territorial.

Contrary to this, huskies usually aren’t very territorial or protective, so bringing in a pitbull to a home with an existing husky will likely be easier to manage. Most socialized huskies are very accepting of other dogs coming into “their” territory.

What’s The Gender of the Husky & Pitbull?

An important factor to consider is the gender.

Are you looking to have two males or two females? If so, this will almost certainly cause extra tension in the relationship.

If you have two males or females, they will often compete with each other to be the alpha. This happens regardless of breed, but with huskies and pitbulls being both large and powerful dogs, you really do not want any more fights than necessary!

It is a far safer and better idea to get opposite genders: male husky with female pitbull, or vice versa.

By doing this, the two dogs will settle on whos the alpha far more easily (although some initial scuffles may still happen). In most cases it’s the female dog that claim authority over the male dog.

Breed Breakdown and Likeliness To Get Along

Let’s run through a comparison of each breed as this can often help us determine the suitability. I’ll also put scenarios where this relationship will/will not work out with ease in table below.

Husky Breed Traits:

  • Friendly and outgoing towards humans and other dogs.
  • Intelligent and independent-minded.
  • Strong prey drive and high energy levels.
  • Can be stubborn and difficult to train.
  • Tendency to be vocal and howl.

Pitbull Breed Traits:

  • Loyal and affectionate towards their owners.
  • Strong and muscular build, with a history of being bred for dogfighting.
  • High energy levels and require regular exercise.
  • May exhibit aggressive tendencies towards other dogs if not socialized properly.
  • Requires an experienced owner who can handle their strength and assertiveness.

Factors that could impact their relationship:

  • Socialization: If both dogs are socialized properly from an early age, they are more likely to get along with each other.
  • Gender: Male dogs may be more likely to exhibit dominance and aggression towards each other than female dogs.
  • Size and Strength: Pitbulls are generally stronger than huskies, which could result in injuries if they get into a fight.
  • Personalities: Each dog has its unique personality, which could impact their interactions with each other.

Based on these factors, it is difficult to predict with certainty whether a husky and a pitbull will get along. However, it is possible for them to coexist peacefully if they are properly trained and socialized. Here are some potential outcomes:

Both dogs are well-trained and socializedLikely to get along well
Husky is well-trained and socialized, but pitbull is notPitbull may exhibit aggressive tendencies towards the husky
Pitbull is well-trained and socialized, but husky is notHusky may exhibit submissive behavior towards the pitbull
Neither dog is well-trained or socializedRisk of aggression and fights

In summary, a husky and a pitbull can get along well if both dogs are properly trained and socialized. It is important to consider the individual personalities and tendencies of each dog and monitor their interactions carefully to prevent any potential conflicts.

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