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Do Huskies Get Along With Pomeranians? Here’s The Truth

As Pomeranians and Huskies continue to gain popularity its common for owners to want both. But can little and large get along? This article gives an honest answer.

When Huskies and Pomeranians are raised together from being puppies, it’s easy for them to get along. However, in most other instances, these two dogs likely wouldn’t get along.

That’s an extremely brief overview, everything will be made clearer below.

Can a Husky Get on Well With a Pomeranian?

Let’s look at the two different scenarios of when a husky will and won’t get along well with a Pomeranian.

When a husky and a Pomeranian could get along

If you were to get both a husky and a Pomeranian at the same time as puppies, the chance of them developing a respectful bond for each other is very high. (never guaranteed, but likely)

  • Even though the husky would dramatically outgrow the Pomi within months, they still would have had plenty of time around each other when they were both small and treated equally. And that’s fundamental for the husky to view the Pomi as equal in the pack hierarchy.

This is the safest scenario, and when it’s the most likely that the two very different breeds, would get along with each other.

When the two would not get along

As you can imagine, there are a lot more situations when these two breeds will not get along with each other.

First of all, at the dog park. Now, even though huskies are notoriously friendly (despite their looks), a Pomeranian is just too much like a fluffy cat, a rabbit, or any other smaller animal that a husky can’t help but consider prey. And even though huskies aren’t great hunters, this wouldn’t stop them from trying.

And this relationship is just as unlikely to pan out well if you are trying to bring in a Pomeranian into a home that has an existing adult husky. Or the other way around.

I would not say it’s impossible, however, as believe it or not, many owners have successfully nurtured a healthy relationship between a husky and a cat (even when one came after the other). But it takes extreme caution, training, and sometimes years of supervision before you can reach a trusting relationship.

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Why Huskies Don’t Suit Pomeranians

The ultimate reason why Siberian huskies are not destined to get on well with Pomeranians is due to their high prey drive.

After thousands of years of surviving with the Chucki tribe in eastern Siberia, huskies have developed a keen instinctual prey drive that they carry with them today. And this is something that cannot be turned off or trained against.

Pomeranians are very small, fluffy, and to a husky, basically a large rabbit. A husky will be instinctively triggered to chase, grab and perhaps even kill a small animal like this.

Of course, most huskies out there wouldn’t actually dare do this. But that’s just not a risk that can be taken. This is why, in general, a husky will not get on well with a Pomeranian.

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Could You Train a Husky and a Pomeranian To Get Along?

For those that desperately want a Husky and a Pomeranian, you might be wondering if it’s possible to train them to get along?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, with extreme caution, training, and time, it’s technically possible.

But in my honest opinion, the risks far outweigh the possible future reward of having a companion (as you could just get another more suitable breed for your husky from the beginning).

Even with extensive training and groundwork put in, you could never consciously leave the two together in the same room unsupervised, and after all, that’s the whole point of getting a second dog: for them to be buddies!

The same kind of caution would need to be taken when welcoming a cat into the family.

Can Huskies Get Along With Any Small Breeds?

Even though huskies are not well-suited to Pomeranians, it doesn’t mean they can’t get along with other small breeds.

Everything needs to be taken into account, not only their looks and physical size, but their personality, and ability to hold their own.

  • Jack Russells for example, are also very small, yet would likely end up bossing the husky around! This is because jack Russells are strong working dogs that can really hold their own. (I know many husky/jack Russell families and this is always the way!)

Beagles are another great example of a smaller breed (not as small as pomeranian) that get along well with huskies.

Their playful nature and ability to put up with a husky’s antics all favor this relationship well, and again, I know many examples of where this has worked out perfectly (without much training at all).

In the case of Pomeranians, they are just too small, too fluffy, unable to protect themselves, and too much like prey for an easy relationship.

If you’ve got a husky and are interested in this topic, you might want to check out my other article that covers the top 10 most compatible breeds for a husky.

What If Your Husky Is Naturally Very Friendly?

It’s important that I raise the fact that many huskies are actually very placid and calm, especially as they get slightly older.

So if you have a husky that’s genuinely relaxed, friendly, and calm, could it work? The honest answer is, yes of course, but only you truly know what your husky is like.

Some huskies actually have an uncommon affinity towards smaller breeds, and if this is the case with your husky then it’s completely possible this pair will hit it off right from the start.

It’s crucial, however, that you try to judge this yourself with a fair outlook. We all think the world of our doggos which is great, but sometimes it makes us a little blind to their true character.

It’s important to be objective, and keep in mind the safety of the smaller dog, and how their living situation would work.

I hope this article has helped! Be sure to let me know if you have a husky/pomeranian household!

Thank you for reading!
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