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Do Huskies Kill Rabbits: (We Found Out)

Is it possible for a husky to get along with a rabbit, or would they try to kill it? Let’s answer this important question below.

Huskies can kill rabbits easily and in most situations will be inclined to do so, especially when out in the wild. However, this doesn’t mean to say a husky can’t be raised with a rabbit.

Can Huskies Kill Rabbits?

Without a doubt, an adult or even an adolescent husky can kill a rabbit with ease. Their strength, size and bite power are no match for a rabbit.

Why Would a Husky Kill a Rabbit?

More times than not, when outside on walks or in the wild, a rabbit will trigger a husky’s prey drive.

Their prey drive is an instinctual behavior pattern ingrained into their DNA helping huskies and dogs to catch and kill animals for survival.

Huskies, being higher up the food chain than a rabbit, will instinctually be triggered to chase, grab, and kill a rabbit if they see one.

Sometimes this trigger can be avoided if the prey doesn’t run away. But once the inferior animal (prey) starts to run, it will trigger a husky to chase.

  • While domesticated dogs don’t really need to use their prey drive, it’s still ingrained into them and it can’t be fully untrained.

Can Huskies and Rabbits Get Along?

If a husky is raised with an existing household pet rabbit from birth, then yes, it’s possible to nurture a great friendship.

Still, caution should be taken, and owners must constantly be aware and attentive to any rambunctious or suspicious behavior.

In practically all other scenarios, a husky will not get along with a rabbit. Whether this is spotting a wild rabbit while outside, or getting a pet rabbit in the household with an existing husky.

I’ve heard of some owners getting a rabbit long after getting a husky, but for me the risks are too great. (It didn’t work out well for some)*.

Should You Own a Rabbit and a Husky?

If you have an existing adult rabbit and are interesting in getting a husky puppy (8 weeks old), then this relationship can work out.

If it’s the other way around then it’s not advised. While it could potentially work with EXTREME care, the stress the rabbit will endure by having a prowling husky around, raises some moral issues.

Do you own a husky and a rabbit? Let me know what you think!

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