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Husky Affection: 13 Signs Your Husky Loves You

Many husky owners wonder, “Does my husky love me as much as I love them?” It’s an interesting question. Huskies have their own unique ways of showing love that might be different from what you’re used to.

The 13 ways your husky shows you love!

  1. Eyebrow and Ear Movements
  2. Leaning Against You (physical contact)
  3. Easy Eye Contact
  4. Excited to See You
  5. He Loves Your Smell
  6. He Wants to Play With You
  7. Listening Carefully to You
  8. Relaxed Body Language in Your Presence
  9. He Yawns With You
  10. He Follows You
  11. He Checks Up On You
  12. He Licks Your Face
  13. He Steals Your Shoes, Socks, and Clothes

13 Ways Huskies Show Love and Affection

The next points are well-known ways that huskies and other dog breeds show love to their humans. Some of these ways are a bit odd, but that’s what makes them so fun to know!

We will also cover 5 ways you can improve the bond with your Husky if you think it’s not currently strong enough.

1. Eyebrow and Ear Movements

This one is perhaps one of the more unknown signs. Just like humans, dogs also show their real emotions through body language and facial expressions.

Most people don’t know this and it’s no wonder because dog eyebrows are quite hard to see!

Nevertheless, dogs will raise their eyebrows (usually the left one) and move their ears back slightly when they look at someone they love and respect. Yep, it’s quite difficult to see, but it’s certainly a reliable sign.

The next time you are in close proximity to your husky’s face and you call their name and make a fuss of them, try to watch closely at their eyebrows and ears, you may be surprised to see this movement.

2. Leaning Against You | Physical Contact

Probably one of the most universal signs of love and affection will be actual physical contact. As your relationship gets stronger between you and your husky, you will notice changes in how much physical contact he makes with you.

As your husky becomes more attached to you and desires your attention, he will act accordingly. Physical contact that is initiated by him is a very reliable sign that your husky is showing you some good old TLC.

This physical contact can show itself in different ways. Such as coming to lean up against you while you are standing or sitting down. Leaning up against you, walking in and out between your legs.

For your husky to come up to you and display this behavior on his own terms suggests that he truly desires your attention.

The next time you’re watching TV or sitting down in the evenings, see if your husky comes up for a snuggle, or even just to sit by your side.

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3. Easy Eye Contact

cute husky puppy

Eye contact is powerful, and many different emotions can be transmitted through our eyes and when we stare. Eye contact is a universal trigger for humans and practically all animals, especially our furry friends.

To understand when eye contact is a good thing, it helps to know when it’s a bad thing.

For some dogs who are unknown to us or are naturally aggressive, prolonged eye contact will almost always be taken as a threat or challenge. This is also the same for us if we were to look at a stranger.

But for our own dogs, this isn’t the case. Eye contact is an important part of developing a strong bond with each other.

It shouldn’t take too long before your husky is comfortable making prolonged eye contact with you. Nearly all dogs will be able to sit and stare at their owners, with ease. This shows comfort and trust.

But, having said that, it’s still natural for any dog to look away if they see their owner as the dominant pack leader, which they should do. Although there is always a limit to this, and it depends on what kind of relationship you want with your own husky.

If your husky can’t look at you for very long, it doesn’t always suggest something bad. If you’ve been super strict with training and have established yourself as a strong alpha, it’s likely he won’t be able to look at you for a long time, simply due to hierarchical rules. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is subjective.

P.S. the next time he’s sitting there staring at you, it may just be because he wants a treat.

4. Excited To See You

If your husky can’t contain his excitement when you come home from work, school, or even the supermarket, this is a clear indication he loves you and has missed you.

Siberian Huskies are a very energetic and playful breed that has an abundance of energy.

When you arrive back home it’s common to see him excited, bouncing around the place, rushing through your legs, and craving your attention.

Science has yet to confirm whether dogs truly know if we are returning home whenever we leave. So that’s worth keeping in mind.

5. He Loves Your Smell

When your husky can’t get enough of your smell, it’s a clear sign he really loves you. This can take some time, but eventually, your husky will find your smell calming and reassuring. He will feel safe and comfortable whenever he can smell you, even if you aren’t there.

A clever trick that can really help with crate training is to leave an unwashed t-shirt of yours in his crate.

Having the smell of you with him inside his crate will keep him feeling calm and safe.

This is also an excellent way to limit crying throughout the night.

Huskies, in particular, have a hard time being left alone, so it’s definitely something worth trying out. Of course, always be aware of choking hazards.

If you have indeed reached this stage where your husky can remain calm when given one of your t-shirts, it’s a great idea to take an old t-shirt of yours whenever your husky has an appointment at the vets.

This can help keep your fluffy friend feeling reassured instead of scared and anxious.

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6. Wants to Play With You

playful husky

It’s no secret that Siberian huskies love to play. But it’s more significant if he always chooses you to be his playmate. This is a sign that he likes your company and attention the most.

It’s like the older brother, sister, or cousin you’ve always looked up to, you were always keen to play with them in particular.

It’s similar to your husky, he’s choosing you to play with because he craves your attention the most. Or you can just throw the ball the furthest!

So the next time your husky runs up to you holding his toy, even if you’re a little busy, take a few moments to entertain him and engage in some fun playtime. This is a real sign of love from your furry friend, so be sure to show it back!

7. Listening Carefully to You

With only a short amount of time, your husky will be fine-tuned to the sound of your voice.

We’re not talking about whether or not he will obey your commands, that’s something completely different! But we are talking about the fact that he’s listening attentively whenever you speak.

The next time your husky is laying down asleep, start talking to someone else but keep an eye on your husky’s ears.

If you see them tweak and perk up even slightly, it means your voice is significant to them. The moment you say his name, he’ll likely wake up. Although try not to disturb his sleep too much!

Despite loving your voice, this doesn’t mean he will do whatever you ask. Training Siberian Huskies is a whole different ball game and takes a long time. So even if your husky doesn’t obey your commands, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, he just isn’t trained enough yet.

8. Relaxed Body Language in Your Presence

A husky that loves you will feel comfortable and relaxed when in your presence. He will have no problems being close to you, laying on his back, and will demonstrate an easy-going demeanor.

Try not to confuse this with the husky’s natural tendency to be super hyper. Huskies are very energetic and hyperactivity is common with this breed. But this behavior doesn’t mean he isn’t relaxed, in-fact showing it suggests he feels calm and happy. Although you may not like the hyperactivity, if he wasn’t feeling good around your presence, he wouldn’t show it.

So, if you catch your husky being a complete goofball, or simply laying there chilled out, it’s a good sign he’s comfortable with your presence.

9. Your Husky Will Yawn With You

When we yawn, people around us usually yawn too. This isn’t just limited to humans! It’s not extremely common, but owners that have an unusually strong bond with their dog will yawn together.

According to researchers, when we see someone yawn, and then we yawn too, its a way of showing empathy. Scientists haven’t actually proved it yet, but whenever your dog lets out a yawn in reaction to your yawn, it can be seen as them showing us sympathy for the person they love.

Whatever it actually is, if your husky yawns when you yawn, that is something special! Scientifically proven or not, you can be sure you have a fantastic bond with your husky.

10. Your Husky Will Follow You

Huskies love attention, in fact, they are considered the No.1 most attention-seeking breed. This can translate into him never leaving you alone. Whether you find this a good thing or a bad thing, it’s a clear sign of his love!

Although it’s a pretty obvious sign of love and affection when he does follow you, what does it mean when he doesn’t follow you?

Well, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Huskies are weird and wacky and have very unique characters. Some are just more independent than others, and if he chooses to sit in another room from you, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you! It’s just how he is!

11. Checking on You

Dogs that tend to “check” on their owners usually have a strong bond with them. This behavior can be easily seen when out for walks.

Have you ever seen your husky venture off in front of you only for him to stop and take a look behind at you? He’s checking where you are.

This is partly due to good behavior and waiting for your go-ahead command, but it’s also due to his concern for your whereabouts.

This can happen inside the house too. He may not necessarily follow you around, but he’ll always want to know where you are. If he hasn’t seen you in a while after having been in a different room, he’ll come looking for you.

12. Face Licking

Hate it or love it, if your husky licks your face, he definitely loves you.

We can’t say for sure, but licking is commonly thought to be a dog’s version of a kiss, and it would seem that way too.

You’ll also notice that whenever this happens your husky will be in a very happy mood, waging his tail without a care in the world. You can expect to receive “dog kisses” when you come home from work or when he hasn’t seen you in a while.

If you are someone that does not approve of this behavior, that’s perfectly fine, but try your best not to punish your husky for it. After all, unless your face is particularly tasty, your husky will only be doing this to show his love.

13. He Steals Your Shoes, Socks, and Clothes

When you’re trying to get ready for work, this is your worst nightmare. But he may have done it to show you he loves you, lol!

Although this behavior isn’t acceptable, it still may be a sign of affection. As your shoes, socks, and clothes are full of your scent, it’s his way of interacting with you, especially if you aren’t physically there.

Proper training should be given to avoid this kind of behavior. I have two articles that will help with this issue. Why your dog is eating your socks and how to stop it and How to stop your husky chewing everything.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Bond With Your Husky

What You Can Do to Improve Your Bond With Your Husky

If you’re worried about your own bond with your husky, here are five ways to improve it.

This is related to another common concern owners have when their puppy doesn’t like them. Check out that article here

1) Spend More Quality Time With Your Husky

Perhaps a little obvious, but it can be easily overlooked. One thing you’ve learned from this article is that huskies typically don’t like being alone. They also love to play. Use this to your advantage and create more fun engaging games and training sessions.

This is particularly important if you spend most days out at work. When you come back home, you’ll need to be sure to give plenty of your time and attention to your husky. This breed craves companionship despite being somewhat independent.

2) Ensure You Give Proper Training

Training a Siberian husky is no small feat, but it is very important if you want a well-behaved loving husky. Huskies need to be mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated in order to be happy. If untrained, your husky will likely have behavioral issues down the line, which will only weaken any bond you may have with him.

I have an article dedicated to Husky Puppy Training, but most of which can be used on an adult Husky too. Check it out and start implementing training as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

3) Be Calm Around Your Husky

Your husky wants to be around someone that makes him feel secure and comfortable. If you have a hectic household filled with a lot of yelling and shouting, your husky will certainly be affected in a negative way.

All dogs, in general, gravitate towards people who are calm and give off a sense of safety.

4) Pay Attention to What Your Husky Likes and Doesn’t Like

After a while of observing and monitoring your husky, you will become aware of certain things he does and doesn’t like.

Try using this to your advantage to help protect your husky from things he does not like. This can be anything from other animals, certain food, certain behavior (even displayed by you), it can be literally anything. If your husky knows you are the person that can help him avoid discomfort and keep him safe he will see you as his guardian.

5) Exercise and Diet

For Huskies to be truly happy, they need a lot of exercise, that’s not just a stroll in the park. A sufficient exercise routine for a husky will be at least 2 hours per day.

This can include things like running, hiking, sled pulling, jumping, agility training, and anything else high intensity. Exercise is also the perfect way to engage and bond with your husky.

As for the diet, make sure your husky is happy with what he’s eating. Check that you are using a high-quality food brand that is not causing your husky an upset tummy. Use a mixture of dry and wet food 80%-20% to ensure varied nutrition and to make it appealing and tasty. Your husky will thank you!

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As long as you are providing a safe home, giving your husky adequate exercise, training, food and a lot of your own love and attention, your husky will absolutely love you back!

Thank you for reading, please comment below or share this with your other Husky friends!

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