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Does My Husky Know I’m Pregnant? (The Answer)

Has your husky become a bit more attentive since you’ve been expecting? I get this question a lot about whether huskies can really sense your pregnancy.

Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven, it’s almost certain that your husky knows you are pregnant. Your husky will be able to smell the different hormones and changes in your body almost immediately.

Can Your Husky Sense Pregnancy?

Well, sensing pregnancy hasn’t exactly been proven, but it’s almost certain that your husky senses a change.

Whether or not he knows you are pregnant and what that means is harder to say.

But what’s very interesting is the displays of behavior from some dog’s around their pregnant owner.

It would seem that they do in fact know what’s happening. I will cover this more later.

What we do know for sure is that huskies (or any other dog) have about 60 times more smell receptors than we do, this is more significant than it already sounds.

60 times more smell receptors mean 40% more of a dog’s brain is allocated to detecting different odors, compared to us.

Huskies and dogs can differentiate between 30,000-100,000 different smells.

So how does this help your husky know you’re pregnant? due to our canine companion’s exceptional ability to smell, it’s very likely that he can smell changes in our bodies and environment much quicker and earlier than we can.

When a woman becomes pregnant there are many physiological changes in the body, hormonal, behavioral, and different odors are all apart of the process.

Subtle changes in behavior, whether you are aware of it yourself or not, will not be missed by your instinctively attentive husky.

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How Early Can Your Husky Sense Pregnancy

The fact that dogs can often smell things before we can leads to a very interesting question, do dogs know you are pregnant before you do?

Once conception happens it’s normal for women not to notice any actual changes in her body for a while, perhaps even up to the first 5 or 6 weeks is normal.

But changes have already started happening, and HCG levels or the “pregnancy hormone” has started to rise. It is very likely that your husky can smell this change. But again, in these very early stages, he probably just senses a random change and doesn’t actually know what it means.

As time goes on and further changes happen and hormonal levels rise, he will almost certainly be fully aware that “something” different is happening with his human mother. And this could be when the behavior in your husky starts to change too.

Will Your Husky Start Acting Differently When You Are Pregnant?

There’s a wide range of behavior shown from dogs around their pregnant owner.

While some huskies may become very protective and territorial around their owner, some may become distant, and others may act like nothing is even happening.

While I can’t help you predict what behaviors your own husky will show, we can look at some examples that others have experienced.

It’s also important to point out that behaviors in your dog can change along with your pregnancy too.

As you progress throughout your 9 months, your husky’s behavior can fluctuate dramatically alongside you. Again, this is still, for the most part, unexplained.

The most common change is becoming protective over their pregnant owner. This protectiveness doesn’t always mean aggressiveness though, it can mean sticking by your side more often, and generally being clingy.

Many have reported their huskies waiting for them outside the door when going to the bathroom or shower, choosing to sleep next to you instead of in their bed, and in general, paying a lot more attention to your whereabouts and anyone or anything that gets close to you.

In some cases, aggressiveness can be an issue. And in the worst situations, your husky will not let anyone get close to you, that includes your partner and even kids.

I personally do not have experience training dogs in this situation so I won’t even try! That should be left to a professional.

Aggressiveness may show it’s self when you take your husky out on walks, he may suddenly start becoming extra aggressive towards other dogs or their owners as they approach.

Some have reported that it’s only when the pregnant owner holds the leash that the aggressiveness shows. As soon as someone else takes the leash, it stops.

Some huskies may pay extra attention to your belly and will try to sniff your stomach area or bump as much as they can. What’s fascinating to observe is how nearly all dogs know to be instinctively gentle and calm during this moment.

Just like how most dogs act around newborns, they know to be gentle, slow, and cautious. So this may be something you experience as well; a particular gentleness with you, while being more aloof to anyone else.

As you can tell, it’s all very random and it’s hard to say for sure.

An interesting video of two huskies around their pregnant owner!


So, while science still can’t prove whether or not your husky actually knows what your pregnancy means, you can be sure that he knows there is a change.

A change with you, your behavior, your body, and situation. Some of his behavior will suggest that he really does know what’s happening, but I will leave you to come up with your own conclusions 🙂

Are you pregnant and own a husky? Please comment below how you husky reacted! It will be very interesting and you may help out someone else!

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