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Dog Leaves Brown Spots on Bed: (Causes & How To Stop It)

If you’ve found mysterious brown spots on your bed where your furry pal likes to lounge, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue many of us face, but it can be both puzzling and concerning. Let’s explore what these spots could be and how you can prevent them.

If you’re finding brown spots on your bed from your dog, it’s likely due to natural skin oils, dirt they bring in from outside, saliva from excessive licking, or possibly small urinary accidents. These are common occurrences among dog owners and usually not a major cause for alarm.

To manage this, regular cleaning of the affected areas, maintaining a consistent grooming routine for your dog, and possibly introducing a designated dog bed can help.

brown spot on dog bed

What Are These Brown Spots?

First things first, let’s talk about why these brown spots might be appearing.

4 Key causes of brown spots on the dog bed:

  • Natural oils from your dog’s skin
  • Dirt or debris previously stuck in your dog’s coat
  • Saliva! Some dogs drool a lot, and the brown spot could just be wet
  • Urinary issues. Some dogs may leak or have bladder control issues.

One possibility is the natural oils from your dog’s skin. Just like us, dogs have oils in their skin that keep their fur healthy, but these can transfer to fabrics, leaving behind a mark.

Another culprit could be dirt or debris. If your dog loves playing outside, they might bring in a bit of the great outdoors with them onto your bed.

Then there’s the possibility of saliva. Some dogs have a habit of licking themselves or their favorite spots, which can leave saliva stains.

Lastly, and a bit more concerning, are urinary issues. Small accidents can happen, especially with puppies or older dogs who might be struggling with bladder control.

Health Concerns

When it comes to your dog’s health, it’s always better to be cautious. Excessive licking can sometimes signal allergies, skin irritations, or even anxiety.

Changes in the skin’s oil, such as a different smell or color, could hint at a health issue. If the brown spots are due to urinary accidents, it could indicate a problem with your dog’s urinary tract or control, particularly in older dogs.

Always keep a watchful eye on any significant changes in your pet’s behavior or health. If something seems off, it’s wise to consult with your vet. They can offer the best advice and treatment options, ensuring your furry friend stays healthy and happy.

Cleaning and Prevention

So, how do you tackle these brown spots and prevent them from happening? The key is to act quickly. The sooner you clean the spots, the less likely they are to set into the fabric.

Use pet-safe cleaners, as harsh chemicals can be harmful to both your bed and your dog’s well-being. Regularly washing your bedding can also help keep it clean and fresh.

To prevent these spots, consider your dog’s grooming routine. Regular baths and grooming can reduce the amount of dirt and oil they carry around.

A dog bed might be a great investment, offering a cozy spot for your pooch while keeping your bed clean. For urinary issues, consistent potty training and a regular bathroom schedule can make a big difference.

Final Thoughts

Finding brown spots on your bed from your dog is quite common, and usually, it’s not a huge cause for concern. Just keep an eye on your dog’s health and habits.

With some thoughtful cleaning and preventive steps, you can maintain a spot-free bed and a joyful, healthy dog. Happy pet parenting!


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