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Goberian Size & Weight: How Big & When – Answered

Wondering how big your Goberian will get, and when?

This article explains everything there is to know about the Goberian growth timeline, how big they get, and when they will reach their full size.

Let’s get started.

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how big are goberians

When Do Goberians Stop Growing? ⏱️

Both parents of this pup have quick growth spurts followed by a slow long period of filling out to their typical weight. So when can you expect your Goberian to finally stop growing and reach their full size?

Goberians reach about 2 years old before they officially stop growing. Males usually keep growing for a little longer than females as they’re capable of putting on more muscle mass.

➡️ In terms of height: 10-12 months
In terms of weight: 18-24 months

Yep, your Goberian will reach their full height much quicker than their full weight with females always being quicker to stop growing.

How Big Are Goberians: How Much Should They Weigh ⚖️

Goberians are as big as their husky parent, usually a little bigger! This is down to the fact that golden retrievers are bigger than huskies.

➡️ Goberian height: 20-24
Goberian weight: 55-80

Goberians are considered large dogs with their height and weight stats.

how big do goberians get
Image by My Happy Husky

Male Goberians are on the bigger end of this scale and are usually 23-24 Inches in height and 65-80 Pounds in weight. The females are a little smaller at 20-23 Inches in height and 55-65 Pounds in weight. But of course, there are always exceptions!

Goberian Puppy Growth Timeline 📈

Let’s give a breakdown of how tall and heavy you can expect your Goberian to be for every month of age until they’re an adult.

This is an average weight and height chart that your Goberian should fall closely too. If yours doesn’t don’t panic: These ranges are averages! Males will typically be on the larger end of the scale while females the smaller end.

2-3 Months15-2510-11 Inches
3-4 Months20-3011-12 Inches
4-5 Months25-3512-14 Inches
5-6 Months35-4514-17 Inches
6-7 Months40-5016-20 Inches
8-9 Months45-5318-22 Inches
10-12 Months48-5520-24 Inches
12-18 Months55-68 (m)
18-24 Months68-80 (m)

3 Factors Affecting Goberian Growth 🐕

A few things can have an impact on your Goberian’s growth, let’s take a look at what they are.

Genetics 🧬

Of course, the number one thing affecting the overall size of your Goberian is their genetics. How big they end up is directly affected by how big their parents are. In most cases, if the father is particularly large for the breed size (husky or golden) then the Goberian offspring will likely be large too. This has even more of an impact if both parents are extraordinarily large for their breed. And this works the other way around too.

Diet & nutrition 🍗

Diet and nutrition play a big role in your pup’s growth spurt. Having the necessary nutrients and calories to support intensive growth is vital to maximizing their physical build and size. Your Goberian pup needs a high-quality diet that’s formulated for large-breed puppies. It needs to have the correct kind of macronutrients (high protein, medium fat, low carbs) and it should have added things like vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, Omega 3′, and DHA fatty acids.

Rest & recovery 💤

Your Goberian needs plenty of rest to grow to their full potential. Pups rest and sleep a ton, and that’s exactly what we want. Due to how important this is, we need to allow our pups to rest when they rest. Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget this and wake them up by accident. This is particularly important for homes with kids!

When Do Goberians Mature Mentally? 🧠

Your Goberian will be at their full size before they fully mentally mature. Female Goberians usually mature around 2-3 years old while males take a little longer can be 3-4 before they really mature and mellow out.

This time frame varies a lot and is not set in stone! Your Goberian may mature mentally earlier or later than this.

This does come down to genetics, but it can also be heavily influenced by their environment, training, daily routine, exercise and mental stimulation activities.

Last thoughts

Goberians are usually large dogs and take around 2 years to reach their full size, sometimes longer for bigger males. While huskies are medium in size, golden retrievers are typically large and this has an influence on their Goberian offspring. Genetics plays the biggest role in how big your Goberian will get, followed by their diet and rest.


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