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Health & Care

Here you will find all articles related to husky health and care. We have many articles, so if you have a specific question, be sure to type the keyword in the search bar! If there isn’t an article answering your question, let me know, and I’ll happily provide an answer.

Am I Allergic To My Husky? (Best Answer)

I’m receiving this question more often than I thought, so let’s explain everything owners should know about being allergic to their own husky! Can Huskies Cause/Provoke Pet Allergies The simple answer is yes. Huskies can…

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Why Don’t Huskies Get Frostbite?

The Siberian husky has a remarkable ability to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures. Many husky owners often ask how do huskies avoid getting frostbite. As someone who has spent many years around Siberian Huskies, this…

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