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How Big Do Husky German Shepherd Mixes Get (& When)

How big will your Gerberian Shepsky really get? Will they be as big as their GSD parent, or slightly smaller like their Husky parent? It’s a great question and an important one for anyone that owns this beautiful mix.

This article covers everything you need to know about how big Gerberian Shepskies get AND when they finally stop growing.

Let’s get started.

gerberian shepsky size

How Big Do Husky German Shepherd Mixes Get?

Gerberian Shepskies grow to be 23-27 Inches in height and 55-75 Pounds in weight. Husky German shepherd mixes are considered medium to large dogs.

They are usually as big as their husky parent and sometimes a bit bigger, more like their German shepherd parent.

Of course, every Shepsky is different and what has the biggest impact on their size is the size of their parents. If a Shepsky is born from a particularly large Husky and GSD, then no doubt will the shepsky offspring grow to be large too.

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When Do Gerberian Shepskies Stop Growing?

Husky German Shepherd Mixes stop growing completely at around 2 years old, but 90% of their growth will be achieved before 12 months.

➡️ In terms of height, a Gerberian shepsky will reach their full height by 10-12 months.
➡️ In terms of weight, a Gerberian shepsky can keep adding mass slowly until 2 years old.

But, as mentioned, most of their weight will be completed by 10-12 months just like their full height will be.

Gerberian Shepskies grow quickly and put on most of their weight between 3-10 months. After this, muscle and general mass will increase but at a much slower rate.

Males take longer to reach their full weight compared to females. This is likely due to being capable of gaining more muscle.

Gerberian Shepsky Puppy Growth Chart

This chart shows the average weight range for male and female Husky-German Shepherd mixes. Males tend to be on the heavier side, while females are usually lighter. Remember, these are just average weights. Your Geberian Shepsky might weigh a little more or less, and that’s usually okay.

Gerberian Shepsky AgeWeight
2-4 months10-25 lbs
4-6 months25-40 lbs
6-8 months40-55 lbs
8-10 months50-60 lbs
10-12 months55-65 lbs
12-18 months60-70 lbs
18-24 months70-75+ lbs

Can Husky German Shepherd Mixes Be Small?

It’s possible through selective breeding (intentional or unintentional) for a Gerberian Shepsky to be unusually small. If both parents of the Gerberian Shepsky are on the small, then they can be smaller than average too.

In other cases, their small size could be due to their diet, nutrition, rest & recovery, as well as their exercise regime or health issues. However, in most cases, genetics impact size much more than anything else.

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Factors affecting your Gerberian Shepskie’s size include:

  • Genetics
  • Selective breeding
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Rest & recovery
  • Injuries or overexercise during puppyhood
  • Health issues

Let’s explain all of these in a little more detail below.

Genetics & breeding

The most influential factor determining how big your husky german shepherd mix will get is their genetics and breeding.

If the parents of the Gerberian Shepsky are particularly large or small, then the same is likely to happen to their offspring too. And if this keeps happening, either by chance or on purpose, the offspring can keep getting bigger or smaller with each generation. This is selective breeding.

Diet & nutrition

During their early months, Gerberian Shepskies will need a high-quality diet made specifically for working pups. Having all the nutrients and calories that they’re supposed to have, will allow their bodies to grow to it’s full potential.

A diet that lacks enough calories, protein, fat, calcium, and phosphorus and omega-3 could potentially hinder a pup’s growth. This would be very hard to measure, but it’s possible.

Rest & recovery

One of the reasons Gerberian Shepskies sleep so much is because growing takes a lot of their energy! Yep, this mix needs as much rest and recovery as possible to grow to their full potential.

While it’s essential to give them the correct amount of exercise, is equally as crucial that we allow them to sleep and rest during all other times.

Correct exercise levels

Over-exercising this mix could result in early injuries and too much stress on their undeveloped joints, muscles, bones, and tendons. This can hurt their growth and could even lead to short or long-term injuries.

This is why it’s necessary to find a routine that’s tailored for puppies. This usually comes down to following the 5-minute method. More on that here.

Last thoughts

Shepskies are considered medium to large dogs, reaching a total weight of between 55-75 pounds (25-34kg) and 23-27 inches tall.

Some mixes can end up either smaller or bigger than average, depending upon the size of their parents.


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