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How Much Exercise Does a Goberian Need: Full Guide

The Goberian, a perfect blend of two amazing breeds, the husky and the golden retriever. With Goberians gaining a lot of popularity, owners have many important questions!

How much exercise will a Goberian need? will they need as much as a husky? or will it be a little less like the golden retriever? Everything you need to know is answered below!

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How much exercise do Goberians need? 🐕

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as Goberians need a lot of exercise just like their parents (mostly the husky).

While golden retrievers need a fair amount of exercise, huskies take it to a whole new level, so this rubs off onto the Goberian.

Adult Goberians need 90-120 minutes of exercise each day. Preferably this is split up into two sessions, 45 minutes in the morning and another 45 minutes in the evening.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been walking my dogs with my friend’s Goberian, and it’s been quite an eye-opener! She trots home as if we haven’t just been on a 5-mile hike!

What about puppies? 🐶

Goberian puppies should follow the 5-minute method exercise plan. This plan is made for growing puppies to give them an appropriate amount of exercise for their age, without risking injury.

The 5-minute method involves exercising your Goberian puppy for 5 minutes per month of age they have, twice a day.

➡️ 2 months = 10 minutes, twice a day (20 mins total)
➡️ 4 months = 20 minutes, twice a day
➡️ 6 months = 30 minutes, twice a day
➡️ 8 months = 40 minutes, twice a day
➡️ 10 months = 50 minutes, twice a day
➡️ 12 months you can exercise them like an adult

Puppies should follow this to avoid injury while they grow. The problem with puppies is that they have A LOT of energy and A LOT of enthusiasm, and while it’s a joy to be around, we have to remember that their bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles are not yet capable of taking the stress that an adult dog can.

Overexercising a puppy can cause long-term damage, so it’s absolutely crucial to avoid it.

How far can Goberians walk? 🚶‍♂️

When you’re not out sledding across arctic plains in snow blizzards, you’re probably just going for a normal walk with your Goberian. But how far can they go?

An adult Goberian with no existing issues will be incredibly fit and can easily walk 7-10 miles. Even further with training assuming weather conditions are fine.

Puppies should not walk this far at all!

Puppies should stick to the 5-minute method, so however far you can walk within those minutes, that’s their limit.

Important note: Never push your Goberian to walk too far. We have to remember that both huskies and goldens are prone to joint issues and things like hip dysplasia, so we must prioritize their health over everything.

Additionally, the distance your Goberian can walk depends on the weather and walking surface. It’s never good to walk too far (more than 3 miles) on concrete as this can make their paw pads very sore.

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What exercises are good for Goberians? ⚽

While golden retrievers pretty much like anything, usually just a regular walk, huskies love a little more adventure so hiking, running, and exploring new places ticks the box for them. This results in the Goberian enjoying a mixture of activities.

Goberians enjoy walking, running, hiking, trails, and of course fetching balls and frisbees. While huskies aren’t great retrievers, this is where the golden retriever makes up for it!

➡️ Best exercise ideas for Goberians:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Trailing
  • Fetch
  • Frisbee
  • Flirt poles (for in the yard)
  • Swimming (sometimes)

Swimming is something not all Goberians like. While golden retrievers LOVE swimming, huskies often shy away from water at first, so it can go either way for the Goberian.

My friend’s Goberian loves it and so they take her swimming at the beach a few times a week, depending on the weather.

When should the exercise start? ⏲️

Goberians should have an exercise routine in place as early on as possible. Having this pup explore the outside is crucial and it needs to be done asap to get their socialization experiences underway.

Still, veterinarians recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after their final vaccination shot before venturing out into public areas. This usually means about 18 weeks old (depending on their vaccinations). But before then you can exercise in your yard, and invite friends over with their dogs (so long a they are vaccinated and friendly).

By taking your Goberian to the dog park as soon as possible, you can introduce them to new people, dogs, sights, and smells, and this provides them with important socialization skills and mental stimulation. This goes towards raising an approachable and friendly Goberian.

But remember to always follow the 5-minute method for your growing puppy. As much as we like taking our pups outside, we should never overexert them.

Time of the day

When should you exercise your Goberian throughout the day? As mentioned above, it’s critical to get at least half of their exercise in the early morning (preferably before feeding).

Early morning exercise will expend a lot of pent-up energy they’ve woken up with. This sets them up to be relaxed and calm, should you be leaving the house for a few hours. Leaving a Goberian home alone without first having given them some exercise is asking for trouble.

It’s then a good idea to provide another stint of exercise and activity later in the evening. This will calm them down and tire them out ready for bed.

Exercising around feeding times

This is important. If you plan to feed your Goberian after taking them out, then it’s crucial to wait 30 minutes upon arriving home. This allows them to calm down and catch their breath. Feeding them while they’re still panting can cause choking or swallowing of air. This could lead to bloat or even gastric torsion which can be fatal and is nearly always an emergency situation.

If you plan to feed before you exercise your Goberian then it’s important they are given a minimum of 1-2 hours to digest their food. Running around on undigested kibble will result in them vomiting it back up!

Mental exercise (stimulation) for Goberians 🧠

Exercise isn’t just physical, it’s mental too, and Goberians need A LOT of both to be content, calm, and happy.

Both forms of exercise are important for many reasons, but mental exercise has a huge impact on their overall behavior, stress levels, and obedience. And with a Goberian being potentially stubborn, owners need all the help they can get!

  • Mental stimulation comes in the form of command training, socialization, nose work games, puzzle toys, and even games of hide and seek.

Without your Goberian receiving enough mental stimulation they will become bored, frustrated, pent-up, and disobedient. And at this point, it doesn’t matter how much physical exercise you give them…

The thing is, a Goberian can recover from 90 minutes of exercising, with a short 30-minute nap, then after that, they’ll be ready to go again. What truly tires out this energetic and intelligent mix is having their minds put to work. This tires out Goberians far more than physical exercise does.

Be sure to provide at least one hour of dedicated activity that stimulates your Goberian’s mind on a daily basis.

Last thoughts & summary

Let’s cover the main takeaways from above!

  • Goberian adults need 90-120 minutes of exercise per day, ideally split into two sessions
  • Goberian puppies should stick to the 5-minute exercise method
  • Goberians love to walk, run, fetch, play frisbee, hike, and sometimes swim
  • Goberian adults can walk 7-12 miles but puppies shouldn’t walk much further than 1-2 miles
  • Never feed your Goberian too close to their exercise for safety reasons
  • Ensure you give your Goberian mental exercise as well as physical exercise
  • Exercise your Goberian early in the morning to expend their pent-up energy
  • Get your Goberian puppy outside in the dog park as soon as safely possible

It sounds like a lot to digest but once you go over it a couple of times it’s fairly straightforward!

How are you planning on exercising your Goberian? Let us know!


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