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How Much Exercise Does a Husky Puppy Need? FAQ Guide

How Much Exercise Does a Husky Puppy Need? FAQ Guide

You may know how much to exercise an adult husky, but what about when they are puppies? There’s not a whole lot of information out there about exercising puppies, yet it’s a crucial thing to get right! This article has everything you need to know.

Husky puppies need 5 minutes of exercise per day, per month of age they have. For example, when a puppy is 3 months old, they need 15 minutes of exercise per day, at 4 months: 20 minutes per day, and so on.

The Correct Amount of Exercise For a Husky Puppy

The 5 minutes per day, per month ratio.

You may be thinking 5 minutes in one whole month!? Not quite… This is a ratio rule which is widely accepted as a safe way to bring almost any puppy up without injuring their joints or overstraining their muscles.

This method works by only walking your puppy for 5 minutes per day, per month they have of age.

For example, when your pup is 2 months old, they will be at 10 minutes of exercise per day. 3 months old, they will be at 15 minutes of exercise per day, and so on.

This is a slow build-up that will keep them healthy and injury-free. Some great information from The Kennel Club

Let’s take a look at your husky’s growth timeline below. This will help you understand their physical development

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Husky Growth Timeline

In the first 6 months
Your husky will be growing the quickest during this stage. Therefore, this will be when their bones and ligaments are the most fragile, and extra caution must be taken.

The next 6 months to 1 year
This is when the growth will slow down a little and your husky should be at their full height by their first birthday. Just remember that further development of their joint and ligaments will still be happening, just at a slower pace

1 Year to 2 Years
By the second year, your husky would have now filled out and have gained the required strength and body mass ready for their adulthood.

In the males that are destined to be bigger huskies, it’s not uncommon to be 36 months until your male husky is fully grown. Source

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The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Exercise

Indirect exercise for a puppy can be as little as climbing the stairs (which should be kept to a minimum), running across the room, jumping up at you, or playing with his toy.

Dedicated exercise is when you put the harness and leash on and take him for a walk, whether it be inside or outside of your home.

It’s important your puppy understands the idea of dedicated exercise early on. Before your puppy tires himself out through indirect exercise, be sure to go through dedicated exercise early in the day.

Getting your puppy outside as soon as safely possible should be a priority as this promotes mental growth and stimulates their senses for the first time.

I will cover below when puppies can safely go outside.

When Will Your Husky Puppy Need More Exercise?

Once your puppy has reached around 8-12 months, you will be able to gauge what is appropriate and what your husky needs.

Your husky would have finished their initial 6-month development stage and will be able to take a little more exercise than before without the risk of injury.

⭐ It’s commonly agreed upon that around the 10 months mark is when you can start taking exercise more seriously.

Even though the most important growth and development stages are now over, it’s still important to proceed with caution.

Because of the husky’s reputation, many owners often get carried away and over-exercise their husky too young. Potentially injuring their joints.

A physically matured husky will need more exercise

The 2-year mark is when exercising your husky becomes a different thing altogether.

Huskies require high volumes and intensity of exercise in order to be happy. One adult husky could easily keep your whole family fit, they really do have that much energy and desire to play.

If you are not prepared to give your husky at the very least 2 hours of throwing the ball in the park, jogging, hiking, and running then it would be better to consider a different breed requiring lower activity levels.

Ideally, you should take your husky out for two 1-hour walks / exercising periods per day.

When Can You Take Your Husky Puppy Outside?

It’s recommended that you keep your husky, and any other breed of dog, safe inside your home and private yard/garden until around 2 weeks after they have completed their last vaccination round.

By this time your husky pup will be around 16 weeks old before it’s safe for them to spread their paws in the local parks and public places.

Your private yard vs local parks

You can safely take your puppy outside in your own private yard before this 16-week mark. Just be aware of what’s in your yard and make sure you do not have other animals using it as their chill-out zone or worse, bathroom! Keep your puppy away in this case.

What about socializing with other dogs?

7-18 weeks is the ideal stage for your pup’s first socializing experiences to begin. Invite your friends and their dogs over to play in the safe control of your home, as long as those dogs have had their vaccines and are puppy-friendly.

Socializing and familiarising your puppy with other dogs and people from this young age can help avoid any future social or aggression problems!

After 16 weeks have passed

After this 16 week period, you can now venture on out into the big wide world. Your puppy will absolutely love their first experiences outside, at the local park, field, or beach.

Unlimited smells will have your puppy’s nose to the floor like a vacuum!

Sights of other dogs will spark their social energy and curiosity. The sounds of birds, other animals, and background noises will awaken their hyper-alertness. Enjoy this moment of development with your fluffy friend. It’s an amazing part of your husky puppy’s development.

Thank you for reading! Like always, please make a comment below with your thoughts on exercising husky puppies. Let us all share experiences and stories to help each other be better husky owners!

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Top FAQs About Husky Puppy Exercise

How often should I walk my husky puppy?

Husky puppies should receive some form of dedicated exercise/walking every single day. A husky puppy at 2 months old can be walked every day for 10 minutes, increasing by 5 additional minutes every month. This is known as the 5-minute method.

How much can a husky puppy run?

Husky puppies under 10-12 months can run a little, but should not be made to run too often or long distances. Husky puppies must reach full physical maturity before receiving strenuous exercise like running. General playing and light exercise is sufficient for a husky puppy.

What’s the best way to exercise a husky puppy?

The best way to exercise a husky puppy is mostly through general interaction, especially while still very young. Command training, playing fetch inside the home, and gentle games of tug of war will all suffice. It’s important to refrain from strenuous exercise with a husky puppy.

When can husky puppies go to the dog park

It’s advised to keep your husky puppy indoors or in your own private yard until 2 weeks after their final vaccine. For most puppies, this will be around the 18th week mark, although this varies depending on when they receive their first vaccine.

Are dog parks safe for husky puppies?

Dog parks are generally safe for puppies but you have to be ready for encounters with other dogs. Socialization is a healthy and crucial learning process for their development so interaction should be encouraged when owners inform you their dog is puppy friendly. Always be ready to remove your puppy from a dangerous situation though.

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It is very difficult to care for a husky puppy. I got one four days ago, present for my birthday from my father, and I really wasn't ready for it. He is extremely cute and lovely, but a bundle of neverending energy. We get to sleep at night, but during day... It exhausts both me and my boyfriend. He is 7 weeks old and still he runs ans bites everything in the house. We take him for walks, but he is moody. Walks 10secondes than stops and won't move. If the ground is warm of course we have to carry him because his paws are too hot, he only loves cold. And carrying him is difficult, he's quickly growing and already getting so heavy. So walking is actually more exhausting for us than for him. We started training the sit command yesterday, he did good but after 15 minutes still no sign of tireness. He gets out on the balcony, smells things, plays with his toys, then starts playing with our legs. It's annoying he keeps bitting at us. I mean, he thinks he's playing, he is not a bad puppy. But he has sharp teeth. I honestly think that he should have got more mouthing feedback from his fellow puppies, 6 weeks is in my opinion too young, but that's when they took him away from his mother. He was the last remained of all the puppies. So if at this age he needs all our attention, hours of exercise and playing, I am really worried about two years later :)) I do exercise daily, I love working out and lifting heavy, but this puppy is difficult to deal even for me :) thanks for the article though, I now feel a little better that I am not giving him too little attention, and that 15 minutes would be theoretically enough for him. Our walks take around 2h with his stops and refuses to walk :))

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Thanks for the info Harry! I just adopted my first husky puppy


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Absolutely! Thank you for commenting Pam, that's excellent news! I bet you are so excited, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me :)

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