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How To Stop Husky From Chewing Everything: 4 Easy Steps

Huskies, whether they’re puppies or grown-ups, really, really like to chew on stuff.

In this post, I’ll talk about why some chewing is fine and we should let it happen. But I’ll also tell you how to manage this so your husky only chews on things you say it’s okay to chew on.

How to stop my Husky chewing everything? The best way to stop this behavior doesn’t actually involve stopping it. It involves replacing what your Husky isn’t allowed to chew, with something they are allowed to chew.

I’ll explain how to do this below.

Why Your Husky Chews Furniture, Shoes, Sock & You!

This behavior starts from puppyhood, so even if you’re dealing with an adult Husky chewing everything, the explanation comes from their younger years.

When your Husky is a cute little pup, one of the main ways they start exploring the world through their mouths. There are two clear moments when your puppy will start chewing the most:

  • When your puppy is learning their bite threshold
  • When your puppy starts teething

These are two very significant moments for your puppy and this is where the chew-off begins. If you don’t properly teach your puppy what they can and what they cannot chew, this can become an issue later on in life when they’re adults.

Fortunately, there’s a simple training method you can use to teach your Husky what they aren’t allowed to be chewing, and what they can chew instead.

If you have an adult Husky that chews everything it’s not because they’re teething, nor is it because they’re learning their bite threshold. It’s likely down to habit, boredom, and just a simple lack of understanding of what they can chew and cannot chew. Fortunately, this can all be corrected with training and time.

If your adult Husky is not well trained, bored, or left alone for long periods, this will likely lead to destructive behavior and chewing. I will go through this in more detail further below.


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Why You Shouldn’t “Stop” Your Husky Puppy Chewing

You’ve come to this article wanting to know how to stop your Husky chewing, and now I’m telling you why you have to allow it!

Well, kind of, to a certain extent.

1) Understanding Bite Threshold

One of the most important moments for your puppy is learning how to use their mouth and they will attempt to do this by chewing on anything they can.

Learning how hard they need to bite for whatever is in their mouth may seem intuitive, but it’s not. It needs to be learned and this is exactly what they’re doing. Understanding when and what to bite soft, medium or hard, is something they’ll use for the rest of their life.

This is why you never want to completely STOP your husky puppy from chewing. They absolutely need to chew to learn their bite threshold.

2) Husky Puppy Teething

Teething is another significant moment during puppyhood. Just like babies, your Husky puppy will lose their deciduous teeth and go through a teething process that can ultimately last for several months.

In some cases, teething can cause a lot of pain and be very uncomfortable. Chewing is a natural way for them to relieve some of this pain. So it’s likely they will look to chew pretty much anything that comes near their face!

Teething can also come in waves. You think it’s all over then…you find your slipper ripped to shreds on the floor.

It can take up to 8 months before your Husky has their full set of 42 adult teeth. Until then, their teething habits will come in waves. That’s something to keep in mind!

What To Do When Your Husky Chews Something He Shouldn’t

husky puppy

Hopefully, now you know that a little bit of chewing is necessary as well as important. But your Husky needs to know what they should be chewing and more importantly, what they should not be chewing.

As the owner and authoritative pack leader, YOU decide what they can and can’t chew. If you don’t train your Husky, it’s no wonder they chew whatever they want.

Stop and redirect your Husky’s chewing in 4 simple steps:

1) Stop and Intervene

The moment your Husky (puppy or adult) starts chewing something they are not allowed to be chewing. Raise your voice louder than usual and in a firm tone say “STOP” or use their name.

The point here is to startle them just enough to gain their attention for a brief moment.

2) Inform

The importance of understanding the word “NO” is huge! The best way to do this is through association. After gaining their attention, give a firm “NO” in response to their chewing.

Your Husky will pick up on your tone and know they’re doing something wrong.

3) Replace

Now after you’ve stopped and informed them, you must swiftly replace whatever they were chewing, with one of their favorite toys. If they keep their focus now on the toy, you’re ready to praise.

4) Praise

Positive reinforcement-based is by far the best style of training. Your Husky will remember what behavior earned them a positive response from you and will exhibit this behavior more.

My Husky Chews Everything When I Leave The House

The above method works great when you are there to supervise, but what about when you aren’t at home?

Siberian Huskies hate being left alone and it can be problematic if you work long hours.

If you’re Husky is showing destructive behavior while you are out, here are some things to try.

  • Exercise your Husky thoroughly before leaving them alone
  • Have someone visit your home to play with them while you are out
  • Keep your Husky in a segregated area of your home without items for them to chew or destroy. Be sure to provide many toys
  • Avoid using a crate if you are out for many hours. Keep crates for short periods of time only
  • Ensure your Husky has used the toilet before you leave
  • Continue with the training steps above whenever you are actually at home

To cover this topic completely, I have a detailed article about leaving your Husky at home I really recommend you check out.

Extra Tips to Stop Your Husky Chewing

If you consistently follow the steps above whenever your puppy or adult Husky starts chewing something they aren’t supposed to be. Sooner or later, your Husky will only choose to chew their toys, or anything that you have allowed them to chew.

Here are some extra tips that should help on top of this simple training method.

1) Have a variety of toys

Toys will be your best friend whether you have a puppy or adult Husky. Don’t just have a single toy, try to get a good collection of different style toys.

It’s good to have generic, hard, long-lasting toys laying about at all times for your Husky to play with, tug ropes, bones, and tough rubber toys. On top of this, it’s a good idea to have soft chew toys (like teddy bears) which are reserved for training. Keep your Husky entertained!

2) Don’t punish your Husky for chewing

Without a doubt, you need to be firm and let your Husky know what is wrong. But despite how angry or frustrated you are, your Husky will not learn well this way, and if they do, it will be out of fear which could lead to behavioral issues.

3) Ensure you’re giving adequate daily exercise

Without proper exercise, Siberian Huskies can easily become frustrated and bored which will lead to destructive behavior (chewing). For a well-behaved Husky, it’s necessary to be giving 2 hours per day of intense exercise. For puppies it’s a little different, check out my puppy exercise article for more information

4) Help your teething husky puppy

If you’re going through the dreaded teething period with your puppy, you can help them out significantly by giving them a few pain-relieving chew toys.

The ultimate DIY teething toy is a frozen handtowel. Literally, dunk a small towel or cloth in water and freeze it (not rock solid) and give this to your pup. This will reduce pain and inflammation and will be the perfect texture for your husky to chew.


Always remember to be patient with your Husky, it can take some time and expect them to be a little stubborn, it comes naturally to them!

Consistency is key for the training, and to help, be sure many toys are laying around for your Husky to chew.

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