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How To Keep Husky Cool In Summer? 9 Hot Weather Tips!

How To Keep Husky Cool In Summer? 9 Hot Weather Tips!

Summer is a concerning time for husky owners in particular. Our snowdogs might be great at handling cold weather, but what about hot weather? Tips on keeping a husky cool in summer is by far the most common message I receive every day from spring onwards. This article will run through the tips you need to know to keep your husky happy, cool, and comfortable in hot weather.

How to take care of a husky in hot weather? The 9 best ways to keep your husky cool:

  • Avoid the midday sun
  • Do not shave his coat
  • Watch his paws
  • Exercise him at the right time of the day
  • Use cooling mats or wet towels
  • Keep him hydrated
  • Give him space
  • Give him an ice bath!
  • Get a doggy paddling pool

Let’s explain everything in full detail below!

9 Ways To Cool Down Your Husky During Summer

how to take care of a husky in hot weather

1. Avoid The Midday Sun

During the hottest part of the day, typically between 12-4, make sure your husky stays indoors and out of sunny areas.

If you have tile flooring, this will be the best surface for your husky to lay on. The cool tiles will help draw out the heat from his body and will dissipate into the floor. An elevated cooling bed is the next best area to lay. (covered below)

Usually, in hot countries, carpets aren’t a thing to worry about, but if you have rugs or carpets, don’t allow your husky to lay on them as it will keep him from expelling heat.

If you have windows where the sunlight directly hits, be sure to fit a blind or heat shield to protect against the UV rays. If you don’t already have some blinds, they would be worth the investment, and your husky will thank you!

Aircon comes as standard in many hot countries and will prove to be the best way to keep your husky cool.

Try to have at least one room in your house where the temperature is below 20 degrees Celcius. If you do not have aircon, then you can opt for a couple of strategically placed fans or, even better, a cool-air blower.

2. Do Not Shave or Cut His Coat

NEVER shave, cut or trim your husky’s coat.

Despite having a thick double-layered coat, this actually helps him regulate his body temperature. I have a full article on exactly why you shouldn’t shave a husky right here.

Cutting or shaving your husky’s coat will completely ruin his ability to control his body temperature. As a result, he’ll be at great risk of overheating and even heatstroke if you were to shave his coat.

The outer layer of your husky’s coat is known as the “topcoat,” which is thick and coarse. This outer layer plays an important role in protecting against harsh UV rays, direct heat, and insects.

3. Watch The Paws

The pads on your husky’s paws are susceptible to heat and can burn if the pavement is too hot. When you’re outside, try to be conscious of where your husky is walking. Keep him on grass or in the shade as much as possible.

A simple rule to remember is that if the pavement is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for his paws.

It’s important to keep in mind the surfaces he walks on inside your own yard as well as out in public areas when exercising.

4. Keep Your Husky Hydrated

This one is pretty obvious but should still be stated.

Your husky should have an extra-large water bowl in hot climates, especially if you leave him alone for periods of time. In addition, it’s a good idea to have multiple bowls for different areas of the house, as this will encourage him to drink more.

Staying properly hydrated is fundamental for your husky to regulate his own body temperature efficiently. Conversely, dehydration will make it extremely difficult for him to keep cool.

If you are out of your house for long periods of time, I strongly recommend hiring someone or having a friend check-up on him, ensuring he has water and is comfortable.

Don’t forget! When taking your husky out on walks, it’s important to bring water for him. I’ve used these bottle/bowl combos in the past, and they are fantastic. I highly recommend getting one.

5. Use Cooling Beds or Wet Towels

I love cooling beds. They are simple, and they work so well. I’ve tried these before, and most of my friends have them for their dogs too.

To this day, it’s proven to be an instant winner with our furry friends, and it’s now their favorite spot to lay, even at night when the temperature has dropped.

One of the best cooling beds on the market is simple yet effective. Coolaroo has created an affordable, effective cooling bed that your husky can lay on and expel body heat simultaneously. It has awesome reviews, and the price tag is reasonable. Check it out on

Alternatively, you could wet some old towels with cold water and lay them outside in the shade for your husky to lay. This DIY option isn’t as mess-free as the cooling bed, but it’s doesn’t cost anything!

6. Exercise at The Right Time

You can’t get away from needing to exercise your husky, and thankfully, the hot weather doesn’t have to get in the way of his daily requirement.

The only way to safely exercise your husky in hot climates is by taking him out early in the morning and later in the evening.

When the sun is low, the temperatures are lower, so only take him out during these times.

Avoid traveling far away from your home if you are on foot. If your nearest park or walking area is far away, take him in the car to avoid him overheating before he has his exercise.

Bringing water with you is also vitally important. This is when having one of those bottle/bowl combos comes in handy.

7. Your Husky Needs Space

This is something that hopefully you considered before you got yourself a husky.

Giving him some space to fully layout on the floor, stretch, change positions and fidget if he wants to will all go towards him feeling more comfortable in hot weather.

If you are out for long periods of time (which, ideally, you shouldn’t be), ensure he has a big area of your home where he can safely stretch and walk around.

If you keep your husky in a crate, you should have someone come around frequently to let him out for potty breaks, playtime and to make sure he’s happy.

If you regularly leave the house for hours every day, you may want to check out my article all about leaving your husky at home.

8. Give Him an Ice Bath!

Huskies love ice baths and this is certainly something unique and fun to try on those extra hot summer days.

Get yourself a large washing bowl (typically plastic laundry buckets) and fill it with a few large bags of ice. At first your husky might be a little confused, interested, and may start acting goofy. But that’s all part of the fun.

It’s best to locate the bucket in the shade as it will stop the sun from melting the ice cubes as quickly.

One word of caution. Your husky can only tolerate this level of cold before the ice melts. Icey water is far too cold for a husky. They must technically be “dry” while they are playing and bathing on the ice. Once the ice melts, pour the water away. Supervision is a must for this one.

9. Doggy Paddling Pool

This is last on the list for a reason. I understand not everyone’s situation will allow for a paddling pool party, but if you have space and there is no water shortage in your location, get yourself a doggy paddling pool!

Your husky will love this in the hot weather! He can splash around, have fun, exercise, and keep cool all at the same time.

Just be sure to get one designed for dogs as this will have a thicker rubber material than your standard one for children. Your husky’s nails will probably pierce a regular paddling pool pretty quickly.

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Can Huskies Live in Hot Countries?

Huskies can absolutely live in hot countries. Although they are known for thriving in cooler conditions, huskies are an incredibly adaptable breed, and with a little helping hand, will have no problem living in a hot country.

In fact, a surprisingly large number of the Siberian Husky population in the USA live in Texas, Florida, and southern California. So, it can be done!

Remember that your husky will be very adaptable, but you are also responsible and have a duty of care to keep your husky safe and happy.

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Signs of Dehydration and Heatstroke In Huskies

It’s crucial to avoid dehydration and heatstroke, and if you implement some of the tips above, you should be good to go!

However, for times when your husky spends a little too long in the sun, it’s good to be aware of the signs of dehydration and heatstroke.

Signs your husky is too hot:

Trouble standing up
Trouble walking straight
Bright pink gums and tongue
Very sticky saliva
Excessive panting
Diarrhea or vomiting

If you notice any of these signs coincide with your husky spending too long in the sun, then It’s important to act quickly, ensuring he takes a good drink of water while getting him to a cooler location.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to give your veterinarian a call for guidance over the phone.

Of course, everything should be taken into context as these symptoms also happen to be symptoms of a range of other health issues.

Husky Hot Weather FAQs

This section will cover some frequently asked questions about huskies in hot weather with a short, concise answer.

How hot is too hot for my husky?

As long as your husky has plenty of air circulation, access to shade, and cold fresh drinking water he’ll likely be fine up to 32°Celcius (90°Farenheight). Anything above this will start to become too hot and will likely cause illness or heat stroke.

Is it ok for my husky to sunbathe in summer?

Your husky can safely sunbathe in the morning and evening when the sun is lower and not so strong. Sunbathing in midday sun and heat should be avoided as heatstroke and dehydration can set in quickly.

How can I cool down my husky?

The best ways to cool down your husky include avoiding the midday sun, keeping him inside in a cool shaded room, provide cool fresh drinking water, and having him rest on an elevated cooling bed.

Can huskies live in Texas?

Yes, huskies can live in Texas, despite the notorious heat. For your husky to feel comfortable, you need to assist in keeping him cool. Provide air-conditioned rooms, cooling beds, access to the shade, plenty of air, and ensure he has cold fresh water at all times.

Will ice cool down my husky?

Yes! Giving your husky an ice bath is an awesome way to keep him cool in summer. All you need to do is get a large laundry bowl, a few large bags of ice and fill the bowl up! Your husky will be a little hesitant at first but once he figures out what it is, it will be his new favorite place.

Last Thoughts

If you can give your husky a helping hand by implementing the tips above, he’ll be just fine in hot climates. Despite huskies “preferring” cold weather, I know a lot of huskies that live awesome lives in hotter countries.

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