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Husky Chihuahua Mix: 3 Reasons to Avoid This Mix

The Husky Chihuahua mix! or otherwise known as the Chi-Husky or Huskhuahua is quite the pairing.

These two individual breeds couldn’t be any more different from each other, but mix them together and you’ve got perhaps one of the most interesting (and cute) husky mixes we know of.

Still, are owners ready for the attitude and sassiness that a Chi-Husky brings? We aren’t so sure. Let’s explain below.

husky chihuahau mix

Husky Chihuahua Mix: Key Basics 🐶

As shocking as this mix seems, they’re gaining popularity fast and people all over the world are considering one.

Still, how is this mix even possible? with such sizing differences.

Due to the potential for birth complications, science has made this pairing possible through artificial insemination and C-sections. Yep, it’s true! and this is how breeds of drastically different sizes can produce offspring.

The Chi-Husky was first developed in the late 1990s in the United States, as were most “designer” dog breeds. With their gorgeous looks and compact size, they quickly gained immense popularity.

3 Reasons To Avoid a Husky Chihuahua Mix

With all of their cuteness and beauty, the Chi-Husky comes with a few challenges unsuspecting owners might not get on with.

Aloofness & aggression 😨

While huskies are naturally social and friendly, chihuahuas struggle with this. And it seems that with most Chi-huskies, you get more of the chihuahua’s aloofness (and potential aggression) than the approachable nature of the husky.

This means Chi-huskies need a lot of early-on socialization practice to ensure they grow into a friendly and approachable dog. Still, this is something that can’t be guaranteed and owners need to be very proactive about.

Feistiness with children 🧒

Again, the feistiness of the chihuahua can potentially cause issues for young children. Chihuahuas need a lot of socialization and a gentle introduction to any children they’re going to be around to ensure they’re friendly and calm.

This is a potential issue with the Chi-husky and one that might make it difficult for families. Still, for those raising a Chi-husky puppy, this can be avoided with sufficient socialization.

Can be excessive barkers 📢

Husky chihuahua mixes are prone to a bit of barking, and if owners aren’t quick to correct this or prevent it, then it can turn into an excessive barking habit.

Huskies typically howl, while chihuahuas usually bark, which can result in a Chi-husky that doesn’t know quite what they want to do, other than just being as vocal as possible!

3 Reasons People Love Husky Chihuahua Mixes

chi-husky size
Huskyhuahua_laika – Instagram (so cute!)

Okay, let’s move on to some of the KEY positives that make owners love Chi-huskies.

Adorable & unique looks ❤️

With the perfect blend of both their husky and chihuahua parents, Chi-huskies have a one-of-a-kind appearance that will steal your heart. Their cute faces and playful personalities make them real charmers.

Chi-huskies can have amazing coat markings and colors, especially for those with a red husky parent!

Loveable personalities ❤️

Chi-huskies are known for being super affectionate and loyal. They love spending time with their owners and make fantastic pets for anyone looking for a furry friend to snuggle with.

Chi-huskies also have a happy-go-lucky vibe about them that you can’t ignore, these pups are full of life and bring a positive energy wherever they go.

Healthy with great lifespans ❤️

Chi-huskies have a long life expectancy of about 13-17 years, which is certainly longer than Siberian huskies. These pups are fairly healthy with minimal problems happening even in their senior years. Having a dog that’s naturally healthy makes dog ownership considerably easier than those breeds known to face issues.

Appearance, Traits, and Temperament 🐕

husky chihuahua mix
covi.the.huskyhuahua – Instagram (adorable!)

Let’s run through the most important info and personality traits of the husky chihuahua mix.

Height6-15 Inches
Weight7-15 Pounds
Coat colorsBlack, gray, white, red, fawn, combination
Eye colorBrown, blue, bi-colored, tri-colored
Lifespan13-17 years
SheddingModerate. Year-round depending on climate
ExerciseModerate. 45-60 minutes per day
FriendlinessFriendly and approachable with adults
TrainabilityModerate. Stubborn but highly intelligent
SuitabilityActive families, couples, first-time owners
Kid-friendlyNo. May nip or growl at kids

Husky chihuahua mixes are typically are considered small dogs, and usually fairly bigger than the Chihuahua parent, while being smaller than the husky parent.

These pups can come in an array of coat markings, patterns, and beautiful combinations. This is especially true if the Siberian husky parent is a red husky. Some of the coat colors can be amazing!

In most cases, the eyes will be brown, but they can definitely inherit the icy blue eyes common to the husky. The ears are usually standing and erect.

husky chihuahua mix
elliotbenson_muttskies – Instagram

How much do husky chihuahua mixes cost? 💰

Husky chihuahua mixes typically cost between $900-$1500 USD. This depends on the breeder, location, coat color, and the current supply/demand of this particular mix.

Top 20 Husky Mixes & How Much They Cost (Updated)

This is about average for most husky mixes. If you come across a chi-husky pup being sold for a lot cheaper than this then alarm bells should ring.

The only time you might find this puppy “cheap” would be if you opt for a shelter or rescue organization.

Husky chihuahua mix puppies for sale 💰

If you’re looking for a Chi-husky puppy then it’s advised to first check local shelters and rescue centers for the chance to adopt (and save a lot of money).

Unfortunately, these pups are frequently given away to shelters or abanded completely. So by adopting one, you could truly be saving their life.

For those interested in buying a chi-husky puppy, then it’s crucial to go with a reputable breeder than understands the health implications and steps to breeding mixes. Especially those with obvious sizing differences.

It’s not recommended to get a mix like this from any person trying to sell a puppy online. Breeders must be official and have a good reputation with local veterinarians in the community.

Ensuring the health of both parents, and all of the offspring must be the breeder’s priority, not earning a quick buck. And this is usually detectable with a little due diligence and research.

PuppySpot is a reputable site and worth looking into.

Exercise requirements ⚽

chi-husky puppy
vandeminimoys – Instagram

Despite being small, husky chihuahua mixes pack a punch when it comes to energy. And this is thanks to the husky, whose energy levels are notoriously high.

These little pups are highly active and will be ready to play and exercise at any moment throughout the entire day.

They need anywhere between 45-60 minutes of dedicated exercise per day. Ideally with additional playtime inside the home.

  • Important: If your chihuahua is an “apple head chihuahua” with a short muzzle, then it’s crucial not to over-exert this mix. These chihuahuas are considered part of the brachycephalic group and have difficulty in breathing.

In the case your Chi-husky has apple-head chihuahua genes, it’s best to monitor their exercise levels carefully.

Mental stimulation 🧠

Although chihuahuas are fairly placid dogs that relax most of the day, huskies are not.

This means that husky chihuahua mixes need ample mental stimulation in order to prevent boredom, frustration, destructive behavior and disobedience.

Training, socialization, puzzle toys, nose work games and more will all be necessary for this pup to remain calm and sensible throughout the day.

This mix is certainly not one that can be left alone all day without many outlets to release their physical and mental energy.

Grooming needs 🐶

The husky is a notorious shedder, and the chihuahua is a light to moderate shedder.

The result is generally a moderately shedding Chi-husky with a short or medium length of coat. Overall this is easy to manage with a 10-15 minute brushing every other day.

Still, the climate where you live can impact just how much your husky chihuahua mix will shed.

In terms of bathing, this pup is naturally hygienic and will only need a shower every three to four months. Bathing more than this is usually overkill, and could actually make matters worse (removing natural coat oils).

Dietary needs of husky chihuahua mixes 🦴

This can be a little challenging to figure out at first, and owners will likely need to do some testing before their Chi-husky settles on any particular brand.

While chihuahuas are easy eaters, huskies can be fussy with sensitive stomachs.

In most cases the best diet for a chi-husky will be one with minimal ingredients that focuses on a balance of protein and fat with low-moderate carbs.

Some of the best brands available are Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, and IAMS.

Top tip: It can be beneficial to opt for a kibble with salmon or duck as the main protein source. This will ensure good Omega 3 levels, and will also reduce the chances of digestion issues. Salmon and duck are not part of the common allergen group like chicken, beef, lamb, and pork.

Is a husky chihuahua mix right for you?

If you’re able to prioritize early on socialization and training then this mix will be a dream to own! Chi-huskies are adorable with amazing personalities.

This pup will always bring a positive energy around with them, and owners will enjoy a lot of wonderful years with this unique mix breed.

We recommend the Chi-husky to pretty much anyone, so if you were on the fence, fear not! They are truly awesome.

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