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Husky Labrador Mix: The Full LABSKY Guide 2024

When combining the Siberian Husky with the Labrador retriever, you are sure to get a pup with an array of lovable characteristics. This mixed pup possesses the best traits of each breed, making for an incredible canine companion. So how do you know if this is the right breed for your family?

In this article, we will discuss the details of the Labsky breed, and help you better determine if this pup is right for your home!

How Did This Mix Happen?

Though both the Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever breeds go back for quite some time, this mixed breed is a relatively new canine creation.

The Husky Labrador Mix was believed to have been created in the 1990s, though some may have existed naturally before. 

With both the Labrador and the Husky being active breeds with minimal health complications, it’s no wonder this breed is so popular among adventurous pet owners. Originally bred as a groundbreaking designer breed, this pup is now available in all corners of the globe. 

This breed may have been hard to come by at one point, but it’s now considered fairly common among the mixed-breed population.

You can even find Labskies in shelters and rescues, meaning you don’t always have to turn to a breeder to adopt this lovable pup. 

Husky Labrador Mix Photos: Labsky Pics!

husky labrador mix labsky photos

Husky Labrador Mix Appearance

If you are looking for a fit pup with a medium to large frame, this is the pup for you. Labskies are a perfect combination of both parents, sporting both breed’s generally athletic build. The Husky Labrador Mix can weigh anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds and can stand up to 28 inches in height. 

Their coats are often sleek and smooth and can be thicker if their coats lean more toward the Siberian Husky texture. Their coats are often made up of two colors and may have some of the Siberian Husky mask features. 

Their coats often come in a combination of white, yellow, black, brown, red, and even grey. Their coats can change slightly in the first months of their life but should display their true coat color by 6 months of age. 

If you get really lucky, you may even get a Labsky with eyes that range in color from blue to hazel. While this will vary based on their parent’s traits, some of these pups will have striking eye colors. 

What Are Husky Lab Mixes Like?

If you are welcoming a Husky Labrador Mix into your home, be ready to have a loyal and loving furry companion. This breed combination is exceptional when looking to create a pup that’s dedicated to their humans, and the Labsky is just that. 

🎯 Labskies are known to be friendly, outgoing, and extremely active. This makes them the perfect dog breed for active owners, especially those looking to bring a canine friend on their adventures. 

Husky Labrador Mixes are often big goofballs, providing their owners with endless entertainment on any given day. This breed truly possesses the best personality traits of each breed!

The Grooming Needs of Husky Lab Mixes

Husky Labrador Mixes may have short coats, but their coats are exceptionally thick. They also have a double coat that helps to regulate body temperature, but makes for some serious shedding.

🎯 These pups need daily brushing to limit their shedding amounts and to keep their coats looking their best. 

Though you may need to set aside 10 minutes for daily brushing, you will not have to bathe your Labsky very often. These pups only need to be bathed once every few months, even less if they are not prone to getting dirty. 

Husky Lab Intelligence Level

Husky Labrador Mixes are smarter than the average pup!

Both the Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever are known for being extremely intelligent and quick to catch on to training, making this breed combination impressive on the knowledge front. 

🎯 While a smart pup comes with plenty of positives, this does mean you will need to put in extra effort to keep them mentally stimulated.

These pups often require plenty of exercise, both mental and physical, to make sure they are never too bored in your home. 

Training a Husky Lab Mix (heaven or hell?)

Due to this breed’s impressive intelligence, they are considered easy to train. Labskies catch on quickly to basic obedience and command training, and typically enjoy the process as long as it’s positive and engaging. 

🎯 One thing to keep in mind however is how common it is for smart dogs to test their owner’s boundaries.

These pups love to see what they can get away with, so some Labskies may attempt to push the limits in terms of behavior. As long as you are quick to catch on to their antics, it’s usually easy to get them back on track!

Are Husky Lab Mixes Protective?

🎯 Labskies are not overly protective of their owners, but they can become protective over their toys, treats or bones. Especially if they are not adequately trained as a puppy.

A protective Labsky can be a wonderful thing, but it is something you will need to have control over whenever having a large dog in your home.

As long as you introduce your dog to plenty of other animals and people at a young age, this should limit any negative territorial behaviors. 

Husky Lab Energy Levels Explained…

In terms of energy levels, Husky Labrador Mixes are off the charts!

This is an extremely energetic breed with a passion for adventure and will require daily exercise of at least 1-2 hours.

🎯 This is why the Labsky is only recommended for active dog owners, as a sedentary lifestyle just isn’t for them.

Husky Labrador Mixes enjoy going on long walks, exploring local parks, accompanying their owner’s on hikes, and doing any other activity they can with their favorite humans. A variety of activities are what makes these pups happiest, as most love a good adventure. 

Not only is daily exercise a chance to bond with your pup, but it can help to decrease any undesirable behaviors in your home. A Labsky that is lacking enough exercise may turn to destructive behaviors, mouthiness, and even increased barking. 

Husky Lab Mixes HATE Being Left Alone…

There is nothing Labskies love more than to spend time with their favorite humans. This breed is known to form close bonds with their owners, causing them to be a bit clingy at times.

They are definitely not considered lap dogs, but they would be if they could!

🎯 Husky Labrador Mixes require plenty of daily love to thrive in their home and do not do well with being left alone for long periods.

If you are looking for a dog that’s low on the needy scale, this is not the right dog for you. 

Are Husky Labrador Mixes Good Family Dogs?

As we mentioned above, Husky Labrador Mixes form deep bonds with their family. This is part of what makes them such wonderful family dogs, in addition to their gentle nature around children. Labskies truly love having playful friends that are dedicated to spending time with them, and children tend to fit the role!

Labrador Husky Mixes are typically gentle with children, but their size alone is reason enough to always monitor them around children until you have grown to know and trust your pup. Once your pup settles into your home, everyone in the house will have a loyal friend!

Are Husky Labrador Mixes Prone To Health Problems?

Husky labrador Mixes tend to live a healthy life of up to 14 years, but there are a few health conditions that they are more at risk of developing. Though not every pup will struggle with any of the conditions we list below, it’s always important to be aware of the possibility. 

Husky Labrador Mixes are more at risk of developing the following health conditions:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Cataracts
  • Hypothyroidism

Hopefully, your Labsky will be free of any of the complications listed above, but it’s still important to always have these risks in mind as your canine friend ages. By maintaining a close relationship with your veterinarian throughout your Labsky’s life, you can stay on top of any developing trouble.

How Much Do Husky Labs Cost?

The Husky Labrador Mix is much more common now than they used to be, meaning their typical cost has gone down from its original amount.

Husky lab mixes cost anywhere from $500-$1200, with some even being found in shelters or rescues. 

Though we understand the draw of purchasing a pup from a breeder, we always suggest exploring your nearby rescues for any pups in need of a home as well. Though you may not be able to adopt them as a puppy, they will still make wonderful companions!

Best place to get these pups online: PuppySpot

Should You Get a Husky Lab Mix?

So once you have discovered the stunning Husky Labrador Mix, how do you determine whether or not this is the right breed for your family? Understanding the breed traits is the best way to make an educated decision going forward, but let’s make it a bit easier for you!

How to know if the Husky Lab is right for you:

  • You can dedicate an hour a day to exercise for your pup
  • You live an active lifestyle, and plan to bring your pup along
  • You have owned dogs before
  • You can set aside time for daily brushing
  • You can offer consistent obedience training
  • You plan to be a hands on dog owner
  • You have a backyard, or atleast daily access to an outdoor space
  • You are not away from home for long periods each day
  • You can properly socialize your dog from the moment you bring them home
  • You do not have anyone with dog allergies in your home

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you may have found the perfect dog for you! This breed requires an active dog owner that’s dedicated to enriching their pup’s life, and it sounds like you may be perfect for the role. 

This Breed Is Not Right For You If:

  • You have neer owned a dog before
  • You want an independent pup that is not attached to their owner
  • You live in a small apartment and do not have access to daily outdoor space
  • You can’t dedicate an hour each day to exercise for your dog
  • You want a calm dog that loves to lounge around
  • You are away from home for long periods each day
  • You do not like spending much time outdoors
  • You don’t want to invest much time in training or socialization

If the statements above match your interests, then the Husky Labrador is not the best fit for you. We’d suggest looking more into small breed dogs that don’t require as much daily exercise, or even an older pup that is looking for a loving family!

Are Husky Labrador Mixes Good Dogs In Our Opinion?

Yes, Husky Labrador Retrievers are wonderful dogs in our opinion. Though any dog can be a wonderful companion when they receive the care they require, Labskies are especially lovable! When in an active home that loves nothing more than spending time with their pup, this breed is one of the best furry friends out there. 

Every dog can be a good dog if they have owners who fully understand their needs. A bit of research can go a long way when choosing the best pup for your family, and will help you give your dog of choice the best life possible. 

Final Thoughts

Husky Labrador Mixes are a goofy breed with a surplus of love to offer. Be sure to research reputable Labsky breeders in your area, or even reach out to your local rescues for pups in need of a home. After reviewing the information we discussed above, you can offer your Labsky pup the best home possible!


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