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Male Vs Female Huskies: The 5 KEY Differences

Should you get a male or female husky? It’s a big decision, and there are important differences you’ll definitely want to know.

This article highlights the main distinctions between male and female Siberian huskies, let’s get into it!

The Key Differences Between Male and Female Siberian Huskies

You might be thinking about if you should get a boy or girl husky. Or maybe you just want to know how they’re different in their behavior. Whatever the reason, this post has all the info you need!

1. Independency vs dependency

Males show more dependency on their pack, compared to females who are more independent.

  • Huskies are generally known as an “independent breed” meaning they tend to be happy with their own company, to a certain extent. However, it’s widely recognized that male huskies are more dependent on their “pack” and loved ones, compared to their sister counterparts.

One way to see the difference is how a boy and girl husky act around you. A girl husky usually won’t mind being in another room while you’re somewhere else. But a boy husky will often want to stay close to you to keep an eye on what you’re doing.

2. Showing dominance

Male huskies continue to establish and show dominance more so than females.

  • One of the most significant differences between male and female huskies is the need to establish dominance. Male huskies are on another universe compared to females regarding dominance.

Males will try to show their dominance in a plethora of ways, one of the most noticeable and problematic ones is their territorial-need to pee on everything inside and outside of your house.

If you weren’t aware of that, you are now! Shows of dominance extends way past just peeing on stuff… If you are considering getting a male, you will need to be ready to establish yourself as the alpha or “pack leader” from the first day you bring him home.

Alpha dog training is such a thing and you can find a lot of information on it.

3. Territorial tendenacies

Males, due to showing dominance, can be more territorial. But it’s also common to see this behavior with females too.

What naturally comes with dominance is being territorial, which then may lead to more aggressive behavior. This isn’t always the case and in general Siberian huskies are not an aggressive or territorial breed regardless of gender.

  • But just know that if these displays are bound to happen, it’s more likely going to be with the males compared to females.

Who knows, this may even be something you are looking for. It depends on your situation. But it’s important to know that by nature, despite their wolfish looks, Siberian huskies are not aggressive and actually make terrible guard dogs.

If you are specifically looking for a dog with good guard dog capabilities, a husky (male or female) will not be a good choice.

4. Trainability

Despite being more independent, female huskies are regarded as easier to train. They do not challenge your authority as much as males.

Training any Siberian husky will be challenging to say the least, regardless of gender. However, female huskies are generally easier to train, despite being a little more independent.

  • As the females are less dominant than the males, they often don’t challenge your authority as much, which can have a significant impact on how well they listen and obey you.

This doesn’t mean that males are untrainable, not at all. But in general, females are more receptive to training, learning, and obeying. This likely comes down to how female huskies will accept you as their leader much more easily and quickly than the males.

5. Showing affection

Males seem to come out on top for their displays of affection.

If you want a dog who’s going to show you more attention, love, and affection, then the males seem to win the choice here.

  • Male huskies are reported by many to be more playful, outgoing and will often seek you out more so than the females, and this behavior tends to stick true as they grow older.

Of course, female huskies are still going to show you love and affection, but according to husky owners who have both males and females, they are more reserved and decisive about when they display such affection.

Despite this, there are many ways that you as an owner can ensure you have a good bond with your husky, regardless of gender.


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What Other Husky Owners Agree On

Below I’m going to run through some commonly shared opinions across the board when it comes to male and female huskies.

These owners have had both males and females and have stated their opinions on forums, I have only included notes where multiple different people have said the same thing.

With everything, however, it’s not set in stone and the behaviors and tendencies of males and females will always vary from husky to husky.

Commonly shared opinions among husky owners:

Females mature quicker than males both mentally and physically

Males tend to be more playful, loving, and affectionate than females

Females tend to be slightly easier to train than males

Females often won’t challenge your authority as being the overall leader

Many females tend to become the alpha of the pack (out of the dogs in the family)

Males seem to be calmer and laid back, happier to share food compared to females

Females are more independent and happier to do their own thing compared to males who will look for you more often

Males may be more territorial and aggressive due to their need to show dominance compared to females

Males grow to be heavier and bigger than females

Males grow to be stronger than females

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Should Your Second Husky be Male or Female

Another important consideration is whether you are getting a second dog.

Having two dogs is different from having one, and genders become significant in how well the dogs get along with each other.

Generally speaking, getting a male with a female will be easier to manage and the chances of a more harmonious household are higher.

Getting two males (or even two females) usually presents more of a dominance issue and both will compete more fiercely compared to having a male with a female.

Two of the same genders may cause unwanted fights, aggressive behavior and could be more difficult to manage.

Please note that this is the general consensus, it’s not always the case.

All Huskies Are Different Regardless of Gender

It’s important to remember that although there are many “agreed” upon differences between male and female huskies, it’s not always going to be true for you and your husky.

Even though many people say the males are more playful and friendly, you may end up with a female husky that’s the most friendly and sociable dog you’ve ever known.

It’s also true to say that you could end up with a male that’s extremely responsive to you and willing to obey and your commands and accept your authority.

So then, how do you pick? well, it all comes down to your preference, and there’s a very strong chance that as you’re reading this, you already know what gender you prefer.

Whatever your reasons, if it feels right for you to get a male, then get a male, and the same for a female.

One Important Thing to Remember

Regardless of gender, owning and raising a Siberian husky is not an easy thing to do.

The Siberian husky is not for everyone, and if the proper time, focus, and commitment aren’t given to the husky, it doesn’t make any difference whether you have a male or female.

So, when you think of it like that, it’s best to go with your original preference, and as long as you take the time to train your husky, exercise them, and give them the love and care they need, a male or female will be an amazing companion for you.

Many owners report (often through hilarious gossiping!) that huskies become very similar in their personalities to their owners.

So male or female, if you are a certain way with your husky, there’s a good chance that is going to be what dictates the personality your husky ends up having.

FAQ Section

Do female huskies shed more than male huskies?

Research suggests that females may shed more due to certain hormonal changes that the males don’t experience. But overall, the actual difference between how much each gender sheds is very minimal.

Are male huskies more aggressive than female huskies?

In general male and female huskies have the potential to both be aggressive under the right circumstances, just like any dog. But it must be said that huskies, in general, are not an aggressive breed regardless of gender.

Are male huskies more affectionate than female huskies?

Although both males and females display adequate amounts of affection, it’s usually the males who are more welcoming of receiving and showing affection. Whether this is through cuddles, physical contact, or just coming to you for attention.

Are female huskies bigger than male huskies?

In general, no. Males are usually both taller and heavier than females, even the ones at the low end of the spectrum. But this can vary, and a large female may end up being a little bigger than a small male. The parents of the husky are typically the deciding factor.

When do male huskies mature?

Male huskies mature at different rates physically, mentally, and sexually compared to females. Male huskies reach physical maturity around 2.5 years of age. Mental and emotional maturity around 2 years of age. And sexual maturity around 6 months of age.


There you have it! Hopefully, this helped you understand the important differences often seen between male and female Siberian huskies. If you have experience owning both male and female huskies, please comment below, I would love to hear it!

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