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Pomsky Exercise Needs: ALL You Need To Know!

How much exercise does a Pomsky need? Is it as much as a Husky or as little as a Pomeranian?

Good question! This article covers all you need to know about how much exercise Pomskies need, whether they’re puppies or grown-ups. Let’s dive in!

What’s covered:
➡️ How much exercise do Pomskies need?
➡️ Pomsky puppy exercise needs
➡️ Are Pomskies as energetic as Huskies?
➡️ How much should you walk Pomskies?
➡️ Best exercise ideas for Pomskies
➡️ When to start exercising a Pomsky?
➡️ Pomsky mental stimulation & calming down

pomsky exercise needs

How Much Exercise Do Pomskies Need

The ideal amount of exercise for an adult Pomsky is 60 minutes per day, preferably split into two 30-minute sessions. Once in the morning and again in the evening.

On top of this, your Pomsky should also receive additional playtime and games inside the house that may also count as exercise.

Why split their exercise? In the morning, your Pomsky will be bursting with energy, and if they don’t get a release, they will be more prone to destructive behavior, frustration, and other unwanted things.

This is especially important if you plan to leave your Pomsky home alone early in the day. Ensuring they receive a good run around before you leave will help keep them calm and content while alone.

pomsky exercising outside
La belle Robin out on her walk! Elevage Lovely Pomsky France

Pomsky Puppy Exercise Needs

When it comes to Pomsky puppies, their exercise needs are different from adults, and it’s essential to get this right.

Pomsky puppies should follow the 5-minute exercise plan to ensure they receive the right amount of exercise for their age. This prevents overexercising, injuries, sprains, and damage to their undeveloped joints and muscles.

The 5-minute plan: Exercise your Pomsky puppy for 5 minutes for every month of age they have (two times per day)

➡️ At 2 months: 10 minutes (twice a day) – 20 mins total
➡️ At 3 months: 15 minutes (twice a day) – 30 mins total
➡️ At 4 months: 20 minutes (twice a day) – 40 mins total
➡️ At 5 months: 25 minutes (twice a day) – 50 mins total
➡️ At 6 months: 30 minutes (twice a day) – 60 mins total

After this, it’s okay to continue exercising your Pomsky pup for 30 mins twice a day, like an adult.

Do you really need to follow this? 🤔

As finicky as it might seem to follow an exercise regime like this, it’s designed for a good reason. By gradually stepping up the exercise on a monthly basis, it allows your Pomsky’s body to grow properly without receiving too much stress from their exercise.

If you work out a young Pomsky like you would an adult, they could start having joint and muscle issues pretty quickly. This is really bad for puppies. Their muscles, bones, and joints aren’t fully developed yet. Overdoing exercise can hurt them now and cause problems later on.

Veterinarians developed the 5-minute method for a reason!

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pomsky exercising out in the snow
Gorgeous Casper J enjoying the frost! – Instagram

Do Pomskies Have As Much Energy As Huskies

Not always, but it’s certainly possible!

That’s right, some Pomskies can have the same energy level as a husky, especially the F1B and F2B Pomskies that have been backcrossed with purebred huskies. This means they have more husky in them!

But even just regular Pomskies (F1) can have similar energy levels as a husky. Still, they don’t need as much exercise as a husky, and their smaller bodies most likely wouldn’t take that kind of strain.

As Pomskies are often smaller than huskies, it seems to give people the idea that they don’t have the same energy as them either… But oh boy, are they wrong.

How Much Should You Walk a Pomsky

When it comes to walking your Pomsky, two 30-minute sessions per day, one in the morning and again in the evening, will provide them with a sufficient workout.

For reference, a 30-minute moderate walk is about 1.5 miles (2.4 km).

For most Pomskies, this will be enough. But keep in mind that they sometimes like to run, hike, play fetch, and swim. It’s always best to keep their exercise varied rather than repetitive walks.

If you have an F1B or F2B Pomsky (backcross with a husky) then they’ll be able to handle further walks, so keep this in mind.

pomsky exercise at the beach
The beautiful Nero playing on the beach! – Instagram

Best Exercise Ideas For Pomskies

Pomskies love a range of different exercises, and it really does improve their overall health and fitness if we try to switch it up every now and then.

➡️ Here are 8 exercise activities you can try with your Pomsky:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Fetch
  • Frisbee
  • Agility courses
  • Flyball
  • Swimming
  • Flirt poles

Even though Huskies and Pomeranians usually don’t love to swim, Pomskies are a different story. People who have Pomskies tell us their mixed-breed dogs really like jumping into the pool for their ball and even playing in the ocean waves. It might take some time for them to get the hang of it. Always make sure to keep them safe. But once they learn, swimming can be a really fun thing for them to do.

Additionally, you can try exciting activities like agility courses or flirt poles for your backyard. Flirt poles are great if you don’t have much space and need to give your Pomsky a good workout in a short amount of time.

When Should You Start Exercising a Pomsky?

It’s important to start exercising your Pomsky pup as soon as possible, so long as it’s safe! Putting in place their exercise routine is a fundamental part of their day and can affect their health and behavior significantly.

Before finishing their vaccines, it is perfectly fine for you to exercise them in your own private yard. Just do a quick spot check to ensure there’s nothing nasty on the ground.

When can you exercise your Pomsky outside?

Two weeks after receiving their last jab, it’s crucial to get them to the local dog park as soon as possible. Not only for exercise but for socialization too.

The younger you start socializing your Pomsky around new dogs and strangers, the friendlier and more approachable they’ll be as an adult dog. The importance of this is huge!

Again, it’s essential to stick to the 5-minute method and ensure your puppy isn’t overexerting their body.

pomsky puppy exercise
Fred & Taco – Cuteness overload – Instagram

Pomsky Mental Exercise & Calming Down

Although physical exercise is key for a healthy, fit, and content Pomsky, it’s only half of the story.

Mental exercise (mental stimulation) is equally important and can have an even bigger impact on their behavior than physical exercise.

I’ll explain more about Pomsky mental stimulation here, and more about when Pomskies calm down here. These are two big topics that need to be covered separately!

Final thoughts

Pomskies are energetic and highly active, and while they don’t always need as much exercise as their husky parent, they definitely aren’t lazy dogs.

Pomskies need 60 minutes of exercise a day. And this is best split up into two sessions, 30 mins in the morning and another 30 mins in the evening. This creates a well-rounded exercise routine and allows them to expend their energy at different times of the day.

Pomskies like to walk, run, hike, fetch, and more, so be sure to change up the exercise activities you do to keep your Pomsky stimulated and engaged.

Psst, just if you wondered. How do we know what we’re talking about? Other than meeting many Pomskies myself, we have hundreds of Pomsky newsletter members messaging us all the time about their furry friend’s exercise habits!

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