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Shiba Inu Size Guide: How Big Do Shiba Inus Get?

This article will explain everything you need to know about Shiba Inu growth, their size, and when they’ll stop growing.

Whether you’re a Shiba pup owner or a prospective owner, this information is super good to know! After all, you want to know just how big a dog you’re getting yourself into! So let’s get started.

how big do shiba inus get

How Big Is a Shiba Inu?

A Shiba Inu is considered a small-to-medium sized breed.

Males typically weigh between 18-24 pounds and stand about 14.5 to 16.5 inches tall at the shoulder.

On the other hand, female Shiba Inus are slightly smaller, averaging 13.5 to 15.5 inches tall and weighing between 15-20 pounds.

While Shibas are considered small to medium, they are powerful, strong and have a fairly muscular build. So this is something to keep in mind going forward.

Key points:

  • Male weight: 18-24 Pounds
  • Male height: 14.5-16.5 Inches
  • Female weight: 15-20 Pounds
  • Female height: 13.5-15.5 Inches

Shibas Are The Ideal Size

Shibas are often described as the perfectly sized dog.

They arent too big, nor too small, and they’re suitable for every home no matter the size or yard size.

Due to not being too big, Shibas make ideal dogs for apartments and small studios with no yard.

Shibas are also small enough for most people to manage, even if you are own your own or slightly elder. Still, while they aren’t particularly big in size, they have big personalities! So keep that in mind.

Shiba Inu Growth Chart

Below, you’ll find a handy Shiba Inu growth chart. It outlines the typical growth pattern from puppyhood to adulthood:

Absolutely, I can separate the weight and height data into two different tables for clarity. Here are the revised tables:

Shiba Inu Growth Chart: Weight

Age (Months)Male Weight (lbs)Female Weight (lbs)

Shiba Inu Growth Chart: Height

Age (Months)Male Height (inches)Female Height (inches)

Again, these are general guidelines.

Individual Shiba Inus may slightly vary from these charts depending on various factors such as genetics, diet, and overall health. All of which we’ll cover below!

When Do Shiba Inus Stop Growing and Reach Full Size?

Shiba Inus typically reach their full height by 1 year of age.

They might still fill out, getting more muscular and heavier until they’re about 18 months old. This is when your Shiba will have fully transitioned from a frisky pup into a mature, adult dog.

It’s important to monitor your Shiba Inu’s weight as they grow. A healthy diet and regular exercise are key to preventing obesity. Overweight dogs are at risk for a slew of health issues, such as heart disease and arthritis. Regular vet check-ups can help ensure your Shiba Inu is growing healthily.

Some Shibas may grow faster or slower than others, and that’s okay. Each Shiba Inu is unique! While some may reach their full size sooner, others might take a little longer. It’s best to consult with your vet if you’re concerned about your pup’s growth. They can provide personalized advice tailored to your Shiba Inu’s individual needs.

Factors Affecting the Size and Growth of a Shiba Inu

While our Shiba Inu growth chart provides a general guideline, remember that each dog is different and their growth can be influenced by a variety of factors.

1. Genetics: The size of your Shiba Inu’s parents will largely determine how big your pup will get. A bigger mom and dad will likely mean a bigger pup!

2. Diet: Proper nutrition is essential for your Shiba Inu’s development. A diet rich in proteins and healthy fats will support their growth. Conversely, a poor diet can stunt growth or lead to obesity.

3. Exercise: Regular physical activity is necessary for a healthy, well-developed Shiba Inu. Exercise not only helps keep their weight in check, but it also aids in their overall muscle development.

4. Health: Certain health issues can affect your Shiba’s growth. Parasites, hormonal imbalances, or serious illnesses can stunt growth. Regular vet visits will ensure any issues are detected early.

5. Neutering/Spaying: Studies show that dogs neutered or spayed early may grow larger due to the lack of hormones that signal the body to stop growing. However, these size differences are usually minor.

Last thoughts

In conclusion, your Shiba Inu’s growth journey from a playful pup to a mature adult is a fascinating one. It’s important to remember that while there are averages and standards, each Shiba Inu is unique and may grow at its own pace. Regular vet checkups, a balanced diet, and consistent exercise are the best ways to ensure your pup grows up healthily and happily.

With this guide on Shiba Inu sizes, you’re now well-prepared to track your Shiba’s growth. Enjoy every moment of this journey – they grow up so fast!


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