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When Do Pomskies Calm Down: 5 Tips For Hyper Pups

Pomskies might be smaller than huskies, but they’re just as lively! A lot of owners ask when their Pomsky will start to chill out.

I’ve met a bunch of husky and Pomsky pups. I’ve learned something important about why they act so wild as puppies. I’ll share that with you.

This article tells you when your Pomsky will start to calm down. It also gives you tips to handle their high energy so they’re easier to deal with every day.

when do pomskies calm down

When do Pomskies calm down?

The question that every Pomsky puppy owner soon has! With an interesting answer.

Many Pomsky owners report a slight mellowing and calming down after 2-3 years. But truthfully speaking, age is not a good marker for when your pup will calm down. Although I’ve heard that many Pomskies calm down at 2-3 years old, I’ve also come across many owners dealing with hyperactive Pomskies at 5 and even 6 years old…

Every Pomsky is different, and there is no set age you can rely on to tell you when your Pomsky will calm down.

🎯 What really determines when your Pomsky will calm down is their daily routine and what proactive things owners put into place to achieve a calm pup.

With the right daily routine, age won’t matter when it comes to getting a calm Pomsky.

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The beautiful Tommie, acting real calm! – Instagram

Why is my Pomsky so hyper?

Simply put, it’s in their genes! Both parents of the Pomsky (Huskies and Pomeranains) are also highly energetic when they’re young and even well into their adult years. So naturally, this passes down to their pups.

So for the most part, it’s kinda normal to have a hyper Pomsky! It means they’re in working condition! Jk.

However, something that the Husky passes down to their Pomsky offspring is their desire to run, work, and be useful. While Pomeranians are energetic, they aren’t working dogs like huskies…

That means they crave A LOT of stimulation both physically and mentally each day. It’s crucial that a Pomsky has multiple outlets to channel their energy, and if they do, then handling their energy isn’t actually a big problem.

The only real problem with hyperactivity is when it leads to bad behavior and complete restlessness. But that can all be avoided so long as we give our pups enough outlets to channel all their energy.

Additionally, things like insufficient daily routines lacking in stimulation, as well as being left alone all day will fuel hyperactivity too. It’s not all about their parents, daily routine has a huge impact on their behavior and sensibility.

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The beautiful Beau! – Instagram

5 Ways to calm down your Pomsky

To go from a hyperactive Pomsky bursting at the seams with energy to a calm Pomsky, it’s going to take a combination of the following.

As you’ll notice, the following tips are things that should be part of your Pomsky’s everyday routine, not just something to try once.

How do I know all of this works? From years of husky training and coaching and helping my friends with their Pomsky’s hyperactivity, I can safely say the following works to manage hyper behavior. Very quickly, might I add.

➡️ Exercise (the right amount and timing)

How much exercise does your Pomsky really need? Well, for those over 6 months, it should be 60 minutes per day (split up into two separate sessions). Before this they should be on a puppy exercise plan.

Owners must A) give enough exercise and B) split it up and give them a 30-minute run around FIRST thing in the morning after waking up.

This is the key! and is where most owners (including myself a long time ago) get it wrong.

Your Pomsky absolutely needs to release a chunk of energy first thing after waking up. If you don’t let your Pomsky run around and chase their ball like a bat of hell, then they will for sure channel this energy into bad behavior and nerves.

While many owners know how much exercise to give, very few consider when they should be giving it. This is a simple tip that will instantly work wonders.

➡️ Increase socialization

It might be surprising, but giving your Pomsky more socialization with other dogs and new people can really wear them out and calm them down.

While socialization has the main benefit of nurturing a friendly and approachable Pomsky, it has another benefit of providing potent mental stimulation.

Yep, wagging tails and sniffing butts with other dogs is one of the most powerful forms of mental stimulation for any dog! And mental stimulation is right at the center of your Pomsky’s behavior and hyperactivity.

30 minutes at a dog park spent playing with, interacting with, and chasing other dogs is far more tiring than 30 minutes of fetch. This is because it’s more mentally engaging.

Once you return home, your Pomsky will be exhausted and will be calm for a long time. Tiring out your Pomsky mentally is critical and will be the foundation of many other tips below.

➡️ Command training

Training your Pomsky on a daily basis is a must. It sets the foundation for good behavior and obedience, and also counts for potent mental stimulation.

30 minutes of basic command training each day (sit, stay, down, come, leave it) is something you’ve gotta implement early on and stick with for at least a year (even after they master it).

By making this a routine, your Pomsky will use this as a way to channel their energy and focus. It’s even better if you do it at the same time every day, then your pup will learn to wait for it.

Not only is this a great session for them to focus, engage, and expend mental energy, but it sets the scene for a calmer, more sensible Pomsky that actually listens when you give a command.

Consistent command training has so many positive effects on a dog’s behavior other than just obedience. So it’s crucial to start.

Blanco balboa is enjoying the walk! – Instagram

➡️ Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys or interactive toys are great for making your Pomsky think and use their mind. These toys often involve solving a simple or sometimes complex task in order to receive a treat.

Some of these toys are great for setting up and leaving, and others will need you to be there and supervise.

For when you need to leave your Pomsky home alone, I recommend the Star Mark Bob-a-Lot. This great toy allows you to fill a ball up with dry treats, then when your pup rolls it in the correct direction, one of them falls out. Simple but effective. Many pups can stay on this for 45 mins to an hour.

Other puzzle toys like the Nina Ottoson range are ideal for when you are there to assist. These are a little more challenging and involve your pup solving multiple challenges before getting a treat.

Puzzle toys are so good at getting your pup to think. They work as interesting games that consume a lot of mental energy. It’s not uncommon for pups to take naps after playing with these.

➡️ Build your Pomsky’s self-control

Engaging in training activities that increase your Pomsky’s self-control will have a huge impact on their behavior and demeanor for the better!

A calm dog is a dog with great self-control. The good thing is that this can be trained relatively easily.

The classic sit-and-wait game can be used to achieve this. Once your Pomsky masters the basic sit-and-wait exercise, you can continue making it harder by either increasing the time they have to wait or by walking further away. Any way you make this more demanding, it’s increasing your Pomsky’s self-control and ability to wait calmly before you give the go-ahead.

The thing is, these kinds of training techniques have a lasting impact on their demeanor and blends over into their daily life.

By continuously engaging in self-control practices, your Pomsky will slowly but surely become calmer and more stable rather than pent-up and frantic. Emphasizing training like this will work wonders in just a couple of weeks.

If your Pomsky is hyper and pulls on the leash 🦮

Try this: If your Pomsky is super hyper on the leash when you take them out, try the red light, green light method. This was created by Dr Ian Dunbar to keep your pup calm while outside. This involves stopping dead still every time your pup acts crazy. You simply wait until your puppy calms down and waits or sits next to you. Then you continue walking. The moment your pup acts up again, you stop and wait. This is rather quite frustrating for your puppy (and you!), but it will quickly teach your Pomsky that to proceed on the walk, they need to be calm.

And after about a week of this, your Pomsky shouldn’t pull on the leash anymore. I’ve tried this with many hyper puppies and it works nearly all of the time.

Last thoughts

Pomskies are hyper pups that have a lot of energy. The thing is, owners can manage all of this energy so long as their Pomsky has a daily routine containing everything they need, and that means a lot of stimulation.

If owners provide sufficient stimulation, then their Pomsky’s energy will be channeled into where it should be, not into bad behavior.

And something owners should never do, is rely on age alone for a calm Pomsky. Waiting for a Pomsky to be calm could mean waiting forever! It’s far better to proactively manage their energy from day one.

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