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Why Do Huskies Bury Their Heads? What It Means!

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Heads? What It Means!

Does your husky bury his head into a small cushiony pocket between you and the couch? This behavior is more common than most people think. This article will explain why huskies do this and what it means.

Head burying is a behavior commonly seen in the wild and is known as “denning”. By burying their head and even part of their body, a husky will feel safe and secure while they are resting or sleeping.

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Heads Into You

No one minds a little bit of head burying here and there, right?

When your husky lays beside your or if he’s lucky enough to be let up on your couch, one of his favorite things to do is rummage his head into you, the pillows, or well, just about any ridiculously small space his head shouldn’t fit into!

The reason your husky does this is that it makes him feel safe and secure. And no, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t already feel safe and secure.

Dogs are denning animals. This means they create “dens” in order to protect themselves and their pack, and well, just feel safe, warm, and secure.

Of course, your husky is safe anyway, but this behavior is deeply ingrained into him so it will still show itself today.

What Head Burying Suggests About Your Bond

Aside from the main reason discussed above. It also suggests you have a good relationship with your husky.

Physical contact and positioning himself close to you is a sign of affection in anyone’s book. So we’re counting it here too!

The fact that your husky is burying his head into you means you are very comforting for him and he feels safe around you.

This suggests you’ve done a great job at raising him, and this is his way of showing you that he trusts you and can rely on you.

And to make it even clearer, when a dog is fearful, distrusting, or scared of someone, they make it their priority to position themselves as far away as possible from that person. Head burying, is the complete opposite!

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What To Learn From Head Burying Behavior

Head burying is just one form of denning behavior. Denning behavior encompasses a lot more, but one thing I’m going to focus on this section are dog crates.

You might be thinking it’s weird to go from head burying to dog crates. But they’re actually very related.

The dog crate, when used correctly can act as a personal den for your husky, making him feel incredibly safe and protected. Just like head burying does.

This is almost proof that your husky can have an excellent relationship with his crate, and when he does, this will make your life easier too.

Every time he wants to feel that little bit extra secure and comfortable he’ll have his very own place to go. Plus, this will make him much more tolerable for staying home alone when you need to go out.

If you don’t currently have a crate out in a room for your husky with a couple of his favorite toys, a soft blanket (after bad chewing habits have been expelled), and a comfort item, I suggest putting it on your to-do list.

Other Noticeable Behaviors That Huskies Exhibit

There are many other behaviors that husky owners report other than head burying. Let’s discuss them below.

Paw burying

It seems huskies have a think with their paws. Many owners report that their huskies either bury their paws under you, or they encourage you to hold their paws. Again, this signifies wanting to feel safe and secure.

Blowing bubbles

This is actually common among huskies more so than other breeds, and I admit, it’s quite hilarious to watch. This likely cools them down and also provides them with some valuable entertainment.

Digging in water

Huskies love putting their paws in their water bowls. As it happens, one way to cool down is through the paws as this is where your husky’s sweat glands are. So when your husky starts digging around in his water bowl, it’s most likely to cool down, followed by just messing around.

Digging beds

Another form of denning behavior is digging, and this is partly why huskies love to dig so much. Once they dig a hole or pit, it’s very normal for them to sit or lay where they’ve just dug. This ends up being a comfortable bed that not only keeps them cool but serves as some kind of protection.

Tail wrapping

Huskies have what’s known as a sickle tail and they are slightly curled for a real reason. Long before huskies had couches to bury their heads in when they sleep, they would instead use their tail. Their tails would wrap around their head, providing warmth and safety while asleep.

Last Thoughts

This has been a short, but sweet article. Thank you for reading and keep on enjoying all the head burying your husky offers to you.

Not only does it make him feel safe and secure, but it signifies you have a great relationship with your husky. So it’s time to embrace it!

If you have anything to add to this article, be sure to contact me! Thanks for reading 🙂

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