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3 Reasons All Huskies Howl & Excessive Howling Tips

Huskies are famous for howling and people always find it interesting. But why do they howl so much? And what should we do if it gets to be too much?

This article explains everything you need to know about husky howling.

Howling is a method of communicating that huskies have ingrained into them from their wolf ancestors. Howling was first discovered among wolves trying to find their way back to packs or for general communication purposes.

3 Reasons why huskies howl

There are three key reasons why your husky howls. Instinctive howling, reactive howling, and howling to communicate.

1. Howling is an instinctual behavior

Howling is a behavior that’s deeply ingrained into huskies. Wolfs are their close ancestors and for thousands of years have used howling as their form of communication.

Howling travels much further than barking and is more effective.

Howling is used to find their way back if they have lost their pack. The long sound covers more distance and the direction it came from is easily identified. Remember the old-style war sirens? this type of sound travels for many miles.

2. They are reacting to something

Often times if a husky is around a baby, and the baby cries, the husky will howl.

This is either because they sense distress or because huskies like to howl together, and the baby is seen as part of the pack (another husky)

It could just be that you live near a city and there are a lot of sirens, your husky simply thinks another husky is lost or is howling. In this case, it’s an instinctive response.

3. They are trying to communicate

It’s past their dinner time
They’re getting bored and need some exercise or play
They need to use the bathroom
You have left them alone too long and they are howling out for someone
They feel left out from what you’re doing and are howling for attention


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Do all huskies howl?

All huskies can howl unless they have a health condition that prevents them from doing so.

However, not all huskies will choose to howl. Some are rather quiet!

Many people try to explain why some huskies howl more than others but it’s very hard to know the real answer. It’s likely due to character traits passed down from their parents and blood lineage.

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When can husky puppies first start to howl?

Most husky puppies can get a verbal howl within 2-3 weeks of age. By 8 weeks of age, a husky puppy should have no problem howling with at least some force and volume.

But it’s worth noting that some huskies choose to be more verbal than others. If your husky pup doesn’t howl, there’s likely nothing to be concerned about.

Why does my husky howl directly at me?

If your husky is howling at you, he’s trying to tell you something. He either wants or needs something.

For example, it could be to feed him, let him outside, In response to being told off, or when you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to.

Is howling a sign that your husky is sad?

Although howling sounds a little sad and melancholic, it doesn’t mean huskies are sad when they howl.

Howling is just a method of communication that huskies use when excited, intrigued, provoked, and in response to similar external sounds.

Stopping excessive husky howling

Howling can quickly become out of control with some huskies, especially when it’s in the middle of the night!

Many husky owners often seek to prevent their husky from howling so much, and with time and consistency, this can certainly be achieved.

Positive Response Training

This method is a very simple 3 step method that has worked well with huskies and many other breeds. It will just take time, patience, and plenty of tasty treats! Here’s how to do it.

Step 1:

Once your husky starts howling excessively, Start by giving them a calm and firm silence command like “Quiet” They will pick up from your tone that you are responding negatively to what they have just done.

Step 2:

If the howling stops for at least 2 to 3 seconds after your command then give them a treat and repeat your command again. The length of time they need to be quiet is important, as this signifies that they get a reward for when they are NOT howling.

Step 3:

If the howling does not stop, ignore them for a short time before giving them the same command again. You are essentially repeating steps 1 and 2 until it becomes easy.

After many successful repetitions of this method, you can start to use fewer treats and rely just on your quiet command.

Your husky will understand that when you say your command, now is not the time to howl and instead be quiet.

Huskies are stubborn and need to be guided. They’re a highly intelligent breed and proper training is a great stimulant for them.

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How teaching your husky to howl, can actually solve excessive howling issues…

Some husky owners have had great success in first teaching their husky to howl on command. This seems counter-productive but it actually sets up your husky to easily understand the command to stop the howl.

To carry out this training you first give the command like “speak” while they’re howling. Give them a treat as you say the word “speak” again.

After a few times with the right timing, your husky will learn that speak means howl.

This sets you up nicely to say a very different sounding command like “quiet” and this change of sound and tone in your voice will encourage them to stop and think about it. You then step in and give them a treat and say “quiet” again.

After a few more times with the right timing. Your husky will learn that “speak” means howl and quiet means… be quiet.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your husky! they may be hard to train, but they’re one of the most intelligent breeds.

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Tips for successful training

Huskies learn the best through repetition. Huskies are known for their stubbornness but at the same time, they’re highly intelligent. Repeating the steps above with the correct timing will definitely give you good results.

It’s important to be very consistent. Whenever your husky starts howling, use this as a training opportunity. Through constant repetition, your husky will learn the best

Don’t confuse your husky by talking while you are training them and using the commands. Keep the commands to one or two words and only use those words, keep it simple.

Use treats that they LOVE, some actual chicken, or some peanut butter. This will help grab their attention to you and will ultimately improve training. It helps to have something that they really want, so they’re going to listen.

I have a great post you may like on the top 10 healthy homemade dog treats for huskies.

How exercise helps with husky howling

I know, you probably hear it time and time again, “exercise your husky more”. Well, look away now… exercise your husky more!!

Exercise is so critical in every huskies life and it has a significant impact on their overall behavior and health.

This doesn’t mean to say that you’ll have a silent husky if you take them out for more runs. But it will expel extra energy, and their overall character and demeanor will be calmer.

Scientific research has now discovered that a canine’s character, is a direct reflection of their energy levels. Maybe you’re having an Ah-ha moment!

Last Thoughts

Being vocal is one of the wonderful characteristics that make huskies… well… huskies!

Huskies have learned to howl from their ancestors and it will continue for as long as the breed goes on. Most of the time it’s instinctive and you just have to accept they’re a very vocal breed!

FAQ Summary

Why do huskies howl?

Huskies howl primarily to communicate with their owners. Huskies will usually howl over barking to let their owners know when they’re hungry, bored, excited, need to be let out, or when playing. Other reasons include reactive howling in response to sirens or baby cries.

Can all huskies howl?

Why do huskies howl and not bark?

Why doesn’t my husky howl?

When can a husky puppy start howling?


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