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7 Reasons Huskies Eat Poop & What To Do About It

Dealing with a poop-eating husky isn’t pleasant! This article explains why your husky is eating poop (their own or otherwise) and what you can do about it.

Dietary imbalances and enzyme deficiencies are the most common reasons huskies eat poop. Stress, boredom, and negative habits can also be the cause.

Why Do Huskies Eat Their Own Poop?

7 Most common reasons why your husky eats his own poop:

Dietary imbalance or enzyme deficiencies (common)
Huskies may eat their own poop when stressed or anxious
Due to boredom or under stimulation
Puppies might eat their poop after seeing their siblings or mother do so
Some huskies eat their own poop to appease their owners
Some huskies simply enjoy the taste of it
It might have developed into a bad habit if it’s been going on for a while

Some reasons are behavioral, while the most common reason is health-related (dietary imbalances or enzyme deficiencies).

Poop Eating Caused By Dietary Imbalances/Enzyme Deficiency

One of the main concerns for owners is whether their husky has some kind of imbalance or enzyme deficiency. And it’s a valid concern as this is one of the most common causes of Canine Coprophagia.

It’s no secret that huskies have sensitive stomachs to start with. And this makes finding food that works well for them very challenging.

I would say that if your husky is having difficulty with his diet, refusing food, diarrhea, or showing signs of irritation after having eaten, then this could be the cause, as it’s likely his body isn’t taking in enough nutrients.

When there’s a lack of nutrients, specifically Vitamin B1 (according to The American Journal of Veterinary Research) many kinds of deficiencies can happen, and stool-eating is a way for dogs to try and get back the enzymes and nutrients into their stomach.

If your husky is eating his own poop coupled with dietary issues then I suggest scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to carry out further health checks.

The Importance of Finding The Root Cause

There are many ways to deal with a poop-eating husky! Both short-term immediate measures and long-term measures (these I will cover in the next section).

But most of these measures are unfortunately reactive, rather than proactive, so they technically aren’t solving the issue at the cause.

It’s crucial to find out the root cause behind why your husky is doing this, especially if it’s caused by dietary issues.

Long-term effects of dietary imbalances can have a significant impact on his health, and of course this can only be diagnosed by scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian.

In some more fortunate cases, it could just be a silly habit, that can be rectified with training. In others, it will be more serious.

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How To Stop Your Husky Eating Poop

I’ll first cover some immediate solutions to help you stop your husky from eating his poop, then I’ll run through some of the long-term measures.

Quick solutions

Pick up all remaining poop in the yard
Pick up poop as it happens. Immediately
Supervise your husky when he’s outside
Keep the yard clean so it’s easy to find and pick up
Add pineapple chunks or meat-tenderizer to his food (apparently, this makes their poop foul-tasting)

You can use these solutions while you work on some long-term solutions.

Long-term solutions

Ensure his diet is premium

While I never recommend changing up your husky’s diet if it’s already working well for him, it still could be a time to rethink what he’s eating.

Ensure he’s consuming a high-quality diet that prioritizes fresh whole foods and clean protein sources. It might be worth sticking to duck or turkey as protein sources (as these are not common allergens) Many kibbles that focus on chicken, beef, lamb, or pork usually don’t sit well with huskies (despite being so common).

In terms of grain-free. While there have been studies “linking” it to certain heart issues, it hasn’t been totally confirmed or proven entirely.

At the same time, grain-free does digest a lot better for many huskies, and so maybe the benefits of having a diet that actually digests properly outweigh the potential issues caused by grain-free. I’m not sure, that’s just my own take on it, and I’m not a trained veterinarian.

When it comes to whether or not you go grain-free, it’s important to do your own research and consult your veterinarian.

Ensure he receives enough physical exercise, mental stimulation and is stress-free

One husky owner once told me that “exercise is the answer to all things husky”. And so far, he’s been more right, than wrong!

Ensure your husky receives sufficient physical exercise AND mental exercise, because we all know just how crucial overall stimulation is for a Siberian husky. It’s kinda make-or-break.

By improving this area of his life not only will he be less bored but the additional stimulation can also reduce stress and anxiety. This could actually be all that’s required for him to stop trying to eat his poop.

Consider your husky’s daily routine and be honest with how much exercise he’s receiving as well as training, general interaction, and forms of mental stimulation. An adult husky should have 2 hours of exercise per day with additional training and mental activities.

Master the “leave it” command

Practice the “leave it” command with your husky as part of his command training.

If your husky already understands the concept of leaving something alone, then simply build on that foundation he already has.

If your husky has no idea about any such thing as “leave it” I recommend checking out this video:

Once your husky truly understands “leave it”, you will be in a position to stop him from eating poop from a distance, and of course, it will come in handy for many other situations.

Will Your Husky Get Sick From Eating Poop?

Are there consequences of eating poop beyond a nasty smelling breath?

Fortunately, if your husky eats HIS OWN poop then the chances of him getting ill are incredibly low. This is because he’s consuming his own bacteria.

However, if your husky eats poop that has come from another animal, the chances of him getting sick are much higher. Other animals can pass along parasites, viruses, toxins, and other bacteria in their poop.

Cleaning Your Husky’s Mouth After Eating Poop

Although it’s gross, it’s crucial to clean your husky’s mouth after he has eaten poop (his own or otherwise).

If you let him be, the poop and bacteria could sit in his mouth for a long time and cause further issues, not to mention a constant stench.

All you need to do is put a small blob on and run the toothbrush in straight lines along the outside of the teeth.

If you haven’t already started brushing his teeth regularly, I strongly recommend checking out my post on how to brush your husky’s teeth.

You can then offer him a dental chew for further cleaning and odor control.

Thank you for reading!

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