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My Happy Husky does not provide professional advice

By reading articles on My Happy Husky you confirm that you understand the information provided on this blog/website is NOT professional advice.

Advice on My Happy Husky is for informational or educational purposes only.

Advice on My Happy Husky does not constitute as pet medical advice or professional advice in any context.

I am not a professional veterinarian or trainer

I am not a professional veterinarian nor am I a professional dog trainer and I do not claim to be one throughout any post or page.

I provide tips and guidance on frequently asked questions concerning your husky or pet dog based from my personal experience of owning dogs my entire life.

How you decide to use my non-professional advice is your responsibility.

I share my personal opinions on products and services

Throughout My Happy Husky, I frequently share my personal opinions on various services and products.

These are simply my own opinions and views, and these do not reflect the views of anyone else or any other company.

If you choose to go ahead and use a product or service after having read an article on My Happy Husky, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.

I only share products or services that are top quality and highly reviewed. But you should always do your own research first.

You should always seek advice from your veterinarian or trained professional

You should always seek advice from a trained professional before making decisions or taking action that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog.

Affiliate Disclaimer

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My Happy Husky is also a participant in various other affiliate programs whereby this site may earn a small commission through links provided.

Third-Party Disclaimer

My Happy Husky runs ads on throughout the blog/website. These ads are from third party providers and which I do not have control over.

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