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7 Best Dog Foods For Husky Puppies: (Dry & Wet)

Picking the right food for your husky puppy can be tough with so many choices out there. But when you know what’s best, it’s one less thing to stress about.

This article will give you all the info you need and suggest some good food options too.

best dog food for husky puppies

Best Food For a Husky Puppy Summary:
1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food
2. Nutro Ultra Superfood Puppy Dry Dog Food
3. Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Puppy Dog Food
4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Wet Puppy Food
5. Canidae Pure Grain Free Limited Ingredient Premium Wet Dog Food
6. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food
7. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Puppy Food

7 Best Foods For Husky Puppies

FoodBest Husky Puppy Food
KibbleBlue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food
KibbleNutro Ultra Superfood Puppy Dry Dog Food
KibbleWellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Puppy Dog Food
Wet-FoodBlue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Wet Puppy Food
Wet-FoodCanidae Pure Grain Free Limited Ingredient Premium Wet Dog Food
Wet-FoodPurina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Puppy Food

Best Dry Kibble For Husky Puppies

After covering the important information above, let’s move on to the best dry food for a husky puppy.

The best husky puppy food will have all the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for growth and development, will contain quality protein from a trusted source, and will stay away from the common irritants like artificial preservatives, and flavors, by-products, fillers, and also wheat, corn, and soy.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Natural Formula for Puppies

Check out Blue Buffalo here

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Puppies takes No.1 position for the best all-round food for a Husky puppy.

This excellent choice is grain-free and doesn’t have any chicken or poultry by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

It does contain natural ingredients and uses whole chicken meat as its source of protein. It also contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as important fatty acids DHA and ARA essential for proper all-round health, growth, and development.

Key Features:

  • Uses real chicken meat for quality protein
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Has important fatty acids, DHA, ARA for brain function and retinal health (found in mothers milk)
  • Does not contain by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • It is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor (very important)

2. Nutro Ultra Superfood Puppy Dry Dog Food

Check out Nutro Ultra Puppy Food Here

Nutro Ultra Puppy Dry Dog Food (Superfood Option) is another great option to go for.

This puppy food uses Non-GMO† ingredients and does not contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

What’s awesome about this option is that it has protein from three different whole sources, chicken, lamb, and salmon. Nutro is made with 15 superfoods, as well as high-quality animal protein, whole grains and seeds, and fruits and vegetables. This ensures complete nourishment that your husky puppy will need. You can check out this brand here (link will open

Key Features:

  • Uses three real types of meat for a complete protein source. Chicken, Lamb Salmon.
  • It contains 15 well-known superfoods for excellent vitamin, mineral and antioxidant properties.
  • It contains the important DHA fatty acid from Omega 3 for essential retinal and brain health.
  • Uses Non-GMO ingredients
  • It does not contain any by-products, corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • It is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor

3. Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Puppy Dog Food

Check out Wellness Natural Puppy Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Puppy Dog Food One of the most trusted brands in dog food is Wellness Complete and this is a great option you could go for.

This option is grain-free and does not contain any wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

This food uses fresh whole chicken and whitefish as its protein source, giving your pup complete protein. It’s made with all-natural ingredients.

It also contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from blueberries, as well as containing flaxseed for healthy fats, including Omega-3 and Omega-6. You can check out this option here (link will open

Key Features:

  • Uses deboned, fresh chicken and whitefish for a quality source of protein
  • Only uses all-natural ingredients
  • Contains blueberries and spinach for quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • It has flaxseed for healthy fats and has a great amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • It is grain-free and does not contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • It is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor

Best Wet Food For Your Husky Puppy

Let’s take a look at the best wet food for a husky puppy and give you some good options to go for.

Why wet food? well, if you didn’t see it above, I explained how many veterinarians actually recommend splitting your husky puppy’s food 80% dry kibble with 20% wet (canned) food. This is for nutritional variety, and it also helps your puppy stay interested in their food.

Check out some of the best wet food options for your husky puppy below

1. Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Formula: Natural Wet Dog Food

Check out Blue Buffalo Wet Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Growth Formula Natural Wet Puppy Food could be considered as the counterpart to the dry puppy food above.

This is a great option to go for that is grain-free and does not contain wheat (unlike many other wet canned puppy foods) corn, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, or by-products.

It does contain real chicken and turkey for a great, high-quality source of protein. It contains essential fats and has the correct balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for the proper immune system health, brain function, and retinal development. DHA is an important fatty acid found in mother’s milk.

Key Features:

  • Real chicken and turkey for a great, high-quality source of protein
  • Grain-free
  • Does not contain wheat, which a lot of other brands use in canned food as a thickening agent
  • Does not contain soy, wheat, corn, artificial flavors or preservatives, or by-products
  • Does contain the correct balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • It is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor

2. Canidae Pure Grain Free Limited Ingredient, Premium Wet Dog Food

Canidae Pure Grain Free Limited Ingredient Premium Wet Dog Food is a highly recommended option you could go for.

This choice is grain-free and doesn’t have wheat (which some canned puppy foods do), corn, soy, carrageenan, or fillers.

This awesome option contains Duck and Turkey for an excellent (allergen-free) protein source. Duck and Turkey are less prone to cause allergies compared to sources of protein like chicken, beef or lamb. It’s also limited ingredients (4-7 or less) to avoid digestive issues or an upset stomach. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for overall immune system health and proper development. Omega-6 and Omega-3 in the correct balance is also present for essential health and growth support. You can check out this option here (link opens

Key Features:

  • Does not contain wheat, soy, corn, fillers, or carrageenan
  • Grain-free
  • Duck and Turkey as a protein source reduces the chances of allergies compared to chicken/poultry ingredients
  • Limited ingredients for easier, safer digestion
  • Contains vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants for great immune system support
  • Contains essential fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3
  • Is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor

3. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food

Check Out Purina One

Purina ONE Smart Blend Natural Wet Puppy Dog Food is another solid, healthy option you can add to your husky puppy’s diet.

This wet puppy food does not contain fillers and no poultry by-products.

This canned food has great reviews on Chewy and Amazon, despite it containing grains, and does not actually state that it does not contain artificial items, many puppy owners have great success with this option.

It’s best to check this one for yourself here (on

Best Food for a Husky Puppy with a Sensitive Stomach

For a lot of Siberian Husky Puppies, having a sensitive stomach is normal so you’ll probably want to select a puppy food that is made with this in mind.

After tons of research, it comes down to only one option that I will recommend with a clear conscience. There are many foods out there “made for puppies with sensitive stomachs” However, when you see that chicken is used, then it’s not REALLY made for puppies with sensitive stomachs… chicken is a common allergen. It needs to be avoided at least in the beginning if your puppy is sensitive.

What you usually find with dog food specially created for sensitive stomachs is the exclusion of many digestive irritants and allergens. Limiting the ingredients is also advised for sensitive stomachs. Let’s take a look at the best food for a husky puppy with a sensitive stomach.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Puppy Food

Check Out Natural Balance

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Puppy Food is a great option to go for if your puppy has a sensitive stomach.

By limiting the ingredients used, this food reduces the chances of irritating your puppy’s stomach and digestive tract.

Another great benefit is that duck is the only protein source, making it easy for your puppy to digest. Duck is also not a common allergen, unlike chicken which is commonly used. Potatoes are the carbohydrate source that is easily digestible and does not usually cause irritation. You can check out this great puppy food here (link will open

It is grain-free and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Key Features:

  • Limited ingredients used, reducing stomach irritation
  • Duck is the only protein source, easily digestible and not a common allergen
  • Does not contain grains, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • It contains healthy DHA for important brain function and eye health.
  • It is APPROVED by the Dog Food Advisor

Do Husky Puppies Have Sensitive Stomachs?

Before answering this question it’s important to know this will not be the case for EVERY husky out there, but for most, it will be.

A little history is needed to understand your husky puppy better! (just a little, I promise)

There’s something unique that separates the Husky breeds from other breeds, and that’s their amazing past.

Siberian Huskies, in particular, were bred by the Chukchi Tribe thousands of years ago primarily to work as sled dogs transporting cargo over long distances. The Huskies would have to do this on very little food.

The incredible workload that Huskies endured while on little food, gave them an equally incredible metabolism for the required energy. Along with this, the Husky would have primarily eaten a raw food diet, consisting of meat bones and other organs.

The result of all of this is a sensitive stomach that you will have to be consistently aware of throughout your husky’s life. Especially during puppyhood.

What to Feed a Husky Puppy

what to feed a husky puppy

Now that we know it’s possible your husky puppy may have a sensitive stomach, we can keep this in mind during food selection.

The raw food diet is a big topic surrounding Huskies, although some husky owners will swear by it, it’s recommended by veterinarians not to start your husky puppy off on a raw food diet, as their immune systems are not developed.

It is also important to feed your puppy age-appropriate food. Food specially formulated for puppies will be better than an “all life stages” or “senior” dog food.

Veterinarians also recommend starting your husky puppy on an 80% dry kibble mixed with a 20% wet canned food Ratio. This gives your puppy a variety of nutrients and also helps with their water intake. This also provides a range of textures and tastes to encourage finishing their meals (something important for the Husky’s notoriously low appetite)

Ideal Nutritional Breakdown of a Husky Puppy’s Diet

Siberian huskies, young and old, thrive off of protein and fat. You’ll need to make sure the food you are giving your husky puppy contains a minimum of 20-22% high-quality protein from whole meat, and 8-10% of healthy fat.

Protein – Protein should come from whole meat sources such as chicken, beef, fish, and lamb. Sources like duck, salmon, and turkey are even better as they are not common allergens.

Fat – Adequate fat should come from healthy sources like flaxseed.

Omega 3 and 6, DHA – Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain function, eye and retinal development, immune system support, and, help maintain healthy skin and their coat. DHA is one of the Omega 3 fatty acids and is commonly found in the mother’s milk.

Carbs – It’s important to keep your husky’s blood sugar level constant. Ensuring carbs are low will help with this. On top of that, it’s good to choose a dog food that uses a low glycemic carb like sweet potato that digests slowly.

Calorie Density – Siberian Huskies are notoriously fussy eaters and will happily skip a meal. Making sure their food is high in calories and nutrients will ensure they are getting the adequate nourishment they need (if they decide to skip their next meal… you never know!)

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio – Puppy foods should contain a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1.2 parts of calcium to 1 part of phosphorus. An imbalance of this can lead to problematic health issues.

Avoid Irritants – It’s best to avoid foods that contain common digestive irritants like wheat, corn, soy, as well as fillers, by-products or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Avoid Lactose – Most Huskies (or any dog breed) are lactose intolerant. So it’s best to avoid food containing milk, whey or powdered milk ingredients.

What Breed of Husky do You Have?

Depending on the breed of your husky, as there is more than one, this can also alter what food you should give them.

The Siberian Husky is a medium-size dog and on average, weighs around 60lbs when fully grown (males). American Huskies alike to some Alaskan Huskies tend to be around 15lbs larger than the average Siberian. The Miniature Husky typically weighs 15-35 when fully grown, compared to 60lbs of the average male Husky.

Ideally, you will feed your husky puppy a food formula that is based on their projected adult size and breed.

An American or Alaskan husky puppy would be better to eat a large-breed puppy formula, whereas a Siberian Husky puppy should stick to a medium-breed puppy formula and for the Miniature Husky puppy, a small-breed puppy formula.

Always confirm with your local veterinarian.

How Much Should You Feed a Husky Puppy

how much should you feed a husky puppy

Knowing how much you should feed your husky puppy will be difficult from the start, and has a few determining factors.

If the food has a higher nutritional value then your puppy will likely need less, compared to if the food has a lower nutritional value.

One of the most important factors that will change the amount of food needed will be the specific breed of your husky and their projected adult size.

For example, portions sizes will vary accordingly if you have an American husky puppy that is projected to be much larger than a Siberian Husky. This difference is even bigger if you have a Miniature Husky Puppy!

Take a look at the portion sizes outlined on the food packaging but also talk to a veterinarian.

Take a look below at the husky puppy feeding schedule

Husky Puppy Feeding Schedule

There’s more to the feeding schedule than what you may think, especially at the moment you bring your puppy home.

It is recommended by many breeders and veterinarians that you keep your puppy on the same food given to them by their breeder, for at least 2 weeks.

Changing homes can be a little stressful for puppies in the beginning, so at least keeping them on the same food will help them adjust to the new surroundings.

Then you are able to gradually transition your puppy over to new food over the period of one week. On the first day of the change, make the food 80% old food and 20% of the new food and mix it in. The next day, make the proportions of the old food a little less, like 70% old and 30% new. Do this every day until you are on the new food. This way your puppy will get used to their new food without too much of a shock.

Usually, when you first collect your puppy, your breeder should be able to help you with how many times a day to feed your pup. Typically, in the beginning, it will be 2-4 times per day, evenly spaced out.

At 12-14 weeks (3 to 3 and a half months) you can feed your husky puppy 3 times per day.

Once your husky pup reaches 6 months of age it’s usually the best time to switch to 2 times per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. BUT you should schedule a check-up with your vet and confirm this change with them.

At 1 year, schedule another check-up with your vet to confirm moving on to an adult dog food.

How to Save on Dog Food Expenses

Dog food isn’t cheap! that’s something we can all agree on. If you have a dog then you have no choice but to spend tonnes of money on food right?… Well… yes!… BUT there are at least some ways you can reduce the costs.

There is something called Subscribe and Save on and most of the different countries amazon works in. This is applicable to the PETS section and it can save you a fair chunk in the long run.

You need to buy dog food on a recurring basis… this is exactly what Subscribe and Save is for. You subscribe to the service, after this, you can set up recurring orders (whenever you like, or however often you run out of a bag of dog food) it will automatically send the food to your door without you needing to do anything, and you’ll save on each order.

If you’ve never shopped with Chewy before, I recommend checking out this post. You’ll make the most savings by far. But if you just love Amazon, read on!

By opting for Subscribe and Save you can literally save up to 20% on the cost of each bag of dog food! That is huge savings over the duration of a year. Pretty cool

What about other pet items like toys, crates, harnesses, treats? there’s something you can do for this too.

I recommend signing up for Amazon Prime if you haven’t already as you save further money on top of the Subscribe and Save feature. Amazon prime will save you ALL delivery costs on other pet items that are not part of Subscribe and Save. Check out Amazon Prime here. I believe they still offer free 30-day trial for you to test it out. (link opens

Last thoughts

I hope this article has helped you choose the best food for your husky puppy and If you have learned something helpful, that’s awesome!

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