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All Dogs In The Movie “Up” (& What You DIDN’T Know)

The movie “Up” isn’t just a heartwarming tale of adventure and dreams; it’s also a showcase of some memorable canine characters.

We’ll explain each of the dogs in the movie Up, and also give you some little known facts and information about each of them you probably didnt know!

What Are The Dogs In The Movie UP

Let’s dive into the world of these four-legged stars and learn more about each of them!

1. Dug 🐶

Dug, a Golden Retriever with a heart of gold, truly steals the show. His love for life is infectious, and his enthusiasm sometimes leads him into trouble. However, Dug’s loyalty and friendliness never waver. He’s equipped with a special collar that allows him to talk, making him not only a loyal companion but also a communicative one. Whether he’s munching on snacks or embarking on adventures, Dug’s presence is always delightful​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Dug 😍

  • Voice Actor Connection: Dug is voiced by Bob Peterson, who is also a co-director and one of the writers of “Up”. Peterson has voiced other characters in Pixar films, showing the studio’s tradition of involving their staff in multiple aspects of filmmaking.
  • Real-Life Inspiration: Dug’s character was inspired by a Golden Retriever named “Lola” belonging to the film’s producer, Jonas Rivera. Lola’s friendly and energetic demeanor influenced Dug’s creation.

2. Carl

Contrary to what might be expected, Carl isn’t a dog but a key human character in “Up.” He’s an elderly widower whose life takes a turn for the adventurous when he befriends Russell and encounters Dug. Carl’s journey is one of rediscovery and fulfillment, as he chases his late wife Ellie’s dream of visiting Paradise Falls. His character demonstrates resilience and a heart open to new friendships​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Carl Fredricksen 😍

  • Age and Birthday Details: Carl is 78 years old at the start of “Up”, born on June 15, 1900. This precise birthdate roots Carl in a specific historical context, making him a young boy during the early 20th-century advent of flight, which influences his lifelong dream.
  • Character Design Evolution: Carl’s character design was based on Spencer Tracy and Walter Matthau. The square shape of Carl’s body symbolizes his “boxy” outlook on life at the film’s beginning.

3. Ellie

Interestingly, Ellie in the context of the dogs seems to be a mix-up. The main human female character is Ellie, Carl’s beloved wife, who shares his dream of adventure. However, there isn’t a dog named Ellie in the movie. This mix-up highlights the strong emotional bond and significance Ellie’s character holds in the film​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Ellie Fredricksen 😍

  • Silent Impact: Unlike most characters, Ellie has no dialogue as an adult in the film. Her story and personality are conveyed through visuals in a poignant opening montage. This unique storytelling approach demonstrates the power of visual narrative in animation.
  • Inspirational Role: Ellie serves as the key inspiration for Carl’s adventure. Her adventurous spirit and dreams of Paradise Falls drive the plot, even though she’s not physically present for most of the film.

4. Muntz 🐶

Muntz is the main antagonist, a white-furred husky with a distinctive black spot and a red collar. He leads a pack of dogs in pursuit of Kevin, the rare bird that Carl and Ellie seek. Muntz’s character adds complexity to the story, displaying both toughness and vulnerability, especially when his past love story is revealed​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Charles Muntz 😍

  • Historical Reference: Charles Muntz is named after Charles Mintz, a historical figure in the animation industry known for creating Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and for a contentious relationship with Walt Disney.
  • Character Ambiguity: Muntz represents the blurred lines between heroism and villainy. He starts as Carl’s childhood hero but eventually becomes the antagonist, showing how perceptions can change over time.

5. Russell

Russell, like Carl, is not a dog but a young, adventurous boy. A Wilderness Explorer, his energy and sense of justice add a vibrant layer to the story. His antics, including accidentally setting off a firework, bring comic relief and excitement to the journey. Russell’s character embodies the spirit of adventure and the courage to face new challenges​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Russell 😍

  • Cultural Diversity Representation: Russell’s character is notable for representing cultural diversity in animation. He is one of the first Asian-American characters to play a lead role in a major animated film.
  • Unique Design Approach: Russell’s design is intentionally simplistic and rounded, contrasting with Carl’s squareness. This design choice symbolizes his youthful energy and optimism.

6. Kevin 🐶

Kevin is a large, brownish-red bulldog, known for his bravery and loyalty. Wearing an aviator helmet and goggles, he has a knack for finding adventure and often risks himself to help Carl and Russell. Kevin’s loyalty and courage are pivotal in many crucial moments, making him a true hero in the story​​.

👀 Interesting facts about Kevin (the Bird) 😍

  • Gender Misconception: Kevin, despite being referred to as a male character for most of the movie, is revealed to be female. This twist adds a layer of humor and challenges gender stereotypes in animation.
  • Species Origin: Kevin’s species is fictitious but inspired by the Himalayan Monal, a brightly colored bird. The creative team designed Kevin to be as colorful and whimsical as possible, fitting the movie’s adventurous theme.


“Up” presents a unique blend of human and canine characters, each contributing significantly to the film’s narrative.

From Dug’s lovable antics to Muntz’s complex role as the antagonist, and the courageous efforts of Kevin, these characters bring depth, humor, and heart to this animated adventure.

Their diverse personalities and roles showcase the creativity and storytelling prowess of Pixar, making “Up” a memorable film for audiences of all ages.


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