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The Husky Puppy Handbook

This has been in the works for such a long time and I’m so happy to present to you all…

The Husky Puppy Handbook: The Ultimate Guide For All New Husky Puppy Owners.

Get your copy of The Husky Puppy Handbook here

Huskies are a truly unique breed and any husky owner knows that! Although there are some fantastic dog training books out there, I always thought there needed to be one specifically for husky puppies, not just all puppies.

So that’s what this book is. It’s to guide you through the journey and help you raise an obedient, happy husky in the most stress-free positive way.

Not only does this book contain all the knowledge you need, but it’s also formatted in a helpful way from start to finish, covering issues as they will naturally arise.

What You Will Get Inside!
🐶 Important information on adoption and breeders
🐶 The ultimate list of husky puppy supplies
🐶 How to prepare your home for your puppy
🐶 The importance of setting boundaries for your puppy
🐶 Getting your puppy to sleep without a fuss
🐶 Exercise and playtime tips
🐶 When you can start taking your puppy outside safely
🐶 How you can easily socialize your puppy
🐶 Choosing the best diet for your puppy
🐶 How to help your puppy through the grueling teething process
🐶 How to properly groom your husky and deal with shedding
🐶 Complete training section covering, potty training, crate training,
basic command training, leash training, and bite inhibition training
🐶 A helpful husky puppy FAQ section & troubleshooting guide

Check out some of the reviews, and give it a go. I’m sure it will help you!

21 Five-star reviews and counting!

Harry Evans,
My Happy Husky Owner and Author.