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Understanding Your Dog Through Tarot: Insights and Guidance

Tarot readings, traditionally used for personal guidance and reflection, can also be a unique tool for pet owners seeking deeper insights into their dog’s behavior, personality, and overall well-being.

While tarot cards don’t predict the future, they can help in understanding the present more deeply, offering perspectives that might not have been considered before.

When applying tarot readings to your dog, it’s essential to approach with an open mind, focusing on energy and intuition to guide the interpretation.

The Tarot Card in Question: Upright Position

In a tarot reading for dogs, pulling a card in its upright position often indicates clear, straightforward insights. For example, The Sun card might suggest your dog is feeling particularly joyful and content, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like a sunny spot on the floor or a favorite toy. It can also signify good health and vitality.

The Tarot Card in Question: Reversed Position

Conversely, a reversed card can point to areas of challenge or growth. For instance, if The Tower card appears reversed, it might indicate your dog is experiencing some upheaval or stress, perhaps from changes in their environment or routine. It’s a call to provide extra comfort and reassurance to help them adapt.

The Most Important Tarot Cards for Dogs

When conducting a tarot reading specifically for your dog, certain cards hold particular significance due to their symbolic meanings which can be directly related to a dog’s life, emotions, and the bond they share with their owner. Here are seven key tarot cards and their interpretations in the context of a reading for your dog:

  1. The Fool: This card represents new beginnings, adventures, and a carefree spirit, much like the innate curiosity and joy dogs bring into our lives. When The Fool appears in a reading for your dog, it may indicate an upcoming phase of exploration or a reminder to embrace the present moment with the openness and innocence of a puppy.
  2. The Moon: Reflecting intuition, dreams, and the unseen, The Moon can suggest that your dog is dealing with uncertainties or anxieties, possibly due to changes in their environment or routine. It encourages you to connect with your dog on a deeper emotional level, perhaps understanding their fears and providing comfort.
  3. Strength: This card symbolizes courage, patience, and inner strength. In a reading for your dog, it highlights the strength of your bond and the mutual support between you and your pet. It may also suggest your dog possesses a resilient spirit, perhaps overcoming challenges or health issues with your support.
  4. The Tower: Signifying sudden change or upheaval, The Tower in your dog’s reading can indicate a disruptive event or emotional turmoil. It’s a call to be there for your pet, offering reassurance and stability in times of stress or after a significant change such as a move or the loss of a companion.
  5. The Star: A symbol of hope, healing, and renewal, The Star is a positive omen in any reading. For your dog, it suggests a period of tranquility and wellbeing, or it may indicate recovery from illness or difficulty. It’s a reminder of the healing power of love and the hope that always exists, even after hard times.
  6. The Sun: Representing joy, success, and vitality, The Sun is one of the most auspicious cards in readings for both humans and pets. For your dog, it signals happiness, health, and positive energy. This card encourages you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with your dog and to cherish the happiness you bring to each other.
  7. Ten of Pentacles: This card often represents financial stability and strong family bonds. In a reading for your dog, it emphasizes the idea of your dog as an integral part of your family or pack, enjoying a stable, secure, and happy home life. It can also suggest a legacy of sorts, perhaps the lasting impact your dog has on your life and memories.

For more information check out Speaking of Spiritual where we got inspiration for this article.

Each of these cards can offer insightful reflections on your dog’s current state of mind, emotional needs, and the overall wellbeing of both your pet and the relationship you share. When these cards appear in a reading, consider them prompts to reflect on your dog’s happiness, health, and the ways in which you can support each other’s journey.

What We Think

Tarot readings for dogs offer a unique way to connect with and understand your furry friend on a deeper level. It’s an exercise in intuition and empathy, providing a bridge to the unspoken bond between you and your pet.

Whether you’re seeking insights into their feelings, behavior, or the impact of changes in their life, tarot can be a valuable tool in enhancing the relationship with your dog. Remember, the heart of tarot lies in interpretation and intuition—let your love and knowledge of your dog guide the way.


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