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Can Huskies Sleep Outside in Winter? (Key Safety Guidelines)

Huskies can sleep outside throughout winter, but there is a range of important guidelines to follow. At the very least, your husky will need weather-proof housing that provides warmth and safety in all conditions.

Below I will cover all the important points to think about to help you decide what will be best for you and your husky.

Why It’s OKAY For Most Huskies To Sleep Outside (Even In Winter)

Siberian huskies were initially bred by the Chukchi Tribe and were used as sled dogs to pull light loads across the Bering Straights from Siberia all the way to Alaska in sub-zero temperatures.

They would have slept outside in a basic shelter or hut, with minimal insulation or protection.

Huskies were bred to be sled dogs working all day and living in harsh climates. Due to their thick protective double-layered fur coats, huskies can withstand temperatures up to -50 Degrees Celsius.

Huskies love being outside in freezing conditions, much more than us! They thrive in snowy blizzard conditions and being outside is naturally where they like to be.

Because of living this way for thousands of years, huskies are more than capable of sleeping outside in most conditions.

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4 Things Owners Must Consider

1. How cold does it get?

Although huskies have a high tolerance to cold temperatures, it’s still important to consider just how cold it gets.

The colder it gets, the harder it will be for the owner to ensure the safety of their husky.

Some countries and states have mild winters, making it easy for a husky to live outside. If you’re reading this from Alaska, Canada, or Russia, it’s a different story altogether!

2. Is there suitable housing?

If you live in a country that has sub-zero temperatures at night, you’ll need to take further precautions. Your husky will still be fine as long as you provide them a high-quality shelter for protection and warmth.

This not only is to help against the cold but also to stop interaction with other animals throughout the night.

Even with protective insulated dog houses, It’s still important to always monitor your husky and the shelter.

Maintenance is very important, especially in cold weather, a small leak or problem with the insulation may cause serious problems for your husky throughout the cold winter nights.

3. Is your husky for working purposes or not?

Do you have your husky as a domesticated pet, or do have a husky for working purposes.

It is argued that allowing your husky or any pet to spend as much time inside your home as they do outside will allow for a better relationship and bond between you and them.

Are you getting a husky or a pack of huskies to help you on your ranch, pulling sleds every day? or are you getting a husky to cuddle in the mornings and watch tv with?

For a lot of people, this will be the main reason behind deciding to have your husky sleeping outside in a designated dog house or snuggled up at the end of your bed.

4. How many huskies do you have?

This will also play a big part in how your husky would manage sleeping outside. If your husky is alone it will be hard for them to manage throughout cold winter nights without a companion.

It will be much more suitable for them to sleep inside the house with you and your family if they are alone.

Huskies, in particular, suffer from separation anxiety and isolation anxiety which are both essentially caused by being alone. Huskies are a breed that needs to have human company so please keep this in mind. I have a similar article about leaving huskies alone

If your husky develops separation anxiety, it can be very challenging to overcome and return back to being calm and content.

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What Are The Lowest Temperatures Huskies Can Handle?

husky outside in winter
How cold is too cold for a husky?

Siberian Huskies are extremely resilient and their thick double coat enables them to withstand temperatures up to -50 degrees below Celcius.

Their coarse topcoat provides them protection from the wind and outside elements, while their undercoat is soft and fluffy providing warmth and insulation.

But with that being said, huskies are NOT invincible. They can still become too cold and develop frostbite and hypothermia just like any other breed.

As long your husky remains dry, he’ll be able to tolerate incredibly low temperatures, but the moment he becomes wet, his tolerance will fall to pieces and he’ll become very cold, very quickly.

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husky living in snowy conditions

Example of a Suitable Outside Dog House

If you are particularly handy with woodworking then you could make your own dog house castle that your Husky would love!

But if you’re like me who doesn’t possess these DIY skills. Hiring this job out to a local carpenter will be the next best option.

You can find ones online as I will link to below, but in reality, these houses are not good enough for harsh winter nights.

Outside dog housing needs to be high quality to ensure the safety and well-being of your husky.

Good housing will be:

Made from thick timber or even metal beams
A very strong roof that can support thick snow
Raised off the ground
Completely weatherproof (no leaks, no drafts, no gaps)
No access inside for other animals
No higher than 5-6ft in height (to prevent heat sitting at the top)
Include external heating for very harsh temperatures

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Last Thoughts

This may be obvious but in the end, nothing beats having your husky sleep inside your home with you and your family.

Yes, your husky CAN sleep outside in the winter, so long as you provide them a safe, protective, and insulated dog housing.

But please consider the toll this may take on him mentally… Will he be alone? because if he will, he’ll be much better off inside your home with you.

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