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4 Tips To Stop a Husky Puppy Biting: Husky Bite Inhibition

It may feel challenging to train your husky puppy to cease biting, however, rest assured, with the correct method, it’s quite straightforward!

With a little time and consistency, you can effectively stop your husky puppy from biting everything in sight.

Training your husky puppy to bite only their toy:
1. Intervene when your puppy bites something inappropriate.
2. Inform him with a command that what he’s doing is not approved.
3. Replace what he is biting with a toy or something you approve of.
4. Use strong praise and treats once he starts biting the item you approve of.

Seems too easy to be true? I will cover it in more detail below and explain why it works so well.

How To Stop Your Husky Puppy From Biting

This is a basic yet powerful method you can use to stop your husky puppy from biting the wrong things.

Remember that it is not designed to stop your husky puppy from biting altogether.

Trying to stop all biting is a flawed strategy that will not work. There must always be an outlet.

It’s crucial for your puppy to bite and chew, and there’s no getting around it.

The only thing you can do is teach him what he can bite and what he cannot bite. Let’s get into it!

1. Intervene

This is the very first moment your husky pup starts to bite or chew something you do not allow him to. Raise your voice louder than usual and with a firm tone, say “STOP”

This step is to startle and gain the attention of your puppy from what he was biting.

Avoid pointing when you say stop, your finger will only tempt him to jump and bite again.

2. Inform

It’s very important owners teach your puppy what NO means.

Now you have your puppy’s attention after intervening him, you have to inform him that what he’s doing right now is not acceptable. Again in your firm raised tone, say “NO”

Once you do this enough time, your puppy will build the mental link between the word NO and behavior that you do not like.

3. Replace

Immediately after you have firmly told your puppy “NO”. Divert his attention to his favorite toy you have ready. If his attention stays on his toy for a few seconds, you’re ready to praise.

4. Praise

Now, if your puppy is focused on chewing his toy, you need to praise him heavily with a desirable treat or your best “good boy!”. You are now praising him for chewing and biting something that he’s allowed to.

With time, he’ll remember your affection, praise, and approval when he chews his toy, compared to the negative “NO” when he bites your hand.

Using Treats & Toys To Curb Biting


This method will require a good supply of durable toys that your husky puppy will chew and bite for long periods of time.

You will also need to have on hand some small inexpensive puppy treats you can use as part of the praise step.


During the early stages of communication before your puppy completely understands your voice and tone. Treats will be an important training tool that you will have to use.

Before he understands your words, treats will be the most effective way to build positive associations.

The reward phase of this method needs to be very valuable to your puppy. The tastier the treat, the better. He’ll remember the behavior you like much more efficiently.

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Why This Training Works

The best way to teach a puppy no means is by using association, repetition, and, positive reinforcement. After intervening with your puppy to stop the behavior you don’t like, you inform him “NO” and once he successfully stops or diverts his attention, you praise.

After many repetitions of these sequential steps, your puppy will associate the word “NO” with what they should NOT be doing.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is crucial, and that’s the praising phrase. Any dog will respond significantly better to praise when they do something right rather than being told off when they do something wrong.

It’s crucial that you as an owner understand how to discipline correctly and not abusively. You can be authoritative with a raised, deep, firm tone of voice and not much more.

It’s important to mention, despite how lightly you may “hit” or “smack” your puppy, this is not good for creating a calm, well-behaved dog.

It very may well work in the beginning, but you’re teaching your puppy to be afraid which can lead to some very problematic behavioral issues down the line.

Whether you think your puppy is the “devil” or not, the truth is that MOST puppies and dogs in general, only want to appease their owners and bad behavior is not something they do intentionally.

Why Does My Husky Puppy Always Bite Me?

Do you feel like your husky pup is quite literally targeting you? I know how you feel! Well, this usually happens because he sees you as his replacement for his canine mother, then there are additional reasons such as the following:

Your puppy has started teething.
He’s testing his biting threshold.
It’s an attempt to show dominance.
Rough play

Your puppy will go through a painful and uncomfortable period of teething which usually starts at around 3 months of age and can last until 8 months of age.

An effective way for him to relieve some of the discomforts will be to bite and chew whatever he has available. It’s best to make sure he has many attractive toys to stimulate this necessary pain relief.

Your puppy will also be learning about his biting threshold. How hard he is capable of biting, and how hard he should be biting for what’s in his mouth.

This is actually a very important learning and development stage for your new puppy and shouldn’t be completely stopped.

It’s all about your puppy learning what you as the owner and authoritative figure will allow him to bite and chew.

He’s learning what is acceptable and unacceptable, and this is super important for a young puppy to learn. This is exactly what the following training method teaches.

The Best Durable Toy For Heavy Chewers

If you don’t already have a durable dog toy or your puppy has annihilated all other toys so far, you may be interested in the Kong Toy.

This is my recommendation for the best durable dog toy. The Kong toys are designed for heavy chewers, which will suit a husky puppy perfectly.

I may sound like a broken record, but these toys are still the best.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

The globally known Kong toy is notoriously strong and lasts a long time despite heavy chewing. The Kong toy is somewhat of an interactive toy as you can secure treats inside.

This will be extra interesting and tempting for your puppy and will easily divert him away from a boring chair leg. Check the Kong Toy out on Amazon.

Key Features:
1. Very inexpensive
2. Strong durability
3. Functionality
4. Can clean in the dishwasher

Something Important To Remember

A well-trained dog is a happy dog

A well-known saying that is certainly true. Trained dogs usually always have a closer relationship with their owners. There’s a higher level of trust, understanding, and communication between you and your dog.

Huskies, in particular, are highly intelligent. Despite being stubborn, they can be trained to a very high level. Be proactive and use this to create a close healthy relationship with your husky starting from when he’s a puppy.

Training from the moment you get your puppy home is perfectly fine and you do need to worry about being too strict or mean with your puppy.

Most people give puppies way to much freedom because they don’t want to discipline their innocent-looking fluff ball. Your puppy doesn’t see it that way and actually needs firm guidance to know his place.

For the ultimate husky puppy training guide, you may want to check my Husky Puppy Handbook out. It has everything you need.

Best Healthy Treats For Huskies

This method involves using desirable treats so I have written a detailed article covering the tastiest and healthiest treats for huskies.

Last Thoughts

Like always, training with patience and consistency are key. Be ready with durable toys and treats, and always put in place this training method any moment your husky puppy tries to bite something he should not.

Your husky pup will learn the best through repetition, so repetitively telling him NO when he’s doing something wrong, and praising him when he’s doing something right is a very basic but a solid strategy. Good luck!

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