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Why Are Huskies So Dramatic? (Answered & Explained)

Siberian huskies stand out from the crowd, in that they engage in overtly weird, goofy, and dramatic behavior. For everyone to see.

This makes them different from a lot of other dog breeds. Let’s see why huskies are so extra.

The right word for how huskies act dramatic is “reactive”. They show this reactive style when something happens, whether it’s good or bad, or when they’re asked to do something they don’t like.

Huskies are strong-minded, and that makes them even more dramatic.

Let’s dig more into why huskies act this way.

What Is Reactive Behavior In Huskies?

Certain dogs can be considered reactive, this typically means that they become emotionally reactive to any given situation under moments of stress or discomfort.

In the dog training world, the term “reactive” usually refers to showing sudden anxiety or aggression when in front of another dog or stranger.

With Siberian Huskies, who are never really aggressive, this isn’t the case. Their reactivity is typically harmless, just either very funny or annoying!

Reactive behavior in dogs is quite complex and it’s hard to fully understand how this happens. Usually, this type of behavior is precipitated with some warning signs beforehand.

Why Are Huskies So Dramatic and Weird? (reactive)

Siberian Huskies can be very reactive, but not in an aggressive way, just a goofy weird way. This leaves husky owners either crying with laughter or seemingly annoyed! We’ve all been there!

So exactly why do Huskies display this type of behavior?

Huskies are known to be independent and stubborn, with a strong mind of their own. It only takes one command from you to create a challenge. If you ask your husky to do something he doesn’t want to do, this can be seen as an emotional trigger. As you may have imagined, huskies that are extremely obedient will usually be less reactive, and ready to comply.

For Huskies, the reaction usually isn’t aggression but will come in the form of whining, howling, erratic behavior, playing dead, or just blankly staring at you.

On top of this, Huskies are naturally very energetic and playful. This can also contribute to their reaction upon being asked to do something. Many times Huskies will bounce around and try to initiate the playtime, or they may just be throwing a tantrum.


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Can You Stop a Husky From Being So Dramatic?

First of all, your Husky being dramatic is likely very normal! This is what they are great at and honestly, it’s usually hilarious… but, sometimes it may be inappropriate. So let’s see what we can do to control this behavior.

Try not to encourage the behavior positively.

By this I mean, do not use treats when in moments of confrontation.

If you ask your husky to come inside and they start being dramatic, do not give up and then use treats as a way to get them to do what you want.

This IS what you do when you are training your Husky normally. But definitely NOT when they are acting up. Positive reinforcement is a powerful technique with dogs, so you definitely don’t want to be positively reinforcing “bad” behavior.

If there’s any breed that needs serious recall training, it’s the Siberian Husky. Huskies need to go through firm recall training ideally from the moment you own them.

Due to their strong independence tendencies, huskies can never have a fully reliable recall. If your Husky has had intense recall training, this will significantly reduce their tendency to react whenever you ask them to “come” or do something.

Obedience training should also be carried out regularly to keep your husky as obedient as possible. Obeying commands is another moment where dramatic behavior can start. Getting your husky accustomed to following your commands will help limit negative reactions.

The mental stimulation that Huskies need is often overlooked, but it is just as important as their physical activity needs. What we find with extremely well-trained huskies, is less dramatic outbursts and tendencies. Although very well-trained huskies do still show some drama-queen behavior every now and then.

Is Your Husky’s Drama Really That Bad?

why is my husky so goofy

Typically, the most common issue dog owners have with their dog being reactive is when on the lead. Dog’s becoming aggressive when in close proximity to another dog or stranger. This type of reactivity is in most people’s opinions, more serious than the average huskies household dramas

If you don’t want to tolerate any silly behavior from your husky then you should start implementing strict training and make sure you are never positively reinforcing their drama.

Just don’t forget that Huskies are awesome! The bold character and personality they bring to your household is exactly what makes a Husky, a Husky! Do you really want to stop this?

What About General Goofy Behavior?

There will be many, many times where your husky is just plain goofy. This isn’t to be mistaken for reactive or dramatic behavior.

Huskies have a very playful nature and oftentimes find entertainment in very weird and creative ways.

Embrace the craziness your husky will bring, and enjoy it while it lasts!


It’s always important to train your husky, from the moment you get them home whether they are a pup or an adult. Huskies are cunning, and they will try to do one over on any owner they have. It’s just in their nature.

If they think being dramatic will get them what they want, they will do absolutely that. Sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes it’s not. So as a responsible owner you should try to teach your husky correct behavior.

After that, well, your Husky is just being a Husky!

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