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How Much To Feed Your Husky Puppy: (Simplified)

Feeding your husky puppy just the right amount is super important. Too little can cause growth problems, and too much can make them gain too much weight and hurt their joints.

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how much to feed your husky puppy and answer all your burning questions on this topic. Let’s dive in! 🐾

How much should I feed my husky puppy?

How much you feed your husky puppy depends on the brand of food you are using, their overall activity levels, and their age.

Two cups of high-quality, protein and fat-focused kibble per day will provide enough calories for the steady growth of a husky puppy.

  • These 2-3 cups should be split up into 3 meals throughout the day.

2-3 cups of puppy food from brands like Orijen, Taste of The Wild, Acana, and Wellness will provide the right amount of calories and contain a favorable macronutrient breakdown (high protein, fat, low carbs).

Let’s talk about calories below.

How many calories do husky puppies need?

To really get a good understanding of what’s too little or too much, we must know the daily calorie requirement to support a growing husky pup.

  • Growing husky puppies need between 1300-1800 calories daily to be healthy and grow without issues.

But keep in mind, the right number of calories can change a lot based on how active your pup is. 🏃‍♂️🐾

For most husky pups, 1300 calories will suffice, but for those that are very active, 1800 will be more appropriate to support their growth and activity.

Are you feeding your husky puppy enough?

I know one thing I was particularly concerned about is if I’m giving enough…

Firstly, check the calories you are giving. In most cases, 2-3 cups of high-quality kibble will be around 1300-1500 calories.

If the kibble is too low in fat or protein, the same cups may equal fewer calories than this, which would likely be insufficient.

Secondly, how’s your husky doing?

Is she gaining weight and size on a weekly basis? It can be a little hard to monitor daily changes, but you should see positive growth on a weekly basis (weight chart below).

If you’re not already making note of weekly weights, it’s certainly worth doing.

Ways to know you’re giving enough food:

  • Their daily food (not treats) contains at least 1300 calories total
  • Your pup is getting on well and digesting his food without concern
  • Your pup is gaining weight on a weekly basis

When to give your husky more food?

As your husky reaches 10-12 months their exercise requirements will increase and he’ll be craving longer, more intense runs.

So what’s the difference of calories that a puppy needs compared to an adult? I’m glad you asked!

Most adult huskies need around 900-1200 calories per day depending on exercise levels. Yep, less than puppies!

Ideally, weight gain should continue at a slow and steady pace and his appetite shouldn’t suddenly fall off a cliff! Adults always need fewer calories than growing pups.

Weight gain should also slow down when your husky is around 18 months. If your husky is still piling on the pounds at a considerable rate by this age, this could indicate the calories are too high.

By 18 months, most huskies should reach a plateau on their weight, especially females. Males may continue to add mass, but it should be at a very slow rate.

Give healthy low-calorie treats

Treats are an essential tool for training and effectively communicating with your husky pup before they really understand our verbal cues.

The problem, though, is that many dog treats are way too calorie-dense and filling.

  • This is why a lot of owners have trouble with their husky pup refusing food. The treats they receive throughout the day are heavy enough to spoil their appetite. And this is not what we want!

The nutrition from your husky’s puppy formula is spot on, and we never want to ruin that with treats.

The best kind of treats for your husky pup is either all-natural dog treats like Zukes Mini Naturals (which contain only 1-3 calories per treat) or very small morsels of plain boiled turkey breast (turkey over chicken as it’s not a common allergen).

Apart from that, it’s best to avoid everything else. Especially table scraps.

Husky puppy weight chart by age

You can refer to this for the average weights that your husky puppy should follow. Full guide: When huskies stop growing and how big they get.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions be sure to send me a message.


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