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Can Huskies Live in Florida? (What Owners Must Know First)

We usually picture huskies in chilly, snowy areas, but can they live in a warmer spot like Florida? We’ll break it all down for you below!

Yes, huskies can live in Florida. They are adaptable and have no problem living in hot places worldwide. Of course, they must have fresh water, shade, and air conditioning.

In this short article, I will go through how huskies can live in hotter climates and what you can do to keep them safe.

Is It OK To Have a Husky In Florida?

Lots of states in the US have a bunch of huskies, and Florida is one of them. When people think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the warm climate.

So it’s natural to wonder if a husky can manage this kind of heat. The answer is yes, and despite them originating from Eastern Siberia in arctic-like weather, they can adapt very well.

Although I don’t live in Florida, I do live in the Philippines, which definitely rivals the heat. The husky I live with here is as happy as anything, although I must point out, he always has fresh cold water, shade, and air conditioning whenever he gets too hot.

Most of the time, he actually chooses to be out in the sunshine playing on the beach splashing around in the shallow shore.

I think it’s safe to say that any husky will be ok in Florida, so long as the owner provides them with everything they need to cool down in case they get too hot.

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Do Huskies Need Aircon?

Many people ask if huskies need air conditioning and the answer totally depends on where you live and your home.

You may live in a hot climate but if your house is primarily in the shade and you have tiles, your rooms may not actually get that hot, therefore AC may not be necessary.

If you know that your Husky will often be exposed to the sun and outside temperatures then yes, it’s advised that you have air conditioning in at least one room for your husky to cool down.

Fortunately, most homes in hot climates have air-conditioning fitted as standard. But if you don’t, I would recommend getting it. If you’re concerned about large bills, you can opt for cold air blowers like this one, which saves money in the long run compared to AC.

What Kind of Weather Do Huskies Like

It’s important to understand, that despite huskies managing heat well, they do prefer colder conditions. Huskies love the snow and they do feel at home in cold weather.

This may make your decision harder, but it’s something you should think about carefully before getting a husky. Yes, huskies can live in Florida, but will it be ideal for them? not really.

Huskies also require a lot of exercise on a daily basis. This can’t just be a stroll in the park either, it needs to be intense exercise consisting of running, hiking, agility training and so on. One must ask themself how possible this will be if you have to do it in 30-degree heat. This is perhaps the biggest challenge of living somewhere hot.

Although, upon saying that, I know many huskies here in the Philippines who do genuinely seem happy all the time, even when it’s super hot. It all comes down to how well you are able to support them.

Does a Husky’s Coat Keep Them Cool?

Siberian Huskies have beautiful double-layered coats that are very thick. It’s understandable to think this can only keep them very hot, but it’s not quite true.

Surprisingly enough, a husky’s coat doesn’t just keep them warm in winter, but it helps to keep them cool in summer.

The undercoat of the husky typically goes through two shedding seasons per year often referred to as “blowouts” this happens before the weather gets colder and hotter.

Technically speaking, a husky’s coat doesn’t actively cool them down, it serves as a barrier to heat in the first place. The way dogs cool down is through panting and sweating through their paws.

Your Husky’s coat will literally act as a barrier to the harsh UV rays as well as direct heat. This is exactly why you should never shave a husky.

Tips to Keep Your Husky Cool in Hot Weather

Tips to Keep Your Husky Cool in Hot Weather

Let’s run through some basic tips to keep your husky cool in hot weather. If you would like to see more tips, I have an article completely dedicated to caring for a husky in hot weather.

1. Always REFRESH The Cold Water

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first! Although it’s obvious, you will be surprised just how easy it is to forget to refresh the water when there’s still water in the bowl.

You take a glance over to the water bowl and see that it’s still halfway, “that’s ok” you think. Wrong! Dogs, in general, always prefer fresh cold water.

Especially if you are in a hot country, the water will heat up very quickly, so ensure you are always replacing their water and keep it out of the sun.

2. Ensure They Have Shade

The shade is extremely important. If you’re letting your husky out in your yard when it’s hot and sunny, you must have a section of shade. If you don’t it may be better to keep them inside, depending on the temperature.

If you don’t have any shade outside, you could keep your back door open so your husky can come back in if they get too hot.

Avoiding direct sunshine will significantly help keep your husky’s core temperature down.

3. Be Careful With Their Paws

Dogs actually use their paws to cool down, so if you have any outside tiles that get super hot under the sun, place a wet towel down so your husky doesn’t burn their pads.

Burning your husky’s pads is one way to cause them serious pain, not to mention overheating issues as well.

One good rule to remember is that if the concrete or tile is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your husky’s paws.

4. Use Cooling Beds

Cooling beds are a simple yet necessary item to have if you live in a hot country. There is a range of cooling beds available on the market, and you can even get cooling mats that contain cool gel inside.

For a while, I preferred cooling mats but have since switched to cooling beds. They are much cheaper and, quite frankly, just work better.

If you’re interested in a cooling bed, I really recommend checking out the Coolaroo Elevated Bed. It’s big and comfortable, it well-made using strong steel, yet still lightweight.

It looks good and works well. It will soon be your husky’s new favorite place to lay. It has amazing reviews and it’s very reasonably priced. Check it out here on

Check Out Coolaroo

If you are interested in another 4 more tips to keep your husky cool in hot weather, check out the entire article here 🙂


So there you have it! You now know that huskies can happily live in Florida and many other hot places too. What makes the difference is how well you are set up to look after your husky. Think about your home, yard, and where you are located. Always ensure that your husky will have a place to go where they can cool down quickly.

If you have experience owning a husky in a hot country, it would be awesome to hear about it! Make a comment below and share your story.

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