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Husky Puppy Leash Training: The Complete Guide

Teaching your Husky puppy to walk politely on a leash doesn’t have to be a challenging task! I understand that it’s something owners want to instill from an early stage.

Having a husky that’s great on the leash makes a world of difference not only when walking them in public, but it will also play a role in many other types of training.

This article will explain exactly how to leash train your husky puppy in a step-by-step method. I’ve personally used this method to train numerous husky puppies good leash behavior.

Leash Training a Husky Step by Step

Leash training needs to be broken down into very small steps for your husky to feel at ease during his first experience of wearing a harness and being attached to the leash.

While at first owners consider this long-winded, it is bulletproof.

So it’s worth the extra slow approach.

The best way to start is by sitting on the floor with your pup and have the harness and leash at the ready. You will need some treats to use as part of the reward step.

1. Place the harness on the floor

Keep making a fuss of your puppy.

Divert his attention.

The goal of this is very simple, to introduce the harness without him getting spooked. Let him sniff around but keep on with the treats to break his attention from the harness in a positive way.

2. Make contact with the harness

Let your puppy see you touch it.

Touch your puppy’s back with the harness and put it back down.

The goal of this is to get your puppy comfortable making physical contact with the harness

3. Put the harness on your puppy

After your puppy is used to it touching his body. Put it on properly.

Keep using treats to divert his attention if he shows some panic.

Once it’s on he may start to try and bite or chew it. This is okay, just calmly divert his attention before it becomes excessive.

4. Now place the leash on the floor

You are adding a new item for him to get familiar with.

Essentially you need to repeat the simple steps above, carefully letting him sniff around and make contact.

Keep diverting his attention with some treats if he becomes too fixated or anxious.

5. Make contact with the leash

This is the same as step 2

Tap the leash to the harness’s hook to make a clipping sound. Allow your puppy to become familiar with the leash

Once again this is getting your puppy comfortable with the contact.

6. Attach the leash to the harness and drop it on the floor

Once attached. place it on the floor and your puppy will instantly know something has changed.

Let him figure out that the lead is attached to him. When he moves, the leash moves!

Give him some time and be ready with treats if he starts to freak out.

7. Pick up the leash

Let your puppy know and see that you can hold this weird mystical thing that is attached to him.

Walk back from your puppy and let him walk to you.

Divert his attention with treats and your voice.

8. Repeat this process on different occasions

Essentially you need to take every action very slowly. Break everything down for your puppy in order for him to become comfortable with the harness and leash.

When a new item like a harness or leash is introduced to his space, he needs time to figure out what it is and most importantly become comfortable with it.

Eventually, the harness and leash will be “controlling” him. So he needs to feel comfortable with it first.

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Tips To Make Leash Training Easier

When you reach the stage of having your husky puppy attached to the leash you may want to remember these important things

Make sure you are using a comfortable harness or collar

Make sure he is comfortable on the leash inside your house, before going outside where there are unlimited distractions and smells.

Refrain from yanking or pulling your puppy as this will create a negative association with the leash

Give your puppy praise and reward him when he’s comfortable coming to you while on the leash

If your puppy is the one trying to pull you. Stand still and do not move. Let him get bored and reward him when he stops the pulling

Why This Method Works So Well

This method works so well because you’re breaking down the steps and introducing the harness and lead slowly.

Introducing them slowly, one at a time means you aren’t overwhelming your puppy or making him too excited.

Allowing him time to accept the presence of this new item and feel comfortable with it is essential for good behavior once he’s attached to the leash.

It’s a good idea to spend a few minutes on each step as this gives him time to feel comfortable before moving on.

By diverting his attention away from the harness and leash as you introduce it, it won’t frighten him, and he’ll be a lot more accepting of it.

A big mistake to make when leash training a new puppy is to be fast and forceful. Remember, your puppy needs time to figure out what’s happening and feel comfortable.

When To Start Leash Training Your Husky Puppy

Leash training can start almost right away from when you bring your husky puppy home.

I would recommend giving him 1-2 weeks to adjust to his new environment and to focus on potty training in the meantime, but then after that, leash training can begin.

When you decide to start leash training, make sure you do it at a good time of the day. By this, I mean make sure your husky is not currently in need of something else, as you will need his full attention.

Don’t try this training method when:

Your puppy is hungry or hasn’t eaten in a long time

Your puppy needs the toilet

Your puppy has just woken up from sleep or a nap

You have a lot of people or guests around him

You have other toys and distractions in the area

Leash Training FAQs

Let’s run through some frequently asked questions that owners have when leash training their husky.

Are huskies hard to leash train?

In general, no, huskies are not particularly hard to leash train. Although huskies have a tendency to get distracted, this can be avoided by training after their full needs have been met, when no other distractions are present, and by incorporating a high-value treat into training.

How long does it take to leash train a husky?

Can you train a husky not to pull on the leash?

What age can a husky start leash training?

Why does my husky puppy bite the leash?

Last Thoughts

This is a fairly simple training method and should work wonders for you. Remember always be patient with your husky puppy. Some puppies react differently to training, some will learn quick and some will learn slow.

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