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How To Punish Your Husky: The Correct Way

We all love our furry pals, but sometimes they act up. Telling them off in the right way is a key part of training. You’ll need to do it sooner or later. But it’s important to do it the right way.

This article talks about how to correct your husky the right way. This helps him learn and do better next time.

Punishment Is An Important Part of Training

Before getting stuck into the how-to part of this article, it’s good to briefly explain why punishment is important and why it’s necessary. AND I need to clear up what I mean when I keep using that term!

The word “punish” and “punishment” admittedly has a bad feel to it, and it certainly doesn’t feel good writing it. But I don’t mean punish in an aggressive way, a violent way, or any kind of abusive way. Punishing your husky is simply showing him in certain ways that his behavior is not good or acceptable by you.

It helps to think of training your husky as an on-going process that never really stops. Punishing is something you do when your husky engages in behavior that is not ok, so this automatically becomes a new training session…

For example, you enter the room and your husky is ripping up your socks; of course, you can’t allow this to just happen. So whether you like it or not, you now have to punish/train/show your husky that what he’s doing is bad and not acceptable, then teach him what is acceptable.

When your husky does something bad, punishing him is part of training him.

Ok so let’s move on to the appropriate way to punish your husky.


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How To Appropriately Punish Your Husky

Below are the most appropriate ways to deal with your husky when he engages in bad behavior.

This section will be split up into two parts. When you don’t catch him in the act, and when you do catch him in the act!

How to Punish Your Husky When You Don’t Catch Him in The Act

When you don’t catch your husky in the act of bad behavior, you have to deal with it differently. This is due to how dogs learn, which I will explain below.

For example, You come home and your trash bin is on the kitchen floor and your husky has ripped everything to shreds.

You don’t know when this happened. You’re certainly mad and frustrated, so how do you deal with your husky?

  • Your only plan of action is to use your tone of voice.
  • Call your husky’s name first in a raised, serious and deep voice (but not shouting)
  • Then in a deep tone you say “NO” or “BAD BOY”
  • You can point to the crime if you wish
  • Analyze his reaction, by now he should know he’s done something wrong
  • That’s it, that’s all you can do this time

Let me explain why.

Your husky will still understand that you are mad, but that’s about it! He won’t be able to truly learn a valuable lesson between right and wrong unless you catch him in the act, and immediately show him what he should have done instead.

So when you don’t catch him in the act of destroying your trash can, you just have to inform him that it’s bad, and move on with your day. I know it’s hard to swallow but your husky just isn’t going to learn anything unless you catch him in the middle of the trash can crime and in that moment show him what you do expect of him, and elaborate on the corrective side of things.

Trying to elaborate with your husky about bad behavior he carried out many hours ago, isn’t going to stick, and he’ll be confused. I really hope that makes sense.

How to Punish Your Husky When You Catch Him in The Act

Bad behavior is never good, but at least if you catch him in the act, you can make it a more valuable training lesson. Below is a basic but common scenario you may find yourself in. This same procedure will be applied to any moment you catch your husky doing something he shouldn’t be.

You catch your husky chewing your shoes:

  • First call his name in a strong, serious deep voice to gain his full attention
  • Then in the same strong voice, say NO, or BAD BOY, and repeat it a few times while pointing to your shoes and removing them from him. Take a second in this stage for him to feel the full effect of your disapproval.
  • Replace your shoes with his own toy.
  • Once he starts chewing his toy, you then praise him in a happy higher tone.

That’s it. That is how to correctly punish your husky. It doesn’t require any weird or crazy routines. And it certainly does not involve any kind of abuse, verbal or physical.

Your Tone of Voice Is All You Need

The only “weapon” so to speak, that you need, is your tone of voice. Your husky is smart enough to know when he’s done something wrong just by your tone.

When you’re excited and happy to see your dog or you’re praising him, you don’t sound like Darth Vader. You try your best to raise your tone up and speak in a higher pitch. It’s natural for dogs to associate this with positivity and they often get excited when you speak to them in this way.

The moment you do speak to your dog like Darth Vader, he will not like it. And that’s all you need to punish him. Saying “NO” and “BAD BOY” gets the point across. You must then follow out appropriate actions with praise in order for him to actually learn something from the whole experience.

It goes without saying, you should never hit, smack, or scream at your dog. It’s completely unnecessary and the only thing gained is a bad association with YOU, not what he did wrong.

A Helpful Point About Training

Good behavior is a combination of many things, but receiving proper training is one of the most important. Training isn’t just about teaching him to “sit” or “drop the ball”. Training is almost like a way of life until he really is a seriously “good booooyy”.

Training is about constantly reinforcing and encouraging the behavior that you do approve of until you reach the point where your husky just doesn’t act up. The best way to reach that stage is with positive reinforcement and a lot of it. And yes, it will take some time!

Whenever your husky does something bad, if you are lucky enough to catch him in the act, it’s a great opportunity for you to correct the behavior in the moment. This will serve as a valuable lesson for your husky. Sure, it may happen again a few more times, but eventually, he’ll get it.

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Here’s a helpful video from Sixty Formula on Youtube


So there you have it! A simple yet effective way to punish your husky appropriately. If you have any comments please make them below and I will get back to you

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