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Why Do Huskies Like Snow & Ice?

Why is it that huskies love ice so much? Seeing them melt away into a complete state of euphoria when presented with a mound of ice is incredible. Let’s explain why…

Why huskies love ice so much:

  1. It helps them cool down quickly and easily
  2. They instinctively enjoy cold temperatures
  3. Playing with ice is entertaining!

Let’s explain this in a little more detail below.

Why Do Huskies Like Ice So Much?

Huskies were bred in eastern Siberia, where the climate was often compared to that of the Arctic. Incredibly cold, to say the least!

Snow and ice are a husky’s bread and butter. If there’s any breed out there who tolerates and even thrives in such conditions, it’s a Siberian Husky.

On top of that, Huskies have risen in popularity in very warm states like Texas, Florida, and parts of Southern California. As well as hot countries and parts of the world including South East Asia.

So rightfully so, when a bowl of ice or an ice machine is presented to a husky. They absolutely LOVE it.

They jump right in, lay in it, roll in it, eat it and cool themselves down to a level their Siberian ancestors would be proud of!

And even in winter when it’s already cold outside, huskies still enjoy snow and ice. It’s just in their DNA.

There’s no fancy reason why a husky likes ice so much.

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Can Huskies Have Ice Baths?

It depends. Huskies living in very hot countries can certainly enjoy an ice bath without much risk. But if you live in cooler regions, it’s not recommended to give your husky an ice bath.

The risk of getting too cold is greater than the benefit or fun your husky will have.

Two words of WARNING

Huskies can handle super cold weather, but only if they’re dry. A pool of ice or an ice bath is okay if it’s only ice, no water mixed in. Your husky can’t stand an ice bath like the ones famous athletes use. Being both wet and chilly could lead to hypothermia and be very risky.

Even if he’s loving life, don’t let him stay in the ice too long. Some of the ice will eventually melt into ice-water and once he becomes wet it becomes dangerous. Keep your eye on him and don’t let him stay in their too long. This will also depend on how hot it is where you live, of course.

Can Huskies Eat Ice Cubes?

Huskies also love chewing on ice and eating ice cubes. In fact, you can actually make some pretty awesome homemade treats using ice.

In general, ice cubes are safe for your husky to eat, but they should not be extremely hard or large as this increases the chance of breaking a tooth or blocking his airways.

Giving your husky ice cubes that have already started to melt in a bowl of water is the safest way to give ice for the purpose of eating.

Veterinarians have said that consuming ice is safe in most cases, but it is a known cause of broken tooths. So either shavings or partially melted cubes are best.

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Keeping Your Husky Cool With Ice

Let’s run through some awesome ways you can keep your husky cool with ice.

Chicken broth pupsicle.

If you have some leftover chicken broth from your dinner, preferably without salt! You can use it to make some delicious popsicles for your husky.

Mix the broth with more water to your desired amount. The mixture only needs to be weak for your husky to go bonkers for it. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze for 2-3 hours!

Treats will last a long time if kept frozen, but remember, not to give your husky ice cubes that are rock solid. Allow them to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes or so if they are very hard.

Put ice cubes in his water bowl.

To encourage him to stay hydrated which is crucial during hot weather, pop some ice cubes in his drinking bowl and watch him have a blast.

He’ll likely fling them out before long but it’s an indirect way of getting him to drink more, cool his existing water down in the meantime, and it’s rather entertaining for him.

Fill a paddling pool with ice.

If you want to treat your husky to the max. Give him his much-desired ice bath! Head to your local shop, pick up as many bags of ice as you can, fill up a paddling pool or big plastic laundry bowl, and let him do the rest.

I’ve done this before with a husky who had never experienced ice, and he jumped right in. I don’t know if your husky will instantly take to the ice but it shouldn’t take him long.

Just remember to consider his body temperature and how long he stays in it.

Do Huskies Like Snow?

This one’s easy. Yes!

Just one of many examples of a husky enjoying an ice bath in the summer. All credit goes to the youtube creator, great video.

From Tara Kul on Youtube: Link

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